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Not long ago was Pharmacy Chick’s birthday.It was such a nice birthday…played some golf, had dinner with friends…It was a good day.  Mr Chick was home by the time I came home so I greeted him on the couch and said I would go upstairs to change my clothes.

In that moment everything changed.  My foot was unknowingly clotheslined in a charging cord attached to the couch.  I turned away and my momentum was interrupted by the cord. My leg twisted and I subsequently face planted on the tile floor.  I felt an immediate searing pain in my ankle.  Some rated R words passed from my lips as my husband came to my aid.

I am not one to utilize health care services on a whim. I figured I had a sprain and Mr Chick grabbed a set of crutches we had in the closet.  ( note to self: thanks for not taking those to goodwill after all) I couldn’t put any weight on my foot at that time so I wrapped it up, put some ice all over it and went to bed.

The next morning it was in just as much pain as the night before but with some serious swelling going on all over.  I sent a quick text to my doctor ( who also happens to be a long time personal friend). He responded immediately with ” hey I’m on call anyway and only a few minutes away, let me come over and look at it”.   He came over, poked it in a few places…”does it hurt here, here here here here? and it was no, no, no. no, YES!!!. He shook his head and said.  ” PC, you better get that X-Rayed…I think it may be broken. and if thats the case the treatment will be different than if it was just a sprain…”

We toodled over to the imaging center and had my foot x-rayed.  I asked the technician if she would verify if its broke or not. She was very cagey about it …” I cannot read it for you and interpret the results ..that is the radiologists job,  HOWEVER…I can let you SEE the images..”

I hobbled over to the computer with the images on it.   “This one shows it best” She points to a clear break on the fibula extending all the way down to the  bottom and it had clearly deviated away from vertical. ” Uh, its not supposed to look like that is it? I joked”  She said..” no, im pretty sure thats not what you wanted to see is it?” ” The radiologist is still here and will meet you in the waiting room.”

After  reassembling my brace and shoes, I worked my way back to the room. They  made a CD for me of the images to bring to whomever might want to look at them.

The Radiologist stepped out and said ..”well you have a bit of a break going on there and by the looks of it, you will be lining up for surgery pretty soon”  WHOA… that was the last thing I expected to hear… I figured they’d  slide it back together and put me in a boot.

He texted the images to my doctor who rung up the Orthopod on call who also saw the images and in the span of about 20 minutes I was scheduled for a surgeon to look at it Monday morning ( as it was the weekend).   I spent the rest of the weekend just letting the foot hang. ” no weigh bearing whatsoever” was my only instructions.  Not hard.. I had no pain unless my foot hit the ground..then it went from level 0-10 in about  1 nanosecond..

Fast forward to Monday:  After spending about 4 hours in the Ortho/Fracture clinic ( and about 20 minutes of actual human to human face time– lots of waiting) I had surgery scheduled for  Wednesday the 18th.

It was surreal. PC is a pretty fiercely independent person.  She does NOT like to have things done for her and she certainly doesn’t like to ask for assistance . All of a sudden I couldn’t even get dressed without assistance. My doc brought me a stabilizing boot saturday night which certainly helped keep it steady.

I spent all of tuesday hobbling around getting LOA and short term disability papers going, apologizing to my staff that Ill be gone for about 8 weeks during peak flu shot season.   They all thought it was a clever ruse …LOL.

Wednesday the doctor did this to my ankle.

So, PC is plated and screwed..and out of work for 6-8 weeks. Absolute no weight on that foot for 6 weeks minimum.  Let me tell you.. Post surgery was WAY more painful than I ever thought.  The first 48 hours were utter misery..and I consider myself a tough cookie. I withheld the pain meds as much as I could.  I finally relented when Mr Chick force fed it to me. Id say it took the pain from about a 8 to a 5 but 5 was definitely better than 8.   They wanted ice on it as much as we could but I never felt the ice would penetrate the plaster cast they wrapped me in.

Today is Friday, surgery was Wednesday.  There has been a significant improvement in the resting pain of my foot.  I can sit with my leg up and the foot doesn’t throb.  Thats a welcome improvement.  When i move about however, it still very painful.   After 1.5 days of 10mg of oxycodone every 4-6 hours Ive dropped it to 1 tab about every 8-12.

Im a golfer. This is an injury that makes a mess of my golf season.  Im gonna follow every instruction they give me so I can recover 100% .  Golf is my game. Its my post work therapy. It makes me happy.  Ugh.. it is what it is.  Im still in disbelief.  Its like Im living someones eases story for a while.

But I am not. So I cowboy up and move on!



Comment by Peggy

September 22, 2019 @ 9:03 am

PC – wishing you the best during your healing process. Don’t know if you can “enjoy” the time off work, but use it to your advantage. Rest, sew some more, and give yourself all the time needed to heal.

Comment by Katrina

September 23, 2019 @ 7:44 am

I’m so sorry, PC, for this trauma you are enduring. It looks very painful. Please take care of yourself and lean on folks the best you can, it is hard for all of us who are used to being the caregiver, but they want to help. I love your new business and give you props for finding something that is your own in the crazy world pharmacy is right now. (and probably will continue to get crazier, we have folks dropping out in droves, don’t we?)

Comment by ThePsychPA

October 6, 2019 @ 8:02 pm

Yikes lady! Sorry about your injury. Hope you heal well.

Comment by Jono

October 11, 2019 @ 12:31 pm

There must be some online golf somewhere to help keep your mind in the game. You can also read those books you have possibly been putting off, but the most important thing to do is heal properly so you can get back to being your awesome self.

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