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Be an encourager, a Coke and a smile!

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In that grand old world out there, being a retail pharmacist is akin to being a punching bag in a white coat.  That being said I also state that many professions are in the same boat.  I speak for flight attendants, wait-staff, checkers, etc…and the common thread to all of us, is that we  are cursed  um… blessed to deal with the public on a daily basis.

It takes a lot of fortitude to spend one’s career dealing with the public.  I don’t need to go into examples because most of my readers are either pharmacists or patients.  If you are a patient and are still reading me after all these years I am going to assume that you are a good patient.  If you aren’t then you have most likely  decided you hate me and don’t read me anymore anyway…or read me only to throw caustic comments my way.

I am going to add another profession to the list of the abused:  Golf professional.  I say that because I have developed a special friendship with the  head professional at the club that I am a member at.  For that, he has let me into the life of a golf professional, an eye opening experience to say the least.   Thankfully he doesn’t mind sharing what its like to be a professional all the way down to the cellular level in the day to day activities.  I have developed a great appreciation of the work that he does but more so, what he has to put up with.  Who’d have thought that in a place where one pursues a pleasure activity that there would be so much angst.  Its not an easy job.  He’s dealing with the “public” too, albeit they are referred to as ” members”.   He has a tough skin but he takes a lot of the criticism personally.

A lot of us do that however…  I can have accolades all day but if I get one person who berates me, It pretty much ruins my day.  Same for my friend.  He is a great human being, a gifted teacher, a compassionate individual, soft spoken yet eloquent. He “makes” time for everyone despite the fact that his weeks are often 60-70 hours.  I don’t confess to work that many hours. I can’t do it anymore. When I am on shift I am performing at top speed for every moment. Its exhausting both physically but mostly mentally.  Some days, as I approach that 13th hour on the clock, my brain is starting to break.

He breaks too. So I decided to be his encourager.  Someone to be in his corner, when nobody else may be on any given day.  Ive actually adopted the idea of being an encourager at work too,  to  offset the self loathing I suffer from.  The fact is, I may do amazing things ( well not really) but inside I feel at a loss of importance and value. So I encourage others so that they don’t feel the same way I do. Nearly every day at work, I will make an effort to make a positive remark to dozens of people.  Most of the time its a comment about what they are wearing ” boy you look great in blue”, ‘ Love that jacket!”  I think people need to be uplifted to off set the rigors of the day that beat us up. I have an encourager too.  He is a man that brings me a coke whenever he is in the store.  He simply stops by, tells me Hello, and hands me a coke.  Makes my day EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

For my professional, I want to walk into his office every day I play and greet him with the best smile ( and a COKE)  he will see all day, not because I have to, but because I happen to LIKE HIM as a person and a valued friend.  I want to elevate him to a place that will hopefully sustain him during the attacks on his psyche that will occur all day long. In return… well..thats the kicker I need no return!

Well, maybe I can hope for  ONE return, a continuing friendship that blesses my life with this special person and his family. Over the 28 years that I have lived in my community, I have learned the value of a friend.  I have no family in the city I live in. My nearest relative is 500 miles away…except Mr Chick of course.  Making friends is hard for me. Making acquaintances is easy.  I have a zillion of those, but FRIENDS..that takes effort…and time..and trust.  Introverts don’t make friends easily, but they make excellent friends.  We don’t require a lot of maintenance because its exhausting for the introvert to spend TOO Much time with him or her.

I wish I could do more.  He has a personality type much like mine, self depreciating sense of humor ( its almost a contest who can self insult the most…).  He is good for me tho,  he is my gifted teacher and motivates me to keep trying when I really want to give up on the game I love so much but gives me great grief.  I want to be better, I demand to get better. I will get better.

But mostly I want to love on him like he deserves. To show my friend ( which is better than can be so mean to each other) that there are some people out there who knows he is awesome and amazing and doing a fantastic job doing what he loves to do, thru much effort and time and energy.

who can you be an encourager to? Or who has been your encourager?