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Lets Talk Stupid Stuff

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 6:50 pm on Monday, October 26, 2015

WE all have annoyances in our lives. Either by people or processes we deal with, there are things that are annoying, or irritating or darn infuriating. Recently I have been working at some different stores while their personnel issues have been worked out.  We also had a recent set of meetings with management ( I e. non pharmacists bosses)  Its time to have some fun.  Start a list of the most stupid things we see, do, or endure in the pharmacy. They are in no particular order:

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Our computer tells us constantly when we have an electronic script coming in.  And it makes us answer every time we clear the screen whether we want to look at it.  Do you think I need to answer yes or no 150 times? Why does our software imply that escripts are the more dire thing I have that I have to acknowledge it with a Y or N every time I clear the screen?

2. Our software was recently updated so we have to put our initials in every time we fill a script or clear a screen.  Quite possibly the most annoying thing I deal with all day and I have to do it 300 times a day.

3. passwords:  not only do I have at least 12 different kinds of passwords for the pharmacy but they require I change them every 90 days and each has its own special format.  If I could pick one to last me forever it would be this IHCMPEFND.  Anyone quess what it says?

4. Changing insurance :  Same insurance? new BIN… why oh why do you do this to us? Recently a major player sent all new cards to their insured that looked IDENTICAL save for the BIN.  Wanna venture how many bothered to carry the new card?  5% maybe… {plan terminated}

5. Unit of use bottles.  Why might you say I hate unit of use bottles??  I hate only those bottles where its impossible to put a label on it.  What is the point of unit of use bottles if you cannot label them? Any bottle that is smaller than a pharmacy label is useless to me and a waste to the plastic bottle it came in.

6.  Impossible to read Font… Do you hear me Aurobindo?   Good god, the font on Aurobindo bottles have to be a 6 or smaller.  so small that I may need a microscope soon to read them.

7. Childproof caps on large bottles:  Ok, who might ever dispense a 500ct bottle of temazepam?  Well if you do you have your safety cap already for you.  But honestly, who needs a safety cap on a 1000ct metformin?

8. Useless Reports.   my company is stellar at making me generate and keep useless reports.   everything dated and initialed of course..I really have no input on the profitability of the company so why do I need to keep all the financials IN the pharmacy?

9.  Voice over Internet phones.  Have you ever had these?  If you are considering putting them into your pharmacy or your home….DONT.  They suck.. really…they do. Everybody sounds like they are talking thru a paper towel tube with a wad of paper towels in their mouth  Toss in a non native english speaker and its a recipe for disaster.

10. Round pills..need I say more?

11. Irrelevant and inaccurate ads:  WE have voice over ads running in between the songs over the store.  When its time for the pharmacy ad to come on, its usually some stupid request to have the patient visit our pharmacy and have 1) us help them select a new insurance …WTF  2) determine if we are preferred or non preferred …and I know this how?  3) find out if all of their meds are covered …crystal ball broken, call insurance. 

12. package inserts.  In todays information age,  why do we need a package insert?  really….think about it.  Every pharmacy has access to  every  resource available on the planet including some very useful ones on our phones.  I have 3 alone on my phone…why do I need a package insert.  Put a web address on the side of the bottle and move on.

13.  Synthroid?  do you really need a  nanometer sized opening for your tablets?

14. Counting trays without the little thumb helper.  Yea, I know its pretty small, but I can’t open the tablet cover without the thumb helper…

15. Surveys.  I thought secret shopping was an annoyance..but surveys are almost as bad.  Do we need all that back-patting?  Begging for affirmation that we are doing a good job? I had asking for them and I hate filling them out.

16. Flu shots: I dont hate flu shots in and of them selves.  I hate fact that some ( not all) people ( and some at the corporate office)  have equated a flu shot to getting a big mac at McDonalds.  They aren’t and never will be instant.  When somebody asks me if they “can get a flu shot now”. I ask them  ” if NOW means somewhere in the next 20 min yes…if you cannot commit to 20 min then come back when that time frame works for you ”

17. explaining our job to a non pharmacist boss.  might as well be talking Swahili.

This is by no means a comprehensive list.  How about  some of your own stupid stuff?  This isn’t patient bashing…This is situational stupid stuff we deal with in our processes every day

lets go!