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Thank you for your most kind comments regarding my new venture.
Some of you asked for some pictures of my work. If you are a golfer you know that a headcover isn’t going to worn on your HEAD….but on the head of a golf club..most notably a wood ( made from metal now days) and a putter.

Ive been staying busy taking on two jobs now, one that pays the bills ( pharmacy) and one that makes me happy ( sewing).

Since some of you want some pictures of my work, here are some examples:

All leather

Genuine Serape Set

Wool from Scotland

Ive literally made 500 or so headcovers and sell most on Ebay, but its fun to see them on bags and see where in the world people find and buy them!

Its never too late to let that creative side out of me! The hard part about this is that I get a little less anonymous.   I still prefer to keep pharmacy chick without a face … I still need this job ya know.


Cheers! More later!  its getting time to write about pharmacy!


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Comment by karen

August 29, 2019 @ 7:58 am

Those are awesome! Amazing job girl. And if that’s our happy place – enjoy your creating. I love reading your blog…

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