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When you think that all my faith in human nature is broken by liars, cheats, seekers and abusers,  this happens.

And no, oxy guy did not come clean and confess.

Then phone rings and one of my regular customers asks to speak to me.  I get on the phone and she says ” Chick? you remember when you rang me up the other day?”  I replied with  an affirmative answer. She said ” You forgot one”.  She and her friend had about a dozen prescriptions between them.  Two older ladies, friends for many years ( maybe partners, I dunno) but when friend 1  developed early onset dementia, Friend 2 moved in and became her caretaker.  2 manages all of 1’s affairs, house and finances so 1 can stay home in a familiar environment as long as possible.

When we check people out, each prescription  comes with a plethora of paper. We sometimes end up with 3 sheets of paper for each prescription. Therefore with a dozen prescriptions there is a serious stack of paper. Obviously I missed one.  To my credit, most of these ladies’ prescriptions are in the single digits.

This one was not.

” You forgot to scan the Zetia,” she said.  ” $237.00″.  oops.  ” I am going to put a check in the mail and address it to your attention.  I couldn’t  just let that go”.

She didn’t have to do that.  I didn’t know I had forgotten that receipt.  In the pile of papers two receipts stuck together and one got missed.  But she is a honest person and felt it had to be paid. I thanked her profusely.


A few weeks ago, I left the grocery store with some toilet paper in the bottom of my cart that I hadn’t paid for.  I walked back in, and asked if I can pay for it at the courtesy counter since I had forgotten. They also thanked me. I also couldn’t ” let it go”.  Once, years ago ( when I was working  in my old independent pharmacy) this guy came in with a bag of peat moss.  The clerk hadn’t rung it up.  I also thanked him for his honesty and he laughed and said ” I’m not going to hell over a bag of dirt”

Maybe it was Karma that she called me.  Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised if people are honest, because that is really what is expected of us.  Sadly in today’s world we are more surprised by honesty than dishonesty.

It made for a good day.


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Comment by Jade

November 13, 2014 @ 7:47 am

I hadn’t been keeping up with reading pharmacy blogs for quite some time. I saw the site mentioned at Dr Grump and read your farewell blog–it’s the best of all. Then, I went back to see what I’d missed in the meantime. Maybe, it’s the time of year. I always make a point of writing Thanksgiving letters to my folks, so that even if they don’t receive my greetings in the season for remembrance of the reasons, that they know I appreciate their efforts.

So, it was a little poignant to read this entry about honesty and due diligence.Thank you for your kinds words. and obviously you are a blessing to your parents who probably love every letter they have ever received. I’d love one more day with my mom to express my thanks for all she did, the older I have become the more I realize their sacrifices and appreciate their efforts.

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