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PharmacyChick is first and foremost a pharmacist.  It is what I do for a living and it pays the bills.  It is not however what I want to be eternally defined as.  I do not what to go down in history as only a pharmacist.  I work hard when I work, but I rarely feel appreciated by the people I serve nor the company I work for.    I know that if I died tomorrow the likely response from my customers would be ” Oh, PharmacyChick Died?  Oh how awful…Is my prescription ready?”  My company’s response would be to post my position. Thats the reality of  what I do and this job in retail.  Its all give give give….all day long until there isn’t much left in the tank to give.

I don’t want that to be all there is.  It depresses me actually to think that my entire career is basically “wash” “rinse” “repeat”, day in and day out. Hundreds of thousands of prescriptions on file in buff california file folders with my initials on them.

On my vacation last summer I took the hobby that I love ( golf) and the desire to create something and (accidentally) started on a path to make a business. I started to sew. Headcovers.  No, not for a persons head…for a club head.  If you aren’t into golf it won’t make much sense but if you DO golf you would know that certain clubs require a cover to keep them from getting chipped.  They are often personalized and reflect the personality of the golfer.  They can be from the manufacturer of the club itself but frequently the golfer will dump those in favor of a cover that they like better.

I started to cut and sew for those people….and for myself. One year later, I have to admit its done ok for someone who has $0 advertising budget and Zero marketing skills.   Ive put them on ebay, facebook and instagram and what do you know?  they sell!   My house is substantially messier.. there’s sewing machines and fabric and leather and thread and partially made headcovers sitting everywhere.  But, it brings me joy to see something like this come to life. Its also a huge thrill to see one of them on somebody’s golf bag…it means they bought it!

Maybe its not a big deal to most people… so what..another small enterprise. But its mine. I own it, and I make every decision about it. If i want to sew, I sew. If I dont, I dont. If I want to make X i make X, there is not one single person who tells me what I have to do. There is no BOSS but me.  And, that is nice frankly.

I decide what to sell and at what price. If I want to give it away its my prerogative. If somebody doesn’t like something, I have every right to deal with it how I choose without asking permission from anybody else. Am I getting rich?  no.  But I enjoy it, something I cannot say about pharmacy….

Its mine. I own it. And, Im a tiny bit proud of that… 🙂





Comment by Officer Cynical

July 12, 2019 @ 6:21 am

I think that’s awesome. I have a woodworking shop. When I first put it together, I had visions of making furniture. You know what I wound up making that gave me the most pleasure? Bird houses. All makes, models, shapes, and colors. I also have the idea I’ll sell some, and maybe even take custom orders. So far, most of them have been used on our property. I’m a nature lover, so I like to see them occupied every spring. So, I get it. Good for you. Sadly, shoulder arthritis has taken golf away from me, or I’d orders some head covers.

Comment by pharmacychick

August 28, 2019 @ 10:12 pm

if you love birdhouses…make birdhouses…and sell them on ebay or etsy…youd be surprised who finds you and buys them!! I’ve shipped my headcovers all over the world and all I do for advertising is facebook and instagram!

Comment by karen

July 12, 2019 @ 9:36 pm

way to go! maybe you’d show us a photo of your handiwork? awesome to see a post from you

Comment by pharmacychick

August 28, 2019 @ 9:53 pm

Sure.. I’ll post some pictures!

Comment by pharmacychick

August 28, 2019 @ 10:11 pm

I just did. look for it next time your on the blog…

Comment by Don Parker

July 15, 2019 @ 3:37 am

I’m coming up on the end of an out of state engineering design contract that has paid very well, but with the trade-offs of not being home with my wife, and growing frustration with certain aspects of the job and my clients.
I’ve worked in this field since the early 1980s, but when I leave this position and go back home, several hundred miles away, I will be doing as you are doing; re-inventing myself, but as a writer of fantasy, sf, and political fiction. I may self-publish; and I have some feelers out trying to sell four different series.
I don’t know if I’ll ever make one tenth of the money I make for solid modeling washers through avionics test boxes, but I’ll be home with my wife of 40 years nearly every night, and using more of the English language, which I’ve loved since I learned to read almost 60 years ago.
Good luck to you on this; from reading sites such as Crazy RxMan and other it sounds as if modern pharmacy has a lot of problems.

Comment by MD. SU

July 16, 2019 @ 6:28 am

It’s inspiring. Thank you very much. Build your own kingdom, stay happy and keep writing for us.

Comment by LBG

July 22, 2019 @ 9:20 am

Any way to see what your headcovers look like??? Could you make some that look like pills?

Comment by pharmacychick

August 28, 2019 @ 10:10 pm

I am sure I could come up with something..maybe embroider tablets and capsules on it…i have a machine that does that now. I m up to 6 sewing machines…but still just one sewer…me!

Comment by Jono

August 5, 2019 @ 11:44 am

I love it when people find something like this. I bought a custom fit padded amplifier cover from a small enterprise that was really starting to get going. Unfortunately, the guy died and no one picked up the growing enterprise. There are a couple of his competitors out there, but I really liked his the best.

Comment by Mary

August 21, 2019 @ 6:17 am

Good for you! I think you should do something that you enjoy and why not make money at it.
As a side note, there have been several tech at my pharmacy that I miss. I also am glad to see some of them go. They recently changed pharmacy managers and it was for the better! I am in there a lot during the month and get to know them so I am sure that some of your customers would miss you, they just wouldn’t be able to tell you. Chin up!

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