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One of my friends sent me an email last week with the subject line ” did you quit pharmacy and begin driving bus?”  I had no idea what she was referring to. Inside was a link to a news item from  someplace in Oregon where a bus driver tossed a rider off the bus because her child was screaming non stop. 

It is no secret that PC is no fan of kids.  They drive me nearly crazy most of the time and their inattentive parents finish the trip nicely.  I do especially hate the sound of crying kids.  For God’s sake, if you are going to have a screaming kid, could you at least take them out of my earshot so I can work.  But I digress…

I read the article and felt bad for both sides.  I dont know the circumstances other than what I read, but most bus riders ride because they don’t have a car. I can’t imagine taking a toddler on a bus if you have a car of your own to drive, so being tossed off because your brat  kid    toddler is having a melt down probably caused a lot of inconvenience for this mother. On the flip side of that issue, if the toddler was indeed screaming ( and there are some witness that claim YES and others that claim NO) then I can sympathize with the driver as well.  when I am trying to fill a prescription, talk on the phone, counsel a patient etc, and some toddler is throwing a fit, I am driven to distraction by the sound.  It is truly one of the most irritating sounds  to my ears that exist in all of nature.  She must have reached her tipping point and had enough.

No, I am not justifying what she did, and when I followed up on this news item before I wrote this post, I see she was disciplined in some unspecified way. I am just saying I understand… She should have called for assistance, or whatever bus drivers do when they feel they cannot drive safely.

With this fresh in my head, I had the misfortune of filling scripts for 3 brothers the other day.  The 3 scripts came in only about 5 minutes before the parent ( and his three terrorists children in tow.  All three were in some state of sniveling, argumentative meltdown states.  As I attempted to counsel them, all of them were crying or screaming at each other ( or at their father).  In mid counsel, I sat down one of the bottles and said ” You know, I really dont know you deal with this..( pointing to the 3 disasters in the cart), to which he replied  ” yea..and I got one more at home”. 

I really wanted to recommend a vasectomy.

As I was walking towards my computer terminal I said outloud to nobody in particular, I said ” Good thing I dont drive a bus!”.

My techs were clueless.


Comment by JS

October 18, 2011 @ 4:09 am

I think people do that on purpose; if my kids are all over the place crazy, screaming, loud and just plan awfully behaved (and if they say, “Well their sick!” then they shouldn’t bring the child into the store to get everyone else sick, or at least hold them or leave them in the cart and wipe it down when you leave) they just might do our scripts faster. If you had three scripts waiting; and two adults were walking around the store or reading quietly and one had screaming children, what would you fill first? Just wondering? I commend the parents who grab their kid and leave an establishment for the child’s inappropriate (or disruptive) behavior. And I was a teacher for 15 years and devastated that I can’t have my own children (or any children for that matter).

Comment by dr-lasermed

October 18, 2011 @ 6:24 am

When the kids are like this, either I leave them at home, or I use my local drive through pharmacy!
I would never subject anyone else to children behaving like this. However, I worked hard to never have children behaving like this. Parenting is a hard job. Part of it is teaching children how to behave.
It’s the same rude parents who are on their cell phones and ignoring the kids all the time anyway.

Comment by smartTech

October 20, 2011 @ 7:08 pm

Amen Amen Amen. Everyone in my pharmacy acts like I am satan, but loud children are distracting and annoying and mistakes can be made as a result of trying to get them in and out fast….

Comment by Jessa

October 20, 2011 @ 7:21 pm

We learned quick that if we acted up like that in public, it was a trip to the nearest restroom (privacy for administration of a spanking)yea, me too. My mother was a force to be reckoned with. she never made empty threats.

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