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Dump Glumetza and hang their reps.

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Got anybody on Glumetza?   Have you checked their price lately?  Ya might want to consider that.  I just had my patient refill his Glumetza and it seemed awfully strange that the price basis for his claim went from 715.00 ( already stupidly expensive for metformin) to a whopping 4200.00!   Yes Four Thousand dollars for a one month supply of glumetza.  I checked the cost in our wholesaler and sure enough the bottle was $6333.00. His insurance rejected the claim as cost exceeds maximum and declined to override it.

enough already. Whose idea on a conference room table brought that to fruition?

Check your records.  Call your patients. and hang Glumetza out to dry.


Uncommon Sense

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Common sense isn’t so common anymore.  I think its pretty true that we can all cite examples of where something so bloody obvious to one is oblivious to another.  Silly me, but I would think that putting a firework MORTAR on my head and lighting it would be pretty stupid but not one but TWO people killed themselves on July 4 2015 by doing just that…TWO people.. really. I guess they tie for 2015 Darwin award.

Even more mundane is the lack of common sense in our daily lives.  At home, at work, wherever. I have this guy, nice guy really, but has no sense what so ever about prioritizing what is important to be done.  He calls me 24 hours before departing for a trip to Europe to fill a half dozen scripts and half of them need to be either ordered or get authorization from the physician.  I did the ones I could and told him he was S.O.L. on the rest unless he could magically make drugs appear. And, this isn’t isolated.  Happens almost weekly during the year.

My tech,  great guy normally but a little sketchy when it comes to remembering to scan his badge before coming to work, leaving work and going to lunch.  Bear in mind..this is how you get paid…” Sam,  you want  a paycheck right?..yes yes of course I do… in order to get a pay check you need to tell the company that you are ONSITE…and you do that by scanning your badge.If you don’t scan your badge, you don’t earn money. Simple as that. And if you ask for the company to correct a mistake from last week by fixing it THIS week, they take it from THIS weeks labor money and you get fewer hours anyway..because we cannot afford you this week because they are fixing last week. really? Yes Really.SCAN YOUR BADGE.  He still forgets.

My other tech, is a bit dingy when she gets busy.  She doesn’t tend to think things thru very much.  Say Joe Smith comes to the counter.  He says he is here to get his prescription.  She finds a script, scans in into the signature log and just the one comes up. ” There are supposed to be 2 he says”.  So what does she do?  keeps looking on the shelf for more and more scripts when the script list for signature has ONLY ONE.  There are no more to be found and looking thru the baskets and the shelves are a waste of her, mine and the customer time. Ive told her a dozen times: the script list is 100% accurate.  if there is ONE on the list, there are no more DONE.  Look elsewhere!!  Look in the Dr Call pod…Look in the Dr OK pod Look anywhere but in the FILLED SCRIPTS  pod.She knows this but she keeps doing it.  Even if I ask: What is he looking for or what is he missing??  She won’t know because she didn’t ask. Its like grocery shopping for somebody else without a list…how do you know what to look for??

A patient is on auto fill, and he fails to pick up his prescription and we put it back…time and time again. He is habitually non compliant in a system where compliance dictates when the script is filled. We tell him “when you fail to pick up a prescription and we return it to stock the autofill is cancelled “. So why does he do?  Wanders up to the counter over and over asking why it isn’t filled and gets crabby about it. I hate auto fill and wish it was banned.

A friend of mine when to a outside event with me.  We received the “Do and Do Not Bring” list on the tickets.  I read it carefully.  The do not list included backpacks, purses over a certain size, etc etc.  The Do list included certain kinds of transparent packaging.  At the car, I said  ” Not so sure about that bag, Dude… it doesn’t meet the criteria…” And sure enough it was prohibited.  That was a 30 minute return bus ride to parking to put the pack away..and a 30 minute bus ride back to the venue.

What has happened to us?  Have we become the Movie Idiocracy?  Which by the way was 2 hours of my life I’d want back if I could, but frankly, I see us becoming exactly like the people in the movie.  We are swayed by public opinion and never stand on our own morals. We get suckered in by Facebook and twitter ( any resemblance to twits??) into believing that truth is whatever the majority accepts to BE truth.

The shooting in that black Church a few weeks ago has exploded into a debate over the confederate flag.  What has that to do with anything? He posed with the flag..Well he was also wearing a gold’s gym T shirt.. Shall we ban them too?? Its only 1 of a bunch of pictures we have of the kid on the web…We have forgotten the lives lost already and are all freaked out over an old flag.   Recently a Walmart wouldn’t do a cake with a confederate flag on it but Would do one with in Isis flag…if you think its a joke, its all real: ask Chuck Netzhammer and see his picture of him with his ISIS flag cake, courtesy of Walmart.  Its all over the internet.

You can look at porn on a million sites on the internet all over the world, at home, in hotels, on your phone, but put a confederate flag on a cake?  NO WAY!!   We’d rather perpetuate terror in our cakes.

And speaking of ISIS,  common sense would say:  watch out, they are working their way to our homes too.  Just saying….watch your back.

Wake up people.  Engage your brains.  keep what is important at the forefront and by all means invest in Uncommon sense…because apparently common sense is out of stock!