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Lets tell Steven how much we appreciate him!

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Below is a comment I received on a post I wrote almost 5 years ago.  I wonder how these old posts keep being found and commented on but this one is a beaut on ” Three Days Supply”  Its so well written and thoughtful  this kind of drivel is pretty  much the reason I quit writing blog posts on a daily basis. This drivel came into my comments pile today.  His email address is or  Show Steven how grateful we are that he is our patient…

wow, you really do pride yourself on using provisions don’t you? Who gives a shit that you wake up on time, or have to have a coke everyday. That right there further proves that you are just as ridiculous as the “insulent deprived” individuals. I’m guessing that because you became a pharmacy technician, that you somehow think that means your a doctor. News flash, it does not mean that even in the slightest. You have furthered your career as the medicine man, the he/she that is suppose to be able to accurately know what is best for everyone who passes through your pharmacy. Lemme ask you this if if may, do you own this pharmacy? Are you magically entitled your own opinion that far exceeds everyone else’s? The bitchy whining post or blog you wrote above has plenty of shit wrong with it. Take for example how you talk about wanted the 3 day rule changed. Why? Your life is just so difficult behind a counter in your fake doctor jacket, that it’s impossible for you to feel a shred of sadness for these people. People that are sick need there medicine period. It’s not up to you to decide if they are or are not going to die from you not giving it to them. I can see your issue with a controlled substance to a degree, but non controlled? What is the point. Most of the shit is non abusable, and reAlly isn’t your business nor your concern. I guess if it were you on the other side of that counter, your provisions would have you covered right? So what if you didn’t have the money to pay for it yet, and you would in 3 days? Are you such a skeptic that it’s impossible to believe that excuse. You my friend need serious psychological help, but for that you would have to deal with some bitch/dick pharmacist giving you the run around. Shame on everyone agreeing with this evil small minded person. Next patient that dies, remember that their blood is on your hands, and that shit won’t ever wash off. I would love to see you on person so I can tell you what a fake ass person you really are. I have so much more to say, but I’m going to bite my tongue on the rest. Before I go I would like to drop the last few sentences for you. YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR, NOR WILL YOU EVER BE. WHAT A PATIENT IS PERCEIVED IS NOT UP TO YOU, AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT HOLDING OUT ON PEOPLE. IF YOU DON’T OWN THE PHARMACY OR THE STORE THAT IT IS IN, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND FILL IN HE PERSCRIPTIONS. YOU ARE NOT GOD, THERFORE YOU DO NOT CALL THE SHOTS. ANOTHER THINK QUICKLY THAT POSES ME OFF, CLEAN NEEDLES. A JUNKIE ENTERS YOU PHARMACY, EXSCUSE ME SOMEONE ELES PAHRMACY THAT YOU WORK AT. THEY WANT CLEAN OUR NEW NEEDLES. WHY DONT YOU HAND THEM OVER SINCE THERE IS NO LAW AGAINST IT. INSTEAD YOU LET JUNKIES SPREAD DESEICES LIKE AIDS TO THE REST OF THE WORLD. NICE!! just because you are annoyed with the career path you chose, does not give you the right to make an opinion against everyone who comes to get their medicine. People are broke, and a lot of times that prior authorization shut is not the patients fault, the fault is the doctor not doing their job or the insurance not doing their job. Don’t add to the problem, and not do your job too. For fucks sake, fill the scripts, and hand them over.

No more Bruce…PLEASE!

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Am I the only one that feels that enough is enough  seeing/reading/hearing about Bruce Jenner and his decision to become a woman?  It is bad enough when his brood ( or his ex wife’s brood) graced the cover of every screen and Facebook share I seem to look at on the internet, now its his not so attractive face as either a man OR a woman.

What took the cake however was some writer described this transformation as “Brave” and “Courageous”.  Sorry, but I think we throw those terms around waaaay too flippantly if we are doing to use them to describe Bruce Jenner.  To me, he is neither brave nor courageous. He’s just a dude who wants to be a dame. To that end, I don’t care what he does with his body or his life, so no comments about  transgeners. This is not a discussion about THAT.

If I look back on my life, its rather ordinary.  Brave and courageous are words for the extraordinary, and if I look over the events of said life, I can’t think of much in my life that can be described as either brave or courageous.   Those words should be reserved for events that happen in people’s lives that really require bravery and courage.    Both words have pretty similar meaning in the dictionary.  Courage enables one to be Brave and face dangers and difficulties.  When I looked them up they seemed to be very intertwined, but they both had something in common.  Both related to extreme difficulties or circumstances, trials or pain.  I haven’t donated a body part to a needy person, I haven’t saved a life imminent to die if I didn’t intervene, and near as I can tell I haven’t exhibited great bravery in some dire situation unless you count feeding my dogs every day,  one of which thinks he must be about do die if I don’t immediately produce food based on the drama I listen to every am.

Wanna hear about bravery and courage?  How about Chesley Sullenberger who landed a plane on the Hudson River and saved a plane full of people?

How about any of our military personnel who risk their very live every day in some sandy remote version of hell getting shot up, blown up, and where surviving is the plan for the day?

I think there were a lot of brave and courageous individuals whose stories were told ( and many weren’t) on 9-11.

Police officers, firemen, rescue personnel, military personnel, and maybe just average joes facing an highly unusual circumstance….THAT is bravery and courage.  We occasionally hear about them…somebody pulling somebody from a burning building or car before it explodes…or somebody jumping into a river to help somebody who might otherwise drown.

Growing boobies via hormones and having plastic surgery is neither brave or courageous.

Its just a lifestyle decision by a man of some means in front of a lot of cameras.

Leave it at that and save the bravery and courageousness for those who really earn it.