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Walk walk walk..til you can walk no more!

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 3:35 pm on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I am pleased to say that Mr Chick is on his path to recovery….literally. He had is first post op check up and Doc said  his number one exercise is to walk.  And since I have wanted a walking partner for a while I have one right in my wheelhouse…and a captive one at that!.  Mr Chick had his first day at work on monday after a 10 day lay off.  He came home pretty tired, and while he is still under lifting restrictions he can at least stand all day and do his job.

I still prefer being the provider over the patient, that is for sure, but it gives me a chance to reflect a bit on this week I had being both a provider at work and a caregiver at home.  It was the first time in literally forever that I put nothing on the “plate” so to say on my days off.  We pencilled in nothing for the week that Mr C had at home.  And while I had to work a couple of those days, the other days were completely empty.  NO dinner plans, no shopping lists, no errands , no nothing!.  It was very odd waking up on those days and the only duty we had to accomplish was to walk.

Sure, I kept the house clean, bought groceries, cooked meals, did laundry and stuff like that…that never changes, but there  was a strange calmness  about having a block of time where nothing had been scheduled. It was actually rather relaxing. As a person who tends to map out a day like a military mission, to have nothing on the calendar is strange. Mr C spend a lot of time snoozing, and that is one of his favorite activities, and while he was sleeping I was putzing around the house keeping it clean.

Don’t think for one moment that it stayed clean by itself.  PC may be a neat freak but Mr C isn’t..the guy can leave a trail of debris like a tornado.  Geez.

At least he has his short term memory back.  It was amusing at the time,  because I knew what was going on , but I had a difficult time convincing our friends that he may appear totally lucid he will likely not remember much of the conversation he just had tomorrow. And, sure enough he didn’t. 🙂  At least when he would text people he had a written  record of his efforts. which he referred to when he forgot stuff.

I appreciate your kind words in the comments.  Its nice to know some people are still reading this little blog.  I occasionally get these ridiculous thing that happen at work that literally BEGS to be blogged about but as one who is still stinging from the comments of haters ( and still get them on old posts), I think I will just find other things to write about.