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It all started with a phone call.  Joe Blow called up and wanted a refill.  It was out of refills and after hours. As a matter of courtesy, we reminded him that we had to fax the dr’s office and their policy is 72 ” working hours”.  ( just so you know I actually clarified that with the office and asked them precisely what 72 “working” hours meant….72 hours as in 3-days or 72 business hours as in almost 9- 8 hour days in the office= 72 hours…. her response was ” up to a week..and do not send second requests until 3 days have passed”

Personally I think that is a bunch of $h1t but thats  a post for another day.  Back to Joe Blow.  He wanted his alprazolam.

” I am out”…we still have to fax the doctor Joe

“But I need it”…We still have to fax the doctor Joe

“And I am going on vacation tomorrow” we still have to fax the doctor Joe

“I know he will ok it”  I am sure he will but we still have to fax the dr Joe

“If I come in tomorrow morning will it be ready?” its after hours Joe, we have to fax the doctor tomorrow.

I am quite sure that if I left the pharmacy and spoke directly to the cement walls that comprise our building, I would find more satisfaction in THAT conversation than what I was getting at the counter.


Big box pharmacy called me today and wanted to know if I had X antibiotic.  I confirmed I did indeed have X and they said they would fax over a prescription for me to fill.  Within 3 minutes of hanging up, Miss Sue D Monas’s husband is at the counter wanting that rx….which hadn’t yet arrived.  Bellowing over everything else going on in the pharmacy ” THEY SAID YOU HAD THE PRESCRIPTION”… No, they said I have the drug…they are SENDING me the prescription but they haven’t faxed it yet. it will certainly arrive soon and we will get it ready”.  He then launched into a diatribe of how totally inconvenienced he had been all day taking care of errands for his wife and running here and there and oh-woe-is-me and backing up the line behind him at the counter…pissing everybody off, including the poor guy 2 back with blood dripping from a gauze pad from his tooth extraction.   He took a bit of exception to us asking  begging him to step aside so we can move this line thru.  His tunnel vision and center-of-the-universe syndrome slowed everything to a crawl as he took center stage.


Mr Patel was leaving for India tomorrow.  He has a routine:  Call me the day or so before, order 1-2 rx, then blindside me at the pick up window with a whole bunch of requests/problems/issues that nobody short of Jesus Christ could solve on short notice.  They always begin with ” while I am here will you…”

1) look up and see if I can ALSO refill my X Y and Z ( that surely have no refills…or has to be ordered… and why for pete’s sake didn’t you ask me this the day before yesterday when I could have taken care of it)

2)look up and see if my daughters rx’s for diarrhea is refillable ( which, since she hasn’t filled a single rx at our store since his divorce in 2009, has no refills whatsoever) followed up by ” are you sure?”  ( my personal favorite response)


I receive an order for Humira “kit” so I order the Humira Kit based on the NDC ordered on the e-script which came to me in a pen form.  all $6000 of it for a 90 day supply. when the gal comes in to pick it up..with her Humira card to be split billed…announces ” I want the prefilled syringe! not the pen!”  You could probably hear  my head hit the counter.  Thankfully my tech extraordinare got that label off so we could return it.


A lady tells me she is going on a trip and needs a “fresh” flu shot.  “FRESH?”.. “Yea I dont want last years flu shot..I already got that one”. I told her not to worry there is no more ” old” flu shots sitting around.


I call an insurance company to get a vacation override for a patient.  This time however I am given a grill job..”: I need the date of departure the date of return and where they are going”.  seriously?  I am not their friggin travel agent ..i’m just the pharmacist call them yourself. so she did.  What-fn-ever.


I am asked ” who should get a whooping cough vaccine?”  I tell her ” anybody who breathes! its nearly epidemic!”  She decides its not that important when she discovers she has to pay for it.

Just when you think you have seen it all…something else comes up!

New address

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To all of you loyal readers who have me bookmarked somewhere in your favorites, or fellow bloggers who have me linked on your blog roll, I have a new address.  My wonderful admin has given me a simpler web address and dumped “blogpharm” which wasn’t being used anymore.  Please note I am now!



Thank God its Friday.

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Life is full of milestones.  We have events in our life that define is, marry us, deplete us, procreate us, break us and build us up..  My Man Friday has been my partner for over 16 years since I became the manager at Pharmacy chick pharmacy that many years ago. I had known him even before we worked together thru various twists of circumstance but in 1996 we became business “partners”.

We now say goodbye to Friday.  He became a pharmacist when I was 8 years old.   He has seen everything in pharmacy.   A quiet and unassuming man,  I can honestly say that despite working together for 16 years, I dont KNOW him very intimately.  If one were to look from the outside  it might be said he had a mild form of Aspergers.  But I cannot say for sure.  He rarely showed emotion, but he was kind.  He never had a big laugh, but he had a big heart. He enjoyed a good story, but rarely shared them.  If you didnt’ ask, he didn’t tell.  Because I had no fear, I asked…he always answered..but he never offered anything without prompting. In all the years we worked together I can truthfully say that he never asked me how my weekend was…or if I had a nice vacation…but I always asked him.

Forty years of retail pharmacy took its toll on his body and despite his best efforts he had to hang up the white coat once and for all.  He has had leg, hip, back and neck problems that over the years affected his ability to work comfortably, but he did so without any complaint.

He just couldn’t do it any longer, so after much contemplation, he decided to retire.

We have spent several weeks in interviews, assessments, and decision making.  I had my eye on a particular candidate should something ever open at the store, so when Friday decided to retire, I contacted this individual. It was the first time in PC history that a position for pharmacist had come open and I didn’t want him to miss this opportunity.

Thankfully he was available, interested, and far and away the best candidate. He got the job. He is happy…I am happy. My techs think he is the cat’s pajamas.  If they are happy, I am thrilled.

Friday is at the end.  His exit was as his nature: quiet and unassuming.  He wanted no party, no announcement.   He wouldn’t have been happy if I had done it anyway, so we respected his requests.

So Friday, tho you will never read this, as you set sail for your new life away from pharmacy, may you find a peaceful spirit, the wind at your back, a warm place to rest,  and find balm for your wounds.