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My New Year’s Prayer

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Every year as I approach the end of the year and go hurtling into the new year, I do like to pause and reflect on what is about to end, think about what I may have done right, what I should have done different and what I would like to see for the next year.   Looking back, I see I greeted a milestone of  25 years being married to Mr Chick,  we started a little company that is still trying to get some legs, started fostering rescue dogs, wrote a bunch of posts, shot a career round of golf and got another hole in one ( not on the same day).  I have things I regret, but I’ll reserve that for God and myself to work out. Now, its time to look forward to 2012.  I gave up “resolutions” a long time ago.  They always seem to be a recipe for failure.  I prefer “journeys to a goal”….something to strive for..hope for…work towards.   If I dont meet that goal, at least I have tried..and maybe have worked closer to that goal.  Life and change  is a process. Rarely do we RESOLUTELY do anything.   I always have hope that our WORLD might be a better place than the previous year, but that too is a hope never comes to fruition. Some things are supposedly better than the years before:  for example: we have better technology..but with that comes its own devils. Nearly everything has a trade-off   That being said, I still lift up this prayer for the New Year:

For the sad, may they find  joy.

For the poor, may they find  sustenance.

For the lonesome, may they find a friend.

For the infirm, may they find healing.

For the frustrated, may they find their peace.

For the confused, may they find some clarity.

For the weary, may they find some rest.

For the lost, may they find their way.

For the broken, may they find resolution

For the grieving, may they find closure.

For the repentant, may they find forgiveness.

For the oppressed, may they find justice.

and for the abandoned, may they find community.

Maybe WE can help….Its a simple concept, really.  I look into the face of my rescue dog for example.  I allegedly saved HIM.  Dumped by his owner into a shelter, left with a sheet of so-called transgressions of WHY he was being left, and no voice of his own to prove or deny them, he came into my home. He has blessed MY life.  That list of transgressions?  All lies.

Everybody has a gift, or a passion for something. It doesn’t have to be HUGE in a singular sense, but if a million people did one small thing for another person, or an organization, or WHATEVER…each week…..that is  52 MILLION  improvements to this planet, that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

On Christmas eve, after our service, the 6 of us was hungry and noticed the 24-7 restaurant up the street was open.  We stepped inside for a bite.  Our waitress looked to be 19ish.  She was friendly and we started a small chat with her. She said she was supposed to get off a couple of hours ago, but they were short staffed so she had to stay, so Christmas will have to wait a while.  She never complained, and did her job splendidly.  We paid our bill and collected money from all for a tip.  We wrote on a napkin. ” Merry Christmas..better late than never”..and left her $ 35 in tips.   We didn’t plan it.  It just sorta happened…the right time and place.  None of us got to see her face when she opened  the note, but  maybe that can be  52 Million minus 1 .

Happy New Year,  Feliz Ano Nuevo!  to everybody!

Merry Christmas!

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I’d like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas!   Yes, I celebrate Christmas.  My family is grown, and I dont have a ton of presents to buy anymore, but I love the season and what it stands for.

That being said, I know not all of you celebrate Christmas, so to everybody, I send  my warmest greetings for Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or Festivus.

Blessings to all!

Pharmacy Chick

Monday Musings

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I wish I understood the whole world.  Somethings defy understanding:

YOU have an ailment…YOU go to the doctor. You probably have to wait until you are called.  Somebody takes you into a private and quiet room and you wait some more til the dr arrives. He examines you and asks YOU questions about your ailment that I assume YOU answer appropriately and respectfully.  He assesses your situation and ( hopefully) discusses with you your treatment options, and the two of you proceed with the option that is ( hopefully) best for your ailment. He gives you a prescription for the drug he feels is most appropriate for your situation. He likely schedules YOU for a followup to assess if the drug is working. You leave.

You arrive at my pharmacy, hand me the prescription while you are arguing with your kid on the phone, only stopping long enough to ask me ” HOW LONG IS THIS GONNA TAKE?”, followed by a eye-roll and a sigh when I tell you 20 minutes. You pace back and forth the entire time.  Unfortunately ( for me) your Dr has prescribed a drug that is gonna set you back $75.  I get you to the cash register and deliver the news. You look at me like I am crazy, and demand I call the office to get something cheaper. When I point out that it is after 5 pm and he is closed,  you  mutter ” whatever!..I’ll be back tomorrow”, and you leave, leaving me not knowing for sure, if I am supposed to call the doctor and change the drug or not.

That was fun.

