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My first endorsement : put your best foot forward

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As a matter of practice I will not make an endorsement of a product because it may lead people to think differently about something they take or use for their health.  But over the last year I have used a product that I love and want to share.

Before you think I have become corrupted, it is NOT a pharmacy related product, a drug or medical device, or anything for that matter that you would put into or on your body to improve health.  Never the less, I love it and am gonna tell you about it.

Its socks.

Yes, Socks. the thing you pull onto your feet before you shove them into a pair of shoes.  About a year ago, my friend read an article in Wall Street Journal  about socks.  He’s a WSJ snob so he likes to share stuff with me that I might find interesting.  It was all about the best socks you can buy.  I was not particularly concerned about socks.  At that time I thought socks are socks. But I read the article.

On a whim I went online and bought two pairs of socks.  Kentwool  and Darn Tough Vermont Socks.  They are both high end socks and if you blanch at the thought of paying nearly 20 dollars for a pair of socks, you might as well quit reading now and go back to whatever you are doing because these cost for a single pair what you might pay for a dozen pairs of cheap cotton athletic socks.

First off they are both wool, MERINO wool so they do not itch….yes I promise they do not itch.  Wool itches me terribly and these do not itch at all.  And they come in summer and winter socks so you can wear wool socks all summer long.  Nope, not kidding about that either.

The Kentwool no-show socks were nice and puffy but they shrunk significantly so the size I bought based on the chart made me rethink buying any more because I had to seriously stretch them after washing/drying to fit over my feet. They were comfortable but the shrinkage I didn’t like

The Darn Tough Vermont were another story.  Made in Vermont they advertise themselves to be the best sock money can buy.  They have a lifetime guarantee.  Who puts a lifetime guarantee on a pair of socks?  A company that fully expects their product to last.  This totally delivers.  I started out with short socks for golf..then I went to crew for cooler days and finally to a full knee high boot sock for winter.  LOVE THESE SOCKS

They hardly shrink at all.  they come out of the washer/dryer looking nearly as good as the brand new sock.  They are sturdy and well cushioned ( I always buy  medium weight cushioned socks) and at the end of the  day they come off your feet looking as good as when you put them on in the morning.  They don’t stink, they keep your feet well ventilated summer and winter, Cool in summer warm in winter.  Wool does that you know if properly made..and these are the best you can do.

Seriously, if you want to feel like your feet are millionaires, then treat yourself to a nice medium weight pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks.  I don’t get paid by these people, I’ve never been to Vermont, and I never got any socks free to try.

I should probably be their rep because I love these much so that a few months ago I took all my old socks and turned them into rags and put them in Mr Chicks garage.

I liked them on Facebook and last christmas I put a post on their page that Everybody would want socks for Christmas if they got Darn Tough socks.

I got quite a few “Likes”.

keep your little piggies warm this fall!!



Sticker Shock

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Even tho Pharmacy Chick doesn’t write checks for the inventory that I purchase, I do keep pretty close tabs on what we buy.  The more we buy the greater the chance it may outdate and become of no value.  We move as much inventory as we can in a timely manner and if something quits moving we send it back.

Lately however I have been less and less inclined to buy anything extra especially since the price of some medications are skyrocketing.  Anybody notice??

Digoxin…Clobetasol….doxycycline….Acetazolamide….tretinoin…L-thyroxine…and the list go on.

Somebody is making a lot of money on drugs that used to be pretty dirt cheap.

And much Hell is being given for price increases.   ” WHAT?!?!  WHY IS THIS SO EXPENSIVE?” ” I USED TO PAY $X”

Well, Yes, you used to pay such and such…and now you have to pay much more than such and such.

The big question is WHY> and I have some guesses.  Mind you, I could be wrong, but could the fact that many generic houses are now owned by brand name pharmaceutical manufacturers?  They make the brand..they make the generic. As generic houses are being bought up by brand name companies, there are fewer REAL generic houses…and fewer choices. AND when one company jacks its prices up, you can bet your bippy that what few are left will follow suit quickly.

The discount cards haven’t caught up with this travesty so I won’t use them on these drugs.  If I do, I might sell a $160.00 tube of clobetasol for $20.  OOPS.  That is major shrink. Unfortunately some insurance companies haven’t caught up either and I am forced to take the hit because…well… thats what you have to do when your company signed a contract.

So there you are…one by generics seems to be falling by the wayside.  You can see the $4 lists shrinking by the day.  So sorry for the inconvenience, please do not kill the messenger. ( but of course, they will)


Ebola and Hipaa?

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I dont profess to know every in and out of the HIPAA law but it seems pretty clear at face value that identifying a disease to a patient name is a clear violation of that law.  I would never yell out in a crowded grocery store ” Hey Mr John Doe, Your VIAGRA is ready!!”  but we have had the media report the name of people who have Ebola, where they live, post pictures of their homes and attempt to interview their friends and family.

Perhaps there is some provision in the law that HIPAA goes to the scrap heap when a public health hazard is announced, but it also seems like a grievous violation for a newspaper to publish their pictures,, their homes, their whereabouts, etc.  God help them already..they have enough on their plates trying to survive.

I have no problem with reporting that Ebola has been found here or there or that an Unnamed health care worker has been infected and let the hospital deal with it with proper notifications, but it seems rather intrusive to name names, addresses and go after family members like THEY have committed a crime.

Health care workers endanger themselves every day when sick people come to them for help.  Perhaps we have underestimated the power that ebola has and aren’t using as MUCH proper PPE ( personal protective equipment) as we should have.  Again, perhaps we shouldn’t have let liberian people into the US either, but thats neither here nor there at this point.