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Cellphones are as ingrained into our society to the point that I just dont care anymore if a person in yakking away on them while I am counselling them. If they miss out because they aren’t listening, that’s their problem. But I was amused recently when I had been called to the counter to do a counsel on a “new” rx ( 180 oxycodone 5mg) by a relief tech who didn’t bother to look at the computer screen to see this guys profile is pain clinic oxycodone 5 every month ad nauseam, all paid for by Uncle Sam.

As I am getting to the counter Oxy Guy is on his cell phone talking to his buddy  ” yea, whatever, I’ll be there in a few minutes…Im just at the pharmacy right now getting my stuff.  (pause).Yea, I hate going to that Dr every month, there’s nothing but a bunch of drug addicts and loser trash there”

Take what you want from that…true story….no embellishments required, when that is what they say about EACHOTHER???


Comment by Vagabond Rx

June 2, 2012 @ 11:54 am

Maybe he doesn’t see himself as a drug addict or as loser trash. Maybe he’s neither. Maybe he has a legit need for that oxy. Maybe (like here in Canada), the government won’t pay for slow-release products so he’s got to take 6 tabs daily for pain control.

Or maybe he is an addict/loser trash. I find I can’t always tell on sight. And if I see someone every 30 days, I do tend to get to know them a bit, so possibly you have a better feel for this with this guy.

Just saying.iI get your point but these weren’t my words..they were his and tho I am pretty sure he wasn’t intending on including himself in that assessment, his words did …he said there were nothing BUT addicts and loser trash….after all this statement came not from a staff member….not from an employee of a pharmacy…it came from a patient…Makes me wonder, is this how they assess each other?

Comment by Pharmaciststeve

June 2, 2012 @ 5:41 pm

Why don’t you get a copy of his driver’s license the next time in. Have one of your friends in blue verify that he is who his driver’s license says he is. Fake driver’s license are rampant.. He could also be using someone else Medicaid card.. If the driver’s license doesn’t check out.. call the social worker for the person’s medicaid number he is using and get a description of the person.

If he has one fake ID.. I would bet that he has many.. and he is seeing many docs under different names.. he could be using other Medicaid numbers as well … sharing the “take” with the people that are really on Medicaid..

My understanding is that 180 Oxycodone is worth $900 on the street

II can’t tell if you are being facetious or serious.. I concern myself with forgeries. If a doc is stupid enough to keep giving out questionable rxs I am not sticking my neck out and calling him out unless he tries to sell it to me on the street.

. Depending on his life style .. he would only have to see 2-3 docs a week to get 180 tabs each and sell on the street… to cover his overhead.. if all he does is divert…I got sick of playing policeman a long time ago. all it does is waste my time because the justice system does nothing and I dont want to spend my life afraid of retribution.

Comment by RPhMommy

June 4, 2012 @ 3:51 am

@PharmacistSteve: It is NOT up to the pharmacist and/or pharmacy staff to verify the identity of their patients. It is the resposiblity of the DOCTOR that prescribes the medication. If more doctors would take responsibility for their patients, there would be less illegal prescription drugs on the market.Actually we do have a responsibility to verify the identity of the patient. we do indeed collect ID for controlled substances, and we are expected to verify that all prescriptions are written by a valid prescriber.

Comment by Pharmaciststeve

June 4, 2012 @ 5:21 pm

RPH Mommy.. if you are dealing with a very good forged RX.. THERE IS NO PRESCRIBER in the picture… and what forger worth their salt going to provide you with their real ID.

just Google “forged ID’s” and see all the listing of entities that want to sell you the supplies and the know-how to produce them.

IMO.. the only reason they don’t pay for a forged Rx with a forged check.. is because it could draw attention to the Rx when the check bounces…

just ask a cop.. if they pull someone over.. do they accept the driver’s license presented at face value and write a ticket..NOPE.. they validate the license on line… before they proceed…

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