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Catching up with Pharmacy chick part II

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And back for more!!!

For the first time in recent history, we took a vacation that didn’t involve golf.. we couldn’t for obvious reasons… so…We visited Hawaii.  18 years ago we went to Kauai for a wedding, one week before my mother passed away.  Haven’t been back since…for no other reason than its not the most convenient place to get to and back with a 5-6 hour flight.  We had promised a friend a vacation, and for some reason she chose Hawaii. I guess she decided we have money coming out our wazoo.  *yes I could have said no..*  It was a very fun week doing fun things but I will never travel with somebody else for as long as I live. Too much drama when I am paying for everything.

I chose (with her input) and wanted to focus on some very fun experiences and she wanted to eat…and eat..and eat…she was obsessed with having food with her everywhere.  We weren’t in the jungles..we were in urban Hawaii.  We didn’t  need to be carrying provisions like some sherpa. She just “felt” she needed to eat all day. Whatever.  I wasn’t very sympathetic.

BUT.. we did have some good times amongst the food drama.  I ticked a few items off my bucket list:  I did a zip line for the first time and I also rode in a helicopter.  THAT was a blast.  My only complaint?  too short of time spend doing THOSE things!   We snorkeled and once I got the hang of mouth breathing and got equipment that didn’t LEAK, that was nice too. Ya can’t be a germaphobe and rent snorkel equipment..who knows what or if they clean that stuff with sanitizer…And Praise God for prescription snorkel gear…otherwise I couldn’t have seen the fish.  I wouldn’t want to snorkel all day, but it was fun for the afternoon.

I also learned that being 51 didn’t  mean I had outgrown my propensity for sea sickness.  It wasn’t a Gilligan’s island 2 hour tour thank GOD, but a 45 minute catamaran snorkel tour.   5 minutes of fun before the seasickness set in.  I think I’ll pass on the boat tour next time 🙂 I would like to thank the individual who stole my towel  FROM my back pack for at least leaving my wallet and my camera behind.. WTF?

But of course, work had to interfere with a flurry of texts that float coverage was spotty.  ” Um, I am 3000 miles away on an island,  How can I help you find a tech?  I sent every tech text number I could find to  my pharmacist, and I think it saved the day.  A manager is a manager is a manager, no matter where she is in the world.

I also learned that Kona Coffee covered Macadamia nuts are as addicting as heroin…and available on Amazon!! 🙂

Aloha for now..

moving on to part III


Catching up with Pharmacy Chick part III

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Still reading?  After part I and II, we reach the last part of the catching up.  Apparently i have the bug to write again, even if I don’t care much about grammar and punctuation.  Maybe Ill even write about work on an occasional basis.  Ive been amazed and impressed at the people who have written a bit in appreciation.  As you know I was burned by the flamers and haters and didn’t want to waste my time writing anymore.  On Facebook I follow ” This is a pharmacy not a fast food restaurant” and its the same-0 same-o there just like it is in my own pharmacy.

For pharmacy chick, drug therapy for HERSELF is  few and far between.  I  wrote about my  attempt to manage cholesterol with a statin and ended up feeling like a dementia patient.   But more recently I have finally sought treatment for something else.  If you have had  it, you totally understand, if you don’t have it you wouldn’t understand.  Mr chick doesn’t understand.  Since I was a kid, I have had RLS.  My mother suffered with it, as does all of her siblings.  My brother has it too.  RLS is Restless Leg Syndrome. I used to massage my moms legs at night as they hopped about the couch in my lap.

It is frustrating at the least and maddening at its worst. If you imagine…. having perfectly normal legs during the day that turn into electrified mexican jumping beans at night that you simply cannot control or stop.. then you have some idea of RLS.  You know its coming, and powerless to stop it, no matter what time you go to bed, no matter how you WILL your legs to keep still, they just build energy until POW they jump.  Its nerve shattering to be honest because I was getting lesser and lesser sleep every night. About  1 night out of 10 I might get a night where they didn’t jump.   I tried every non drug modality:  massage, cold packs, exercise, stretching,  magnesium, you name it. I didn’t want to resort to rx drugs because I was afraid that it would only become worse over time and they would quit working, a real problem with this issue since it has similarities to Parkinsons disease.

I finally threw in the towel.  I set my intern on a project:  Find me the most modern and effective and least likely to augment current treatment for RLS. Since she is a brainiac that was an easy project. Mirapex.

It might as well have been a gift from God himself.   I didn’t believe it would work as well as it is.  I am a huge skeptic and when I went to sleep the first night on  mirapex and my legs were just lying in bed silent, I believed it was an anomaly and it would return to normal the next day.  But it didn’t. With the exception of when I had packed and unpacked  my meds ( by accident) and went to Hawaii without the  Mirapex, my legs have been in an amazing state of rest.  Its no CURE,  one night without the drug and they are back to jumping, and getting my rx transferred to Hawaii was an exercise in poor customer service but  thats another story to share later!

Admitting defeat and finally getting a bit of treatment has been lifesaver..or at least a NIGHT-saver!

Catching up with Pharmacy Chick! part I

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My apologies for being even worse at writing than I had even promised.  Its been a crazy few months.

Mr chick continues to recover. Its been an interesting wade thru the healthcare system.  Good thing we are fighters, because FIGHT is what we have been doing.  Ole RPh, wrote a nice comment about my last post and it reigns true.  I DONT want to be a resident in the world of illness.  For the most part I am pretty healthy for a 51 year old chick, but even I have my issues. more on that later… Mr Chick’s surgery was a success as far as the doc is concerned  but because of the 4 month wait to HAVE the procedure he sustained nerve damage and THAT hasn’t really resolved itself. He still has a numb lower leg and when he walks he still says is foot feels like its walking on hot coals.  Today he started acupuncture…. heck, why not? conventional treatments aren’t exactly solving the problem.  He gets the proverbial hall pass to start golfing again in 2 weeks.  He may need one of those skateboard style golf carts to get around tho.  He can’t walk that far.

When the bills started coming in about 3 weeks after the procedure.  We are pretty savvy people and are most familiar with the health care system, pre vs prior authorizations, in and out of network, you know…all the verbiage they think is easy to understand and know.

We did our homework. Yes the hospital the His Holiness works at is network. His Holiness was network,  Her Holiness the anesthesiologist was in network, His slightly-less-than-holy PA was in network.  So when we got a 6000K bill from the surgery center for OUT of network procedure, we were shocked.  We took a bit of creative appealing but we successfully negotiated that the it is RATIONAL to think that if all of the above was IN network, the place he actually cut on Mr Chick should be too even tho it was a surgery center and NOT the actual hospital grounds.  So they reduced the bill by $4900, leaving us a little over $1100 to pay….and when I called to give my CC# over the phone, they gave me a 20% early payment discount.  Yea me.

The bills for His Holiness, his PA and the Anesthesiologist eventually arrived.  So did lab work and a $900 bill for socks.  SOCKS?   yea, those air compression socks and they didn’t even let me take them home.  Of all the things I paid for, the fact I didn’t get those  socks pisses me off the most. Almost $500.00 for EACH sock.  Geez, no wonder people think health care is a ripoff . He has pretty good insurance so I am glad that it wasn’t me that needed surgery because mine sucks despite working for a huge company.  Overall we have paid about $3000 bucks out of pocket for this surgery.  If it helps it will be worth every penny.

Moving on…to part II