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So before you go any further, you should know this is NOT a post about PC going off on somebody and giving them a royal dressing down.  I might get away with that if I signed my own paycheck, but since I dont, I have to be nice!  hahaha

Everybody has a place…a “mental” place so to say that people associate each other with.  For the bulk of the people I come in contact with daily, MY place is the pharmacy…in a white coat…behind a counter, so that all they ever see of me is PC: white coat: white shirt: hair in pony tail: waist up.   My predominant places are church, golf, work, family.  When I see customers away from the pharmacy and in the community, sometimes they are confused. I get that  ” I recognize you, but where?” look.  If they have been my customer long enough, its a no-brainer.  They know me. I always try to say hello and if they seem confused I will help them out..” its PC from the pharmacy”  Occasionally I have people whose lives intersect my “places”.  I have people who attend my church and fill their rx at PC Pharmacy.  I have some that  I golf with that also attend my church.  I have a very small group that actually intersect 3 of them:  attend my church, golf with me and use my pharmacy.  Its a triple play! I have no family for a thousand miles, so nobody intersects!

Recently I attended a concert in the community where I live.  It was part of a summer concert series and featured a renowned organist and it was held at my church that happened to be about a quarter mile from my work.  It was a packed house.  As we shuffled out at its conclusion, I recognized many people, but one man came up to us and was talking to Mr Chick.  I knew this man, but my mental file cabinet was all out of whack.  He wasn’t a customer.  I had never played golf with him, and I don’t remember ever seeing him at the church….

After he bid adieu I asked hubby ” who is that?”.  He said  “That is Bill Williams”. ( uh ok…keep going)  “He is the marshall at the golf course and comes to our church, but we never see him because he comes Sundays, and we go Saturdays”.

CLICK…WHIRRR…it snapped into place.  Or more correctly, HE snapped into place.  Of course I know Bill.  He just didn’t fit into place since I had never seen him in THIS venue. Had I seen him in his golf cart, it would have made perfect sense.

Funny how our brain works.


Comment by Mallory

July 18, 2012 @ 3:45 am

I get that a lot, most often with people I know from the swimming pool.

“Oh! Hi!… I didn’t recognise you with clothes on.”haha. Apparently my white coat makes me look fat. Granted, I dont buy white coats at Victoria’s Secret, but I must look like a cow because people who see me tell me how thin I am ” in real life”. OOOOKAAAY….moving on.

Comment by Dr. Grumpy

July 18, 2012 @ 4:23 am


Comment by Officer Cynical

July 18, 2012 @ 5:27 am

When I see that glimmer of recognition, I get the hell out of there. No confrontations in my off-duty time, thanks.LOL not just YES, but HELL YES I agree with you on that one Officer!

Comment by texaspharmacychica

July 19, 2012 @ 8:06 am

….or worse, the patient sees you and RECOGNIZES you just as you are bottoms up at McDonald’s wiping soft serve and sprinkles off the floor after your 3-year old dropped a full cup of it. And the kid is wailing. And now your ears are red and ringing, you have soft serve on your knees, snot and tears on your shoulder and Mrs. Garza looks at you like you cannot be trusted with her inhaler ever again. Sigh. I truly failed the course on how to combine all my different lives into one.

Comment by Nicole

July 25, 2012 @ 7:26 am

I was visiting family about 100 miles away from where I work. Someone comes up to me at the restaurant and says hello, and I could not place her for the life of me. I knew that I knew her, but from where??

I work with her, but don’t interact on a daily basis. Embarassing!

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