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Pharmacy Chick has started at least a dozen posts in recent days and most of them have fallen by the wayside for lack of interest or a decent conclusion. I want to write well, on subjects that matter enough to me to share.  I’ve received email from readers wondering if I have quit or moved on, and no, Ive done neither but I have seemed to have covered most of the subjects that interest me and to rehash them constantly is kind of a waste of time.

I do have a presence on Facebook, not as Pharmacy Chick, but as the real me.  Recently I made a post that garnished a lot of comments and interest and because it had a relationship to work, I decided that indeed, I have a subject worth writing about.

It started Saturday afternoon.  My tech went to lunch ( a mandatory function within our company…you cannot NOT take a lunch when you are a tech).  All was well until a certain time when it seemed all of Chickville descended on the pharmacy.  2 phones were ringing and at both windows (drop off and pick up) I had at least 2 people in line.  Thats about 6+ individuals that wanted my attention.  I was working thru one end of the windows when this Neanderthal of a man, with a teenage boy accompanying him, came up and spoke over everyone else ” Isn’t there anyone else around here?  I want some help”. I said ” no, I am the only staff member here at the  moment, Ill take care of you as soon as I can”.  It would seem that it would be pretty obvious that I wasn’t sitting around reading magazines and ignoring the lines. but that wasn’t acceptable, he had to go on. “There are other people down here too and we are waiting”. His tone of voice was abusive and inflammatory.  No shit sherlock, I’m not blind but I am also not able to be in two places at one time. ” Ill be there as soon as I can, I have to finish here”.  Bearing witness to all of this was our store manager who asked if he could help me so I had him help a nice lady find something on an aisle.  Finishing up I went down to the drop off and took care of a clearly embarrassed-f0r-me lady who dropped off her rx and said ” ill be back later and I promise I won’t yell at you”.  Neanderthal wasn’t to be found anymore.

Later my manager said ” you can call me anytime you need some extra help”.  He is a peach of a guy, someone with a heart of gold and I’d take a bullet for. I said ” thanks Rick, I got this, I just don’t need or appreciate being yelled at by jerks”.  And my boss said “Well we never know their circumstances”….

I thought about that for a while and I burned…not for pity but for resentment because that statement right there has taken our country from one of politeness and appropriate behavior to one of rudeness, violence, get-what-you-want-at-all-costs, take no prisoners.  I refused to accept that and I respectfully disagree with my boss.

Later that night I made a generic post about the incident explaining that circumstances are no excuse for rudeness and inappropriate behavior in social settings.  We need to exhibit self control, and mind our manners regardless of the crap we have in our lives.  if we can’t, we are showing others that we are petulant toddlers instead of civilized humans.

I got a lot of comments, mostly positive and in agreement.  One commenter was a mother of a special needs person who for the most part agreed, but said ” I am occasionally rude and I am not sorry for that  because I have a special needs child”.

Sorry, my friend, that is utter CRAP.  Let me expound on this

EVERYBODY has circumstances. Nobody is exempt.  You may have a special needs child.  The lady next you may have an abusive husband.  The man at the counter may have just lost his job.  The lady standing  next to you in line may have lost her son to a heroin addiction,  and the guy  next to you in traffic just lost his wife to cancer , and the person waiting on you at the  restaurant may have had a miscarriage 2 days ago…   WHOSE circumstances  trump anyone else’s?

NOBODY’S.. Everybody has crap in their lives we have to deal with.  That is just a fact of life. If you are reading this and you can say ” I have no crap”  consider yourself lucky, because someday you will. we all do.  Life is tough.

That does  not justify ruining someone else’s day because your day sucks.  Why am I telling you this?  Why does this matter?  Because I have seen an increase in in appropriate behavior exploding over the last several years. If you work in a service industry or with the public you’ll agree… We see it on you tube, filmed by cell phone cameras.  We see it captured on video surveillance in stores.  Its disgusting frankly, so see people descend into behavior that is frankly,  embarrassing to watch and probably worse to witness.

Circumstances are not an excuse for being rude to people you come in contact with.

Circumstances are not a justification for taking out your frustrations on others

Circumstances are not a reason for abusing other people, your own children or animals

Circumstances are just that…Circumstances.  WE all have them.  We all have our baggage that life has given us to carry. So the next time you want to lash out, pack it away.  Be nice. Be polite, Be proper.  Its not your right to be nasty, rude or inappropriate.

And if you are?  Why don’t you man up and apologize.


And the the rest of the story?  My tech came back and the first thing she said was ” Man, I sure feel sorry for Reba in the Deli, this guy was yelling at her about something wrong with his sandwich”  I asked  Did he have a teenage boy with him?  ” why yes he did..”

What you think that teen was learning…..



Comment by Sara Edwards

October 24, 2016 @ 5:22 pm

I wanted to LIKE this so much. I work in client services. I’m one of the people you call when you need that cbc to refill the clozapine. Most pharmacists are amazing, but the doctors…I’d rather take twenty pharmacist calls over one doctor call. They assume we know their name, their pt’s and the dob, and are rude when we ask.

Comment by Jim

October 25, 2016 @ 3:13 am

Hi PC , I read your blog when it comes up on my Newsreader ( Feedly ) . I like reading it but do not comment , as such , because I`m not in the Medical Profession .
But , if you have time , please do continue with the Blog .
Jim .

Comment by Sue

October 25, 2016 @ 7:25 am

Can I get an amen?!

Comment by Brant

October 26, 2016 @ 7:04 am

I think there is a huge difference between being a jackass and being less than pleasant cause of whatever is going on.

For example, last week my Father-in-Law had a scheduled triple bypass, my wife’s cousin died and we had to put our dog to sleep. All in a matter of 5 days.
Did I say please and thank you all the time last week. Probably not. Did I mope around and be a little short or snippy with people? Probably. Was I a jerk and mean to others? No

I think there are different levels that require a free pass. I would think someone in your field would understand that. Someone picking up pain meds for their family member dying of cancer probably will not be in a pleasant mood. And I’m sure there are other examples.

Comment by murgatr

October 27, 2016 @ 6:04 pm

After 5 years away, I have just gone back to work at my old pharmacy. Lots of changes, but the part that hasn’t changed is that the nicest people are the ones that usually have complicated illnesses. And people are still impatient despite seeing that you are obviously busy – sigh.

Pharm.Tech. RDC’06

Comment by Margaret

October 27, 2016 @ 7:09 pm

Glad to have you back!

Comment by JS

November 21, 2016 @ 12:57 am

Well said, PC! Nobody ever knows what the person next to them is going though & therefore, there’s really no excuse to be rude or unkind to anyone. I think most normal people have moments in their life when they wished they had handled things better. And, it’s what you decide to do during those moments that are most important. It sure would’ve been great if that dad had realized the error of his ways and through his actions taught his son an important lesson? If everyone just did one random act of kindness everyday no matter how badly they were feeling wouldn’t this world be just a bit happier of a place, MAYBE?

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