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It used to be that if you wanted the best of something you didn’t have to look hard to find it.  Often times it was “made in America” and other times it was the iconic name of a company that offered the best and you just knew that if you bought that product or service you would get the best…or nearly the best.  ( I can’t always afford “the best”)

Recently I think that we as a nation, and possibly the world, has settled for mediocre in just about everything….or worse yet, settled for crap.  Let me cite some recent examples.

  1. Cell service.   Cell phones, or “mobile devices” as they are referred to know have moved from luxury item to nearly necessity.  We all pay a pretty penny for such services but who among us can say with any certainty that our service is awesome?  Not me.  I allegedly have the best provider in the US, and yet I still get dropped calls….texts that don’t send or receive…
  2. similarly when I am at work I pretty much can tell immediately if a caller that is on the phone with ME is on a cell phone.  The clarity sucks and often is so bad that I will tell the caller ” I cannot hear you ,please call back when you are in a place where your connection is better”.  Is this our future?  Is this progress as we know it? to have phone service reminiscent of the days of party lines and operators?
  3. Internet.  Between TV internet and phone, the Chick family pays a pretty penny..we like our technology, but almost once a week I have to “recycle” the modem upstairs because it seems to “forget” who it is.  And according to comcast…aka Xfinity, this is perfectly normal and acceptable.  I disagree.  If I forgot who I was on a weekly basis, I’d probably be in assisted care with a dribble bib around my neck. I would certainly not be in  a high profile pharmacy job. I also have satellite TV that occasionally needs the same kind of service…or we will record a show that will stop in mid viewing because the connection was lost.  Can I deduct a certain amount from my bill because I didn’t get what I paid for?  not likely…
  4. clothes.  I can’t list the amount of clothing that I have spend decent amounts of money on that after 1 washing barely resemble the item that went into the washer.  I ve had articles of clothing that have buttons barely sewn on, hems that weren’t done properly, arms of different length, seems splitting, etc AND I buy clothes that are known for quality. I don’t shop for clothes at Target…I choose high end because I want to wear them for a long time.  I find it disappointing that a high quality name such as Nike, Nordstrom, Columbia Sports, Adidas etc, make something that costs a great deal of money that ends up pilling, shrinking, pulling, fading and buttons falling off after only a few wearings.  I recently bought a pair of pants from one of these listed above, ..they were the zip off shorts kind with new tech seams where they are glued on.  I wasn’t all that sure about trying glued together seams but I thought I’d try it.  Mistake.  before the first washing the seams around the zipper were raising.  I had to IRON the glue back into place or the whole “seam” would come off in short haste. Now I carefully look at each leg before I wear to see if I have to iron glue my seams back together.
  5. My dryer.   a couple of years ago my old washer dryer was fading fast.  We went to Sears and bought a top of the line Whirlpool Cabriolet washer dryer combo.  I spent as much on that pair as I did for a car when I was in college…maybe more so.  And right out of the chute the dryer has a spot that grabs clothes by the lint catch..I emailed the company but got a pretty lame reply..” its been reported but very rare” and offered nothing in the form of a solution.  So about once a week Ill pull something out from the dryer and its attached to that spot and has been spun into a twisted mess.
  6. Eating out.  We like to eat out.  with just the two of us, its something we just enjoy..having a good meal out somewhere in a pleasant environment.  Well, thats also getting harder to find.  If you look at most menu’s now, its a big deal to eat out. you can expect to drop close to 40 bucks for a meal for 2 and an AVERAGE priced restaurant.  I believe they think that if they offer you a massive QUANTITY of mediocre food you will overlook the QUALITY>  What I see in most places is heavily sauced, heavily salted, and covered in cheese. I also encounter loud music too distracting to hear my husband, or the current trend of having TV’s mounted everywhere.  If I wanted to watch tv while I ate, I ‘d do it at home.
  7. consumer goods: the incredible shrinking package.  Who hasn’t noticed this?  the only thing not shrinking is the cost of the package and my bills.  We’d all like more for less but what we really get is less for more.
  8. We run a small home based business. We sell  a skin care product that we are pretty proud of.  I opened our most recent case of product that came from our lab and send off some to one of our best customers. She contacted us and wondered why it was half empty. ” are you changing your packaging?” she asked.  Of course not.  We went and looked carefully at this new case was absolutely horrified to see that  most of the containers were either only partially filled  and when put on the scale, did not contain the advertised amount of product.  We have over a thousand bucks of inventory ( at cost) that is worthless because  the QA of the lab didn’t fill the jars to its stated ( and agreed upon) size.  We  of course replaced all of HER inventory with proper product but I am left pretty pissed and the crap they sent us
  9. I went to the gym last week and was looking at the medicine balls that they had on the shelf.  Most were broken or split an I asked the gym manager why they looked that way…they were relatively new.  He said,  they get damaged when people throw the against the wall during an exercise routine.  ” aren’t they supposed to be able to sustain that kind of use?”  Well, yes he said, but they don’t..”  More crap.

