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There’s NOTHING worse…a post Thanksgiving message

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 7:36 pm on Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday is the No.1 busiest day of the week.  Mondays before a holiday trump any other monday of the year.  They are chaotic as everybody wants to cram a lot of stuff into a shorter work week.  I am sure the doctors offices are no different.  It was pretty much run run run from 2 hours before we opened to close that night.  As I was operating on fumes half way thru the day we still had close to about 60 unfilled prescriptions in a pile, most of which were printed e-scripts.  Labels were made at  least, but none of them had been counted yet.  Its daunting looking at that pile when we had a full compliment of staff but the scripts were pouring in faster than we could even empty them from the queue.

Its always my feeling that its best to get the computer work done ASAP so we can track the rx. if its still in the queue, its hard to find.  Mr Crabby pants came to the counter in the midst of this mess and wanted a rx that had been scripted in by his doctor about an hour before.  Normally we’d have had that done likely but not this day.  He approached the counter and my tech told him that the script was printed but not assembled yet.  He was getting huffy with my tech so I came over still holding a stack of about 60 labels. ” You know theres nothing worse than driving all the way over here and finding out that my stuff isn’t ready!”   Well I am certainly sorry for your inconvenience but  ( holding the stack of scripts) all of these have come in ahead of yours, so Ill get it ready as soon as I can, Just hang tight.

After he stepped away, I pondered his ludicrous statement out loud “There is NOTHING worse than having to wait 10 more minutes”….. ” yea, nothing worse…abject poverty, having your child murdered, having a terminal painful disease, being a quadriplegic…nothing worse indeed…

I think we all could use a little perspective adjustment now and then and if I signed my own paycheck Id have been happy…no ecstatic to give Mr Crabby pants such an adjustment.  That there is indeed worse things in this world than not having something exactly the way you want it. WE use that term way too much.

Heard on the radio for carpet cleaning ” there is nothing worse than having company over and your carpets are dirty”

Heard on TV   “there is nothing worse than finding yourself without a mate” ( a computer dating service)

Heard on a radio show ” There is nothing worse than going to a restaurant and not finding anything you want on the menu”

You know what?  I wish i was those people because if those things are the worst things they have ever experienced then I want to be THEM.

There are a lot of worse things in this world than anything we experience in our daily lives unless you have been the unfortunate soul to have endured the worst that life has to offer. To you I offer my condolences.  To the rest of us< Lets suck it up and be grateful that if all we have to complain about is dirty carpets, being without a date, and having to wait a little longer for something, we are in very good shape. Give thanks.





Comment by MBee

November 29, 2016 @ 6:53 am

I was thinking about this very topic. Someone posted a picture of a calendar and talked about burning it so they could forget 2016 ever happened. I don’t see this person except on FB, so I don’t know everything in their life, but I do know this year included…

1) Her daughter’s performance at districts and in at least two theatrical productions, including one where she stepped up in a starring role (as understudy)
2) She was quoted multiple times in the paper as a community leader, including a suggestion that became a funded, implimented plan.
3) Welcomed a foreign exchange student
4) High Schoolers with straight A’s
5) Successful surgury for herself.

And, that was what popped into my head without reviewing her posts. I wanted to point this out to her, but the photo was hosted by a political site and clearly was about the election. Since her candidate lost, her whole year is best forgotten.

Now to go review my own list (hmm, two honors graduates…)


Comment by murgatr

November 29, 2016 @ 8:01 pm

This was also not our best year but we can also count our blessings in that we are pretty healthy, have a roof over our head, and are financially stable despite job loss & an unexpected move across the country in a short time. My heart goes out to those that hand in expired/unused drugs due to cancer finally claiming their beloved family member. Those patients who are the sickest tend to be the nicest & and the most understanding with pharmacy staff.

Pharm. Tech. RDC’06

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