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Its been a bit since Pharmacy Chick did a pharmacy rant.  I prefer original material so I generally don’t repeat the same rants over and over despite the fact I deal with the same crap day in and day out. You’d think that after nearly 33 years in the same biz that something might be different but other than a change in technology ( which creates almost as many problems that it solves) the day to day chronicles stay the same.  Therefore I am going to empty my rant box into 3 piles: one for the patients in my practice and one for the doctors and one for the insurance companies

Patients first:  To my patients ( and patients world wide) :  I know that it seems like an impossible suggestion, but you are responsible for your own health care. You wake up each and every day, shower ( I hope), dress, go to your jobs ( also, I hope), pay your bills ( your creditors hope), and go about your daily business.   Amongst your responsibilities is taking some modest care of your health. Why does it seem so impossible for many of you to manage something as simple as the bottles of pills  that your pharmacy gives you?  As a pharmacist I see all the silly things that you do and watch as you somehow try to shift the blame to anybody but yourselves.  Ive actually been told TO MY FACE that if you die, its my fault because you failed to order your  medicine in a timely manner and you had no pills left.   Allow me to clarify a few details?  1.  It is never ever my fault if you fail to take your medicine.  2. its never my fault when you run out of medication  and don’t call for a refill 3. Its never my fault that your doctor retired and you didnt get a new one. 4. its never my fault that you didnt pack your pills when you went on vacation. 5. Its never my fault that you didnt read the materials I provided you. And yet, time after time, I am told I am responsible to fix these problems.

I work long and hard to service you in the best possible way.  I look for drug interactions,  disease and allergy conflicts and compliance issues but when I ask you about any of these things you look at me like I am intruding into your personal life and disrespect me and staff.  About the only thing you ever seem to care about is ” how long is this going to take and how much is it going to cost?”.  I don’t exist, my staff  doesn’t exist, and more importantly, the other patients don’t seem to exist.

To  the doctors:  We are supposed be a team…a team of health care providers to help our patients get well and be well.  So why are so many of you so antagonistic to the work that we try to do? Part of YOUR patient care is to prescribe medications to your patients.  And So therefore my friend, is to REFILL them.  If you aren’t going to authorize any more than 3o days at at time then you really better expect to get thousands of refill requests from pharmacies city-wide and have a plan to get them back to us in a timely manner.   Its complete and utter crap to make you patient wait 3-4 days to get a simple refill.  Its my belief that if you don’t want to see a patient for 6 months then you should prescribe for 6 months at at a time.  Seems reasonable. Enough said…

In addition, you may want to prescribe a bar of gold bullion ( i.e. Expensisiva capsules), but it may not be covered, And when we send you a request for a prior authorization we would at least hope you might acknowledge it. If you don’t want to mess with prior authorizations then dont prescribe expensive medications. At the very least you can check to see if Expensisiva is covered before you ship it off to me

And speaking of shipping it off to me, does anybody in the office actually READ your scripts before you send them?  Ive seen some of the strangest things actually sent to me.  Ive had shit sent to me that wasn’t even for the pharmacy….lets see…a massage….an IUD…. an X-ray….Really? Ive also seen some of the most glaring errors ever send over escripts, but worse yet would be to receive several of the same scripts with several different variations…but no clarification or phone call to cancel or modify it, which require a phone call to clarify.

And speaking of phone calls,  getting thru to the POTUS is easier than getting thru to you most days. Would it kill you to have a phone system that didn’t require listening to an entire speech before choosing an option? Could we actually speak to a human when we request to? And lastly remember we are representing your patients… we have no vested interest in annoying you… if it were up to us we have every patient call you instead of making us do their dirty work.

And lastly the insurance industry… you are the other woman in the medical care marriage.  You looked so pretty and inviting when In fact you were nothing but trouble. Once you got into this relationship you began your infiltration and extortion and pretty soon have managed to break the entire institution. Yea it’s a metaphor but it rings with truth. Drs don’t practice medicine anymore… they bow before thee to ask for permission …. “ is this covered? What must I do first? “ and the list goes on.  You’re all in cahoots with the manufacturers getting kickbacks to put a drug on the formulary list regardless of whether it’s really the best or not. You put more hurdles on the filling process than one might see on an Olympic track! And god forbid the audit process. Do you know how much we hate you? Especially when I’m sitting in a room with 150 files in a pile while some batfaced auditor with a pen  in her hair is calculating that a 30.5 days supply of Rytary was supposed to have been submitted as 31 not 30. May I open the door of Hell for you? They’ve been waiting for you. One might hope you never experience insulin dependent diabetes and need a script for insulin… because if you come to MY pharmacy I’m gonna be sure that you get exactly 30 days worth even if I have to throw the rest away. But  noooo I’m not bitter. Ok well maybe I am.. but I can be.. 33 years in the biz has left a certain taste in my mouth.

I’m an expert in the pharmacy business. But I’m a tired one. I’ve seen more changes in the last 33 years than I care to admit.  That’s another post for another day.  Time to step off the rant box for a moment . Let’s see if anyone still reads the Chick..



Comment by Peggy

November 7, 2018 @ 6:13 am

Chick – still reading….and a big AMEN!

Comment by Kathy

November 7, 2018 @ 3:11 pm

Look forward to each new post. Also agree with this post. Fixing mistakes makes the job even harder.

Comment by SK

November 8, 2018 @ 12:42 pm

Yes, we still read TPC.

Comment by pharmacychick

August 28, 2019 @ 10:14 pm


Comment by ama

November 10, 2018 @ 10:45 pm

Hi! some of us still fly by from time to time. The insurance insanity has destroyed peoples’ common sense. Patients won’t take a med if it isn’t covered, or get a test. So many don’t have a true primary care provider, if we’re lucky they go to a “clinic” that may or may not have the records up to date.

I am enjoying the docs who have dropped their insurance contracts and are direct pay. They will talk with me directly! Same day!

Comment by Mark

November 11, 2018 @ 5:25 pm

You rock Chicky…I could not have said it better. I no longer suffer the daily retail grind, but have managed to find a place to hide from most of the ignorant arseholes that populate this planet. Only a couple more years until retirement…hope I make it, and I hope you do too. We miss your posts, but understand the need to take a break. All the best to you and Mr Chick.

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