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As a human, I dont like to have my personal failures pointed out to me, nor do I take any joy in pointing them out in others.  We all have our things we do that may not be smart, and I accept that.  However, THAT BEING SAID,  I do not appreciate when somebody has a failure  in their life and then tries to create a situation like its my fault or I will be to blame if I dont bail them out.

“bail out”..we do a lot of that.  I dont need to list them all here. If you are a pharmacist, you know how we bail out customers all the time.  Whether it be vacation overrides AS THEY ARE ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT, or finding a way to get a med covered because they allegedly LOST it..again… we seem to be in  the business of “rescue” several times a day.

Not everybody should be rescued however.  Take Thursday…please..Id really not like to have that day over. For some reason Wed was slow and that created a super busy Thursday.  By day’s end we were almost 50 over our normal Thursday volume.  It was close to 6 ish when this guy came in.  He asked for me by name which was odd because the only thing we had ever done for him was one flu shot. I remembered him vaguely as being a pretty nice guy.  He handed me a bottle from a store several states over. Lisinopril 10mg # 30….One daily… Dated Sept 26 2013.  O refills remaining.

” I forgot I was out of refills” ” We moved here a couple of months ago and don’t have a new doctor yet. What can you do for me?”  Wow, I thought that was interesting verbiage to be honest.  What can you do for me?  I looked at the bottle and a couple of thoughts came to mind….1)  by all intents and purposes he should have run out of this med on Oct 26. Today was December 12.  So roughly 45 days have passed since he should have been out, so compliance is an issue.  2) He said he moved here so his relationship with the doc would technically have ended and 3) he has no new relationship established with a new physician tho he has had 2 months to do so.

” My options are pretty limited” I said and proceeded to tell him what ” I can do ” for him.  I would call his previous pharmacy and get the doc information and fax the doctor on Friday and request one more refill  and see if the Doc would do that.  Most likely he would unless he had some kind of acrimonious ending prior to moving or if he was grossly overdue for an appointment…..OR He could make a trip to a Urgent Care or Quickie clinic and get the doc to check his blood pressure and give him a month RX or so til he actually established care locally.   He certainly didn’t want to spend any money by going to urgent care he said…. so that left option No. 1.

I took his bottle and said I would contact the office and ask if they would take care of this matter but HE should call them first thing in the am to make it a priority…after all  ” they have to act before I can fill this…I can ASK, but I cannot REQUIRE.”

I hoped I had made it very clear what I was going to do, and what he should do to end up with the desired result within 24 hours.

He then said ” Arent you going to give me any meds for tonight?”    ” Lets just see what the doctor says tomorrow before I have to make that decision”, I said. ” We dont know what he wants yet. So lets give it one more day”

And then the topped off this conversation with this little zinger… ” Dont you think you are putting me in harms way by denying me this med?”


If I was the store OWNER, I could have responded with a nice little zinger of my own, but I dont sign my own paychecks sadly.  ” I truly dont think you are in any danger.  By the date on this RX, you really should have been out in late October…one more day will not matter.”

And off he went… It wasnt an angry conversation, but he didn’t get what he wanted.  I did what I felt was professionally the correct call.

The tech was dumfounded.  ” Harms way??” she said.   ” was he serious?”

He was essentially attempting to make his failure to refill his drugs promptly,his noncompliance, or get a new doc in a timely manner, MY  PROFESSIONAL GUILT TRIP.

And, I was having none of it.  One flu shot does not make him my responsiblilty.  And certainly he didnt feel in harms way for either going without or skipping days the last 2 and 1/2 months.

Would it have been the end of the world if I gave him 3 tabs and it was refused?  no, probably not. But thats not the point here.

I am not properly packed…Please dont send me on a guilt trip not of my own making.


Introspectives in a 4 week period

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When I think of “introspection” I think of an examination of my own thoughts and feelings.  Most of my day’s work is rarely introspective.  Its all about dealing with everybody else’s feelings and wants and needs.  I am the supreme pharmacy babysitter most days…” I need this, I want that, I lost this, I am out of that”….FIX IT. And so I do.  I sacrifice my appetite, my bladder, my tiredness, body to the department for sometimes up to 13 hours at a time meeting needs that never quit until I shut the gates at closing time, forcing the needs to wait until the next morning onslaught. Its definitely not for the faint hearted, the weak, and certainly not for the impatient.

The roughly 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a joy and a nightmare at the same time. People go nuts. There is no way around that.  They over commit, over indulge, and over pay, resulting in meltdowns over the simplest of things.

I watch this every year with a weird wonderment, because I feel very disconnected in this 4 week period known as the Christmas “season”.   The true joy I had the participation of Christmas left on 5-6-98, when my mother died.  She was a Xmas nut!  We had two trees, one green and one flocked, tons of presents ( all of which I wrapped..she bought…I wrapped..and never peeked …because I had to wrap my own too…long story ). she would bake wonderful confections and cookies which were put on trays she brought to neighbors and friends. It was a labor of love.

When my mother died, so did my connection with the trappings of the holidays.  In those years since, I have probably had 3, maybe four years of a Christmas tree in my house. Because my  friends give me such grief I went to a big box store and bought a 24 inch fold out plastic tree. It sits in my window box.

I’ve just never been able to get out of this funk over Christmas.  I have minimal participation, but I still love some aspects.  I could listen to the music all year long and never tire of it. I love the red and green, the over-the-top sweaters,  the colored lights on houses..all that stuff, but if you walk into my own home, all you might see is that small plastic tree.

Yea, its probably pathetic. I do a lot of thinking during this 4 week period too.  Since Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, its a fitting time to remember what a huge sacrifice that was.  Many people think of the sacrifice of Christ as the death on the cross, but I propose to all that he made TWO huge sacrifices for us. 1) the cross, and 2) when he gave up the glory of Heaven to live as a human.  I cannot imagine what that was like to leave his perfectness and live in this imperfect and broken place. He is my perfect model. My gold standard.  The perfection I wish to hold to.

Since He is my standard, I pale woefully in comparison, another of my difficulties during this season.  MY PERSONAL Introspection reveals what I really am, a complete failure compared to the perfection of Christ.  And while his sacrifices will REDEEM me as innocent before the judge, it doesn’t change the fact that I am GUILTY,  and he is paying my price.  Nothing I can do can ever pay my debt.

Im guilty and keep being guilty.  Being  a Christian has  not made me a better person, forgiven yes, but better? NO. I try, daily in fact, but its hard.  I still do dumb things, still say dumb things, still stumble over the same sins over and over.  Being a Christian has made me more AWARE of my failures.  For example, if your reference model for morality doesn’t include A,B C or D, then you do not have that as a standard.  I profess a certain standard to compare myself by and is pains me that I fall short of it every day.  Yes, HE forgives me, but I never forgive myself.

Mr Chick lives in the Joy and Freedom that Christ’s sacrifice gave him, but for me, sometimes I just cannot get over my humanity. I find it mildly amusing when I have written this blog over the last few years, I will write about certain subjects and I will be accused of “judging” others.  It is what it is, I report what I see, but I dont judge, I never want to be anybody’s judge and jury…as I am busy enough dealing with my own mess to really be worried about anybody elses.

I wish I had the answer…every year during this 4 week time it bubbles to the surface like a poison brew.

Life needs a giant undo button sometimes.