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Pharmacy chick has always felt that civilization is a thin veneer.  Remove that veneer of infrastructure then people descend into behavior that can be considered rude at the least and barbaric at the most.  Pharmacists are no stranger to rude, demanding, cruel people.  If we filmed the behavior of certain people and put it on Facebook ( truly a Hipaa violation haha) it would go viral like the ones we see at fast food restaurants.

Yesterday was an unpleasant day in the pharmacy. It seemed that all the world had an axe to grind on my patience, and no matter what I did, it was never enough.  I couldn’t get the escripts filled fast enough ” its not ready YET!! I left the doctors office a half hour ago!”.   The order was late due to some event, ” You said it would be ready at X time”..and it went on and on.  I made the comment to my tech ” Good God, this day couldn’t get any worse…”

Well, that was dumb.

POW, the power went out. Yes, ma’am, it could get worse.

And there, my friends is when that thin veneer cracked a bit, for when the power goes out, my ability to do my job goes a little wonky.  Oh, we have auxiliary power so there are some things I can do but one thing I cannot do is operate a cash register for a while.  it takes 30 minutes for our cash register to “boot” into auxiliary power.  OMG, 3o full minutes when I cannot sell an item.  You’d have thought that Zombies had invaded the city and taken over the store….. the antichrist had taken power….and a sea of locusts had eaten all our food.

The world was coming to an end because I couldn’t sell somebody their prescription at the exact moment in time that they wanted it.

Some wanted to leave exact change on the counter. Fine. you got it. here’s your bag.  But a few, cashless and only possessing their credit cards wanted me to write their number down and charge them later ( no can do, company policy forbids it) and another wanted to (yes people like this do exist) text me a picture of their credit card to charge later…Are you serious.  TEXT me…on my own personal phone YOUR credit card so I can charge you later.  I can’t think of all the policies I would have broken doing that.

The point is, that we lost power for a grand total of 2 hours.  it took 30 minutes for the store’s cash registers to transfer to aux power and be functional.  THIRTY minutes.  Most people piss more than 30 minutes away each day futzing  on Facebook.

The funny thing is, this same stuff happens when we get a winter storm.  Our power is above ground here so we lose power rather often…comparatively to the rest of the US. you’d think that we who live in this neighborhood MIGHT get used to it.  NOPE. WE have about 30 phones lines that ring into the store in a fully functional situation.  IN  a storm or a power outage we have 1, I am assuming is a landline that rings into the store…and lucky for me ( she says rolling her eyes) it rings into the pharmacy.

For some it was a piece of cake.  I love these people…these are my homies and represent the people I grew up with..” no power? ok, see you tomorrow ( walks away ..all is right with the world..he’ll go home, put on a sweater and start a fire.)

Then, we have Nervous Nellie who calls us on the one line that still rings in the store and plays 20 questions ” Do you have power?  Do you know when it will come back?  Are you gonna close?  Is my prescription ready?  Can I still get a flu shot? Are the traffic lights out? DO you have Ice? my fridge is out too will my food get warm?  Do you sell flashlights? in that order…NO, NO. NO. Yes. NO. Yes. Yes. Probably, Yes.

We also have the Apocalyptic Polly ” OMG OMG OMG….Can you refill everything in my profile and Ill come and get it in 15 minutes just in case the power never comes back on..” no can do.  you have no refills and the faxes don’t work.

Theres Angry Andy ” WELL DAMMIT ALL ANYHOW ( loud and wants to be heard)  I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS KIND OF SHIT. DID YOU CALL THE POWER COMPANY AND WHY DOES IT TAKES SO LONG TO HAVE THINGS HANDLED AROUND HERE. WHERE IS YOUR MANAGER? ( who happens to be calming down a bunch of angry andy’s elsewhere in the store who are convinced we are solely responsible for the power outages, the storm and the downed power lines draped across the street.)

and lastly the Utterly Clueless who wanders around as if nothing has happened and is caught completely by surprise by the utter darkness of the pharmacy, the store, the streets and can’t grasp the fact that there is a SLIGHT alteration in what we can do.   ” But you said it would be ready at 4?”  well yes, that was before the power blew and at this very moment we have 1 bank of lights to work from in the pharmacy, 1 terminal  and 1 printer functional, no faxes, and 1 phone line which is mainly occupied by people calling to see if we have power…or if we are open. 

At the end of the day, tho nobody cares,  we hung around til the power came on…the world didn’t end, all the scripts were filled and life went on…until the next power outage….



Comment by PharmacyJim

December 22, 2017 @ 8:04 pm

Similar situation happened last week to us. Thank goodness most of the people are our homies and are very patient and understanding. I try to remember them and do whatever I can for them in the future. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Comment by Kimberly Keener

December 30, 2017 @ 12:07 am

Hey chick long time no post one question I thought you didn’t use the s worf

Comment by pharmacychick

January 9, 2018 @ 7:41 am

Angry andy said it not me!! Lol no actually I will occasionally use words….

Comment by Harmony Valley Pharmacy

January 9, 2018 @ 7:34 am

Good job. Well, all is well that ends well, although, not too well, though. But, the good news is, you managed all those whining public. WEll, good luck indeed.

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