The flip side of this story is the wonderful lady who delivered ( I kid you not) 15 pounds of holiday cookies to the four of us at the store. OMG..

I guess it is true: for every action there is an equal and opposite REaction.

Hurtful words: the art of Unfriending

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Pharmacy chick writes on THIS page anonymously but she does have a personal Facebook page for her friends and family.  None of my friends or my family knows I write a blog and that is precisely why I can write one..I know it sounds funny, but this blog works BECAUSE its anonymous.

My facebook page is the NON WORK reflection of my person.  Before I tell you what it is, I will tell you what it is NOT:  It is not a forum for me to talk about politics.  I vote, but I don’t post political or news items on facebook and wait for arguments to begin.  I do not use Facebook to defame or hurt anybody, and if I offer a differing opinion on somebody elses post, I always try to do it in a neutral and gentle way.  Afterall, these people ARE my friends.  Its also not a place to gripe about work. I rarely post about work.  I also quit playing any games, so I dont try to garnish ” gifts”, send ” gifts”, enlist others to play a game or clutter anybody else page with requests.

What my Facebook page IS:  a place for me to try to post funny or uplifting observations about life and living, a place to toss some pictures or jokes I find on the internet that made me laugh, and a way to keep in touch with my family which is literally scattered all over the planet.  I also use my self-depreciating sense of humor to make people smile about little things that happen in my life, about my dogs, and what I do. I find cute videos now and then that I think people may enjoy and put them up for all to view.  I also take the time to wish all my friends happy birthday on their appropriate day…etc and offer encouragement when they need it. etc.  If you want to follow me, great, if you dont, then dont. Nearly all of my “friend list” were people that asked to be MY friend because I was a late comer on FB.

Yesterday a friendship came undone.

I did all my holiday baking yesterday and nearly had a disaster in the kitchen…I wasn’t paying attention to what bottle I was grabbing in the cupboard and nearly added worschestershire sauce to my cookies instead of vanilla.  Thankfully the strong odor of the sauce hit my nose and I corrected the error…” Whew” I thought…” this is going on facebook!”  So later in the day I posted a humorous post saying to the effect:  Sage advice:  when doing ones holiday baking pay attention to what bottles you grab: at no time in history is worchestershire sauce an acceptable substitute for vanilla in cookies”  disaster narrowly averted today!

I got several ” likes”, and a lot of comments from my friends, some of which had actually done that culinary boo-boo!  But then I got this comment from my “friend”.

” The more I follow your posts the more I lose respect for you,  why dont you post less often and discover a life off FB”.

Wow. harsh. hurtful.words.  In fact, I am very used to this person using sarcasm as a way to tease me. over the years I became accustomed to his jabs and remarks and always brushed them off as his kind of humor.. but as I read and read and RE-read this post, I didn’t find any humor in it.  It brought me back to a saying I heard not that long ago:  Behind every “just Kidding” is some truth… I was astounded and tried to understand what I did or why he would post something like that.

I deleted his comment and called him out on it in a text. ” so unfriend me then, WTF?”

the next morning there was a txt on my own phone  ” my apologies”.  Not very sincere. I txted him back that to prevent any more suffering or losing any more respect for me, that I would save him the trouble and unfriend him myself, which I did.

He claimed later that his apology was sincere, but I was free to do what I wanted.

I told him ” you spoke truth as you believed it to be when you put that comment on FB. You can apologize but you cannot take back those words. I know how you feel now but I dont understand why..or why you felt it was appropriate to post something like that for everybody to see. that being said, I dont want to know why you posted it. Your apology is accepted, but I still feel hurt by what you wrote.”  that was the end of the txt conversation.

It brought me back to a time when I was a kid and the best advice my mom ever gave us kids:  If you dont have something nice to say, better to say nothing at all. Hurtful words are sharper than the finest knife,  burn worse than the most caustic of chemical and leave scars nobody can see.  Once released they are like a toxic gas, and cannot ever be collected.  They can be forgiven, but seldom are they forgotten.

I am sure I have said things that I regret, but I dont remember the last time I  made a hurtful comment to somebody I claimed to be a friend. I know how much they hurt.

Consider your words as weapons..choose them carefully,  use them sparingly, and understand the consequence of their misuse.

Advice 1.0

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A bit of advice:  If you are going to ask your pharmacist to move heaven and earth to get some early refills for you because you have a “family emergency” and you have to catch a plane at o’dark thirty the next day….its probably a not a good idea to show up at the store leisurely shopping on that very day you were supposed to have been gone.  I kinda doubted your story.  I was right.

