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Truth be told Pharmacy Chick cannot whistle.  It comes out like I have a mouthful of crackers actually, but it seems a fitting title for a post to report that night mare of Suprep did the job nicely, even tho I couldn’t finish the entire product…

The result was not one single polyp.  Happy to report that the actual procedure was a piece of cake…once all checked in..and naked…yes all ya get is a paper dress and some warm blankets… I was escorted into a colonoscopy barracks area with all of the others undergoing the same procedure separated by a plethora of curtains. Fully counseled, interviewed, re-interviewed..just incase some imposter was posing as me ( as if anybody would actually sneak into a place like this)…then rolled away to be put to sleep.

It was probably the nicest nap I had experienced for a while.  I didnt really want to wake up to be honest. Gotta love that propofol.  Once I was awake enough to get my stuff together and dressed I got the news that all was well and I figured Id go home, sleep off the rest of the anesthesia and enjoy a good meal.


Mr Chick had the car because of course I was not allowed to drive…or sign any contracts..or buy a house …or a car…or make a will ( yes they actually said that) and Mr Chick decided we were going shopping.  He drug me all over town, here and there and didnt seem to understand why all I wanted to do was sit in the car…even at a golf shop!
” you dont wanna come in?”.. ” um no honey, I just got out of general anesthesia with a hose up my arse.. I think ill just stay here if thats ok…”

Im glad its over…All the counseling I give patients has proved to be accurate…” the prep is worse than the procedure”, and Im glad that Ive got 10 years before I have to drink that god awful stuff again.


A pharmacists perspective on Suprep?

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Pharmacy Chick  has reached the golden age upon which certain “procedures” shall we say, have been ordered.  Actually, she reached that age a while ago but had decided that certain body parts had been posted “exit only, do not enter”.  Finally after prodding from friends, she decided to take the plunge and get it over.

As I sit here at 3: 30 in the morning gagging down the last of the bowel prep, the only thought in my mind is this:  Never shall I, in the rest of my life, do….this…..again…..

I know this prep is worse than the experience…Ive heard about it and have counseled patients on how to use the various bowel preps.  But until you’ve stood over the last 12-16 ounces of that stuff, you just never appreciate how awful the experience is.

The first session wasn’t as bad.  Ill be honest, that first bottle and the subsequent water intake was mostly a cake session.  But the second one was beyond bad.  Firstly, I still have the horrible memory of the taste of that stuff in my mouth and getting most of it ingested was a lot harder on the second round without vomiting it all up in the sink. Secondly, drinking another 36 ounces of water seems like trying to drink the contents of a swimming pool….in an hour.

Ill never get that last 6 ounces of water down. Fail me if you must…aint gonna happen.

Now its wait and see….more later…