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The New Rude: ignore

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 9:43 am on Friday, December 2, 2016

We all have technology that we love to use.  Im no exception. Ive written recently about all my E-toys. Ive embraced technology,perhaps not to the max simply because I may not understand how to use all the bells and whistles but I do love some of the things is provides.

With a smart phone, we have access to tools and information that before this era, we’d need a trip to the library for or a bank of books heavy enough to collapse a shelf.  Now all we have to do is load up an app or hit the search button.

Email can be a pain especially with all the junk mail we get ( delete delete delete) but its a nice way to get information to someone quickly.

I have noticed however a new phenomenon in electronic tendencies…ignore.

Maybe due to electronics overload, I dunno, but the availability of quick message/information transmission leads to an expectation of a quick return. As well it should be if a response is needed/required/requested.

It doesn’t always happen.  This seems to be happening more in text as well.  I text a lot so do a lot of my friends and coworkers. its a convenient way to converse in a busy world when picking up the phone isn’t the right thing to do at a particular time. My staff uses texts to converse with family instead of a personal phone call, which I try to keep to a minimum in the work place.  A text is small unobtrusive and discrete.  I  also try to be responsive to receiving  text. Its kinda like a conversation with a person who just happens to not be in the room.  its not a letter mailed..its not an email that can be looked at later…..a text it the e-equivalent of a little tap on the shoulder ” I have something to ask you”. In other words , its a form of commutation that usually expects an answer in a relatively short amount of time.

2 days isn’t a short amount of time.  Neither is “never”.  I have a friend that I like ( or maybe used to) that texts only when he feels like it.  I know that his life can be wonky and he took a new job recently.  I sent him a text, then a 2nd and a 3rd asking for his new address when he moved so I could update may records.  He has ignored it.  So I have decided that if thats how he chooses to “unfriend” me then fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes some smart ass comment about being busy 3 weeks from now

Nobody is that busy to have no time to type a 2 second response on a smart phone that you carry with you 24-7.

I also have sent Facebook messages to friends occasionally asking them something, to which I get the same reply. the only difference is that Facebook actually can tell you it was “seen”.  THEN to have it ignored really constitutes the “new rude”.

I am curious as to the opinions of others about being e-ignored on a medium really designed for a faster response.  Now I don’t mean to imply that we have to pull off to the side of the road to text immediately or text while driving or in the middle of the night and sleep with our phones, but I would wonder if anyone else experiences this kind of “new rude”.




Comment by Heather

December 2, 2016 @ 9:38 pm

I don’t know. I think there is nothing ruder than ignoring the people who are physically present with you and instead texting with those who are not. I generally will reply to texts within minutes, but if I am doing something requiring attention, or with people who I should be paying attention to, it may take me a few hours. I always reply within a day though. A friend who ignores a simple request for an address update for more than a day is being rude though, unless they are on vacation or something. There is always time for a quick reply in the evening, or at lunch.

Comment by pharmacychick

December 3, 2016 @ 8:48 am

I agree with that. You need to be present and accounted for when you are with someone and apologize if you have to text something important

Comment by amanda

December 3, 2016 @ 8:46 am

Chick, I agree with you entirely, it is rude. With that said, I am exactly like your friend. I am not a regular texter or a facebook messenger user. (though I do love to facebook stalk). Its just not part of my personality. I love my friends but can’t/don’t respond. I mean to but don’t, then forget, then so much time has gone by it’s embarrassing. Truthfully, to me it’s just not important, but that doesn’t mean that my friends don’t think it’s important and I feel like I let them down sometimes. But hopefully, if they are really my friends, they understand and forgive me. If they called/texted and needed me for something serious I’d be the first by their side, but I might not have ever responded to your address request. Right or wrong that’s how I am. Maybe if I had grew up always having cell phone I’d see it differently? I’m sorry your friend let you down. I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

Comment by Brant

December 5, 2016 @ 10:06 am

I agree to a point. But if you have a message that you feel is important, then call. You already mentioned that this friend does not text much and most likely not respond, but then complain that he doesn’t conform to your preferred method of communication. maybe he’s not the problem is that relationship.
I think it’s a touch rude to get pissed at someone because they don’t conform to your expectations. Just another example of the “me” mentality so many people are moving to

The problem with text is that it removes all human interaction. People will have entire conversations by text. What would be a 5 minute phone call is now two hours of back and forth.
By saying he doesn’t text much doesn’t imply that he doesn’t like to text. it seems that he texts when HE wants to text. he’ll out of the blue send me a flurry of texts, for hours at a time ” hey, where ya been, what ya doing yada yada yada…”…. then disappear for lengths of time in the middle of a conversation. its weird and a little odd that he’ll “like” and comment on Facebook stuff of mine all day and night but when asked a specific question, will ignore it. I am not asking him to conform to MY ideal form of communication, its his as well. Its not MY expectations… Imagine you are having a conversation with a person a real face to face…then that person stops talking to you , and leaves the room with no explanation. thats what its like with this person.

Comment by Bob

December 5, 2016 @ 12:32 pm

I disagree that a text requires an immediate response. Like Brant says, if you need an answer that quickly, use the audio message feature of your smart phone. And if that person can’t answer their phone at that time, leave them a voice mail asking the question or relaying the piece of vital information. I can only speak for myself but if I miss your call for whatever reason and you don’t leave me a message or a message as useless as “call me” then I figure whatever you have to say is of minimal importance and I may or may not call you back later. You should not apologize to the person you are speaking to in order to return an “important text” (an oxymoron if there ever was one.) The only exception would be if you are three keystrokes from finishing the missive. And you should ignore the phone until finished talking to the person in front of you. To ignore a person to read a text is the rude thing, not to make the texter wait.text is his preferred form of communication. per his own words. he never answers his phone. he just doesn’t. read my response below . maybe it will make more sense.

Comment by Crazy RxMan

December 12, 2016 @ 9:06 pm

I was going to comment then I just decided to ignore your blog post.cute…

Comment by Margaret

December 12, 2016 @ 10:59 pm

I agree with Bob and Brant. If your message requires an immediate response, call. If you can’t reach the person you want to talk to, leave a voicemail or a text. If your message is long and involved, send an email. If you want to discuss something privately, write a letter. But FIRST be sure that you have the current phone number, email address or home address! How many of us have cussed out a doctor’s office for not replying to faxes only to discover that Dr Zilch had changed his fax number? My store’s computer won’t even let us update prescriber information unless we receive an e-script. Gotta love technology!
You are correct about people who stand right in front of you playing with their phones. They deserve to be ignored!

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