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Who needs Tide Pods?

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 10:55 am on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I ponder the wisdom of our people when I hear stories of some of the stupid things that we humans do.  The most recent of all is the concept of eating Tide Pods.  OMG can we be any more stupid?  There was a movie quite some time ago called “Idiocracy”.  Without saying more, if you want to literally waste 2 hours of your life, watch it and see if it is life in 2018.

I recently had my own Tide Pod-ish experience.  ( By accident).  I was doing a cookie project in the kitchen.  Washed my hands well, then went about doing my cookies.  Somehow I got a wad of peanut butter on my finger and did what any normal person does…lick it off.  With in 10 seconds I was retching in the sink and barfed up the peanut butter, breakfast ( eaten about 1/2 hour before) and about everything I had eaten in the last 30 days…and I’m pretty sure I barfed up my toenails too… What was the offending substance?

Dawn Dishwashing liquid.  A small droplet was still on top of my hand that I had missed.  That stuff had me puking in less than 10 seconds.  I mean, this stuff is vile..

Not that I would ever professionally recommend it as an emetic, but if I had to barf something up quickly it would only take a minute amount of that stuff on the tongue and BAM, puke-0-rama.

Even looking at the bottle to this moment in time, I get a little nauseated  when I remember how Dawn made me feel.

So you Tide Pod eaters?  you got nothing on DAWN.

( gag, Im still sick thinking about it)