I believe that we have been slowly led to believe that poorly made, poorly constructed and poorly executed products is acceptable and the norm now.  I don’t agree.But I don’t have an answer either.  What is your “crap” story??


Comment by JustADoc

May 11, 2016 @ 2:48 pm

Unfortunately agree.
My parents bought a washer/drier before I was born. When I left for college they still had them. Finally died something during college so lasted over 20 years.
Now if you have a washer/drier that lasts 5 years, you should thank your lucky stars.
Same with fridges/microwaves/dishwashers/etc.
Packages are smaller, prices are the same.
I also buy relatively higher end clothes for my job(Brooks Brothers). While they last more than the few washes you describe they don’t last as long as they did even 5-6 years ago, let alone 15-20 years ago

Comment by murgatr

May 12, 2016 @ 5:40 am

Last summer I bought my daughter a rolling backpack to take to high school. Both shoulder straps broke within 2 months. Not a big deal considering she rolls it 90% of the time. Last week one of the wheels went sideways. She is generally careful with her stuff but does have a lot of binders/paper to transport. It’s not even the end of the semester and I ended up replacing it with a traditional carry style for the same price – Grrr! I don’t usually post Amazon ratings, but I did in this case as it was supposed to be a quality product & highly rated. Husband & I both recall using only one bag thru university – they just don’t make them like they used to!

Pharm. Tech. RDC ’06

Comment by Sue

May 12, 2016 @ 7:35 am

I shear sheep on Saturdays. Bought a new handpiece 2-1/2 years ago. I just had to send it in for repairs. My backup handpiece is over 60 years old and working well. The repair fellow said they just don’t make them like they used to – and they were made by the same company in the US. Same with KitchenAid mixers. We have a 35-year-old one that had some issues a few years ago. Repair shop said it was worth repairing as the new ones were not made the same and this old one with the $60 repair would outlast any new one.

Comment by Norm

May 14, 2016 @ 3:26 pm

Just curious.
Can’t you send the inventory back to the person/company who didn’t make them correctly for them to fill the jars to the right amount or them send you new ones correctly filled?

Comment by Jade

May 16, 2016 @ 6:44 pm

My gripe is the music in the grocery store. Where is the music that was music? What I heard in the store today was as irritating as squealing tires, an unbalanced top-loading washing machine in spin-cycle (with a pair of tennis shoes), an ambulance siren, nails on chalkboard (I suppose no one knows what that was now that there are no more chalkboards!), and someone cracking and snapping bubblegum two feet from me. It was annoying. I thought when I entered I just better get in and get out as quick as I can before a migraine emerges, but by the time I’d traipsed all over looking for what I thought would be reasonable place to find the five items on my list, and chatted with the pleasant cashier, I’d forgotten all about the racket in the overhead speakers. Though, I don’t think I will be stopping there again anytime soon.

As for clothing, my shoes are the most important thing to me as a pharmacist. And, I spent a lot of money on a pair eight years ago because I needed a reliable pair of walking shoes to go on a trip. They were ugly tie-ups. But, I told myself I’d better get my money’s worth out of them since I’d bought three other pairs in that time and they all fell to pieces. (And, I don’t even wear shoes in the house.) Leather shoes that fit well when I purchased them, and worn out on the toe, cracked at the sides, wrinkled insole that refused to unwrinkle, creased on the top and split there, too. And, I used to keep them shined and waxed every couple weeks. Wore out. The tie-ups I have been wearing for a year now, and it looks like they’re not going to wear out any time soon.

I’m fortunate. We’re required to wear uniforms, and I’ve found a reputable brand that keeps its color. I have to wear an undershirt because the texture is so rough, but it’s tough, so it’ll last.

Comment by pharmacychick

May 22, 2016 @ 7:23 am

More crap…We have Directv..only because Mr Chick finds it the lesser of the other evils. We wanted to “go back” in time and watch something that had already started which is an option with an internet connection..which we have. the BOX wanted the network password which I provided…it rejected…I know the password…I wasn’t wrong, but it kept rejecting the password…more crap. I hate Directv too.

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