Perhaps I should proofread better ( cut and paste fail)

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In yesterday’s post called Words of encouragement, my second paragraph makes no sense.  Well, it makes only partial sense because as I was writing, I was watching some TV and yakking  with Mr Chick.  I was cutting and pasting some paragraphs and moving some text around and apparently CUT something and forgot to PASTE it back in.  Since its lost, I would like to recreate that second paragraph with what I meant to insert AFTER “Our mistaken idea of what the Holidays are supposed to be is really to blame for this craziness.”

What was to follow was basically this: The media and culture often puts unrealistic expectations on us on what it means to celebrate the holidays and they can be extremely stressful.  Print ads tell us to BUY BUY BUY..when many have no money money money. We want to have the perfect Christmas Party, the perfect Christmas Card, the perfect Christmas tree, baked the perfect Christmas confections and give the perfect Christmas gifts.  That perfection is hard to achieve.  Limited funds create that disconnect between what we WANT to do and what we CAN afford.  Broken families, injured relationships all complicate a time of year where “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men” is the catch phrase. The Normal Rockwell version of Christmas doesn’t really exist..not any more anyway.

My apologies! Hope that makes more sense….

Words of encouragement

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December is always a bit of a challenge for the Pharmacy Chick on several levels.  Firstly, people go crazy as they approach the holidays.  Some are as nice as they could ever be, and others show a side of them that is better left un-revealed.  Secondly, it has a somewhat sad component that is hard to shake for me.

Our mistaken idea of what the Holidays are supposed to be is really to blame for this craziness.  For Me, the “holidays” is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Years. For you who may celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Winter Solstice, or whatever,  I respect each of them, but for me December is Christmas…If I wish you a Merry Christmas, just say thank you, and don’t hold a grudge against me.  My sentiment is genuine, and if I KNOW you are Jewish,  I’ll get the right greeting most likely. the Norman Rockwell kind of Christmas doesn’t really exist, at least not anymore. Life is complicated.

I love Christmas and all the stuff that goes along with it, even tho I have very little to prepare for.  My family no longer exchanges gifts so I have almost nobody to shop for.  I still send a mailbox full of cards to friends and family, but if I wrap 2 gifts, I am doing well.   In lieu of all the gift shopping, Mr Chick and I select our favorite charities and donate to them. One year we bought cows, chickens and goats for World Vision. Most years  I dont even put up a full sized tree. It seems like a lot of work, and while its lovely, its a sad looking thing with absolutely nothing under it. This year I found a 24 inch tree and hung some 1 inch balls on it. It sits in my bay window.

My mother was a Christmas nut.  She often put up a couple of trees, and one was usually the frosted variety. Do people still frost trees???  She baked like a fiend around the holidays, swapping the goodies with the rest of the family. She filled the floor under the tree with gifts for the family.

When she died, the celebration went with her.

Christmas is always such a reminder of my mom.  When I do my own baking, I pull my favorite recipes out…ones that are written in her handwriting.  I pull out cookbooks with her notes in the margins.  So, I get into a funk every December because I miss her.  I miss her daily, but all these visual reminders make it harder.

Today was one of those funky days.  I just ” wasn’t into it”…..kinda down.

The first person to lift my spirits was a man who I had given some shots to.  His broad friendly smile was such a blessing. I asked if he needed another shot today, and he said. “No, I just wanted to come in and say hello and see if you were here!  You give the best shots! Merry Christmas!”.

Just a couple of hours later, one of my customers come in to pick up a rx.  Never one for conversation, he just went thru the normal routine to pick up his wife’s rx. Then as he walked away he said ” you know, if everyone approached their business the way you do, this country would be so much better!”.  I have no idea what I did to warrant that bit of praise, but it lifted my spirits.

And lastly my own boss, sent me a txt paying me a compliment for something else.

Three timely phrases of kindness lifted my sagging spirits.

I got off work and needed to get some gas.  Instead of dinking with my phone while my tank is being filled, I decided to chat with the young man at the pump. He was looking forward to tomorrow–his day off–he wants to play his new video game.  To each his own.  But hopefully he was encouraged that somebody else took an interest in HIM.

I think its a timely reminder for myself ( and to pass on) that words of encouragement  that lift our own spirits aren’t meant to die in our hearts…they are meant to pass on, to live on in the next person..and the next person..

I thank you three customers for making my day, Just like I thank you for the kind words you often write to me also.

Be blessed….Be a blessing!

Please have Piddled before watching…

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Christmas prank

enjoy this early Christmas gift from the Chick