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Prudent prescribing or overdone? Should ALL discomfort be treated like this?

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She came in smartly dressed, probably in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She had a prescription for an antibiotic and 30 Percocet.  After I collected all the appropriate information, her cell phone rang and it was her mother…( since she referred to her as “mom” I assume I have the correct person).

Her call went as follows:  ” hey mom, whats up?…, I’m not at work I am at the pharmacy, I had a sore throat so I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics and something for my throat…..nah, its not big deal, I’ll still be there tonight..what does it start??  Sure, I’ll pick you up at 6 ok?”  click.

I looked at her profile, and not much stood out.  Birth control, some allergy meds that dated back awhile, and a cough syrup last November.  Nothing to speak of.

I looked down at my rx…Percocet 5/325 #30. Has it come to be so commonplace to us that we prescribe powerful pain medications for sore throats?  That will probably be gone in 24 hours once the antibiotics kick in?? It didn’t seem all that long ago that childbirth may have gotten you some Tylenol 3.  All your wisdom teeth extracted may have gotten you a dozen Percocet.

My narc cabinet is full of stuff…way more stuff than I used to need.  I sent 2-3  222 blanks full of orders each week, whereas I used to order a couple of times per month.   What is the rationale? Is it justified? Is it overkill?

And please, no comments from chronic pain patients crawling on their soap box trashing me and my profession.  This isn’t about you.

I am quite used to this urgent care clinic’s prescribing practices.  They have two docs: one that happily hands out percocet for everything and one that writes magic mouthwash instead.

Personally, I think its a bit much. I could think of some appropriate alternatives.

Just a monday observation…back to the grindstone tomorrow!

Nervous waiting.

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Nobody would ever accuse PC of being an impatient person.  I am pretty laid back, and I have a firm understanding that the world doesnt ( and will never) revolve around me. That doesn’t mean that I love waiting for stuff, but I grasp the concept very well and I dont make people’s life miserable.

That being the case, I have had a rather long three weeks of my life.

I felt it and chose to ignore it for a while.  If you ignore something long enough it goes away right?  Not exactly.  On the outside of my right breast was a lump…large enough to be seen from the outside of my sports bra if I raised my arms over my head.  After contemplation for several days I finally fessed up and told Mr Chick who wigged out and wanted me to get into a doctor immediately.   I told him not to worry, I will.  We agreed to not speak of it to any of our family or friends. I only told my boss, whose wife had breast cancer a few years earlier.

I had to wait one week to get in and when I told them I had a lump that I would like to have needled, they said I have to have an exam first….and I said I already know I have the lump….why waste resources and time with just an exam?   Tough titties….( bad pun) thats the rule….so I scheduled the exam….which upon arrival was exactly what I had suspected:  ( knead knead…yup you have a lump…lets schedule a needle biopsy next week).

It should be told that I use humor to diffuse tension in my life.  Its just the way I am.  When I get into a situation that I have tension or fear, I pull out all the jokes.  I told Mr Chick that if I kicked off early that his new wife had to get her own golf clubs..and that my epitaph should read  ” She was pissed she had to leave after only 9 holes!”  A lot of things passed thru my head during that week,  its completely natural to think thru every scenario  to its completion…who wouldn’t?    One thing I knew for sure, I was dreading being  a patient…I hate the entire medical process…its impersonal and frustrating at best…and I want nothing of it! Mr Chick was quietly contemplative.

I managed to work it out so I could be seen early enough for my biopsy so I could golf afterwards.  I certainly wasn’t going to give up a day of golf to sit in a doctors office. I do have priorities! I had to go to a different ( and older) clinic location for this visit and the room was as tiny as a closet and several degrees too cold for a woman with no shirt on.

The doc and assistant maneuvered me into the position they wanted.  He asked me if I was nervous and I told him ” No, but I am freezing…can’t you afford heat in this place?” I laughed. He told me to turn away and I would feel the stick and he would draw up a sample. It wasn’t as bad as I figured…after all I have never had a needle thrust into my boobie before.  I think it was less pain than a flu shot honestly….hey maybe that could be a alternate site…um, no probably not.

When it was all said and done, the doc showed me the barrel of the syringe filled with a light caramel colored  translucent liquid. “YUUUK” I said, and he said it was exactly what he hoped it would be. He said it was probably just a fluid filled cyst but it was going off to pathology and the results would arrive in several days.

I am happy to report that I was one happy Pharmacy chick when the office called and it WASNT the doc on the phone. If the news was going to be bad, he wouldn’t have an office staff call me.  Biopsy Negative.

I still have the lump. Its devoid of most of its fluid, but its still there, but no anxiety….and I plan to play all of lifes 18 holes after all!


Why I love having the day after a holiday off.

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Ok, that wasn’t nice.  But for somebody who has had her fair share of post holiday nightmares, I particularly enjoyed playing 36 holes of golf instead of getting screamed at by impatient customers all day today.

So for all you pharmacists who had to work today, I tip my golf visor to you.  Been there done that.