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Solid Science or weird extrapolation?

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Pharmacy chick was perusing Yahoo the other day when I saw a little clip about a study that stated that people who floss daily may live 3-5 years longer than those that don’t. 

Really?  Its all about the flossing?  Thats it? Floss and you live longer? 

How about we deflate this lofty assumption just a bit and look at it closer.

Could it possibly be that the person who flosses daily, would also likely be somebody who practices other health conscious ( and therefore life lengthening) measures? 

Could it be that if you care about your teeth, you probably care about the rest of your body? And that the compilation of all those practices might be the reason those people live longer?

Just askin…

The Difference between a man and a woman ( a golf story..sort of)

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This weekend I had the pleasure of  playing in a golf tournament.  It was a chapman ( dont ask me to explain..if you dont play golf, it won’t make sense to you anyway) so the course was filled with 2 man teams. 

On the 4th hole is a bathroom, which after consuming my morning Coke, I needed to use.  Because this bathroom ( single-holers)  straddles two golf properties, it gets busy.   My partner and I both hit the bathroom at the same time.  She went into the ladies room, so I just dashed into the mens.

It was kinda stinky in there and nobody had flushed the toilet in a while…clearly…and it only took a quick second to see why.  the handle had broken off and was sitting in the sink.

So, you ask, what is the difference between a man and a woman?

A man pees ( or whatever) into the toilet, sees the handle is broken, and leaves the bathroom with his waste sitting in the toilet…time after time.

A woman, however,  lifts the back off the toilet, pulls the chain and flushes the toilet. 

Duh. problem solved. Waste removed.

(addend)  I posed this question to Mr Chick just to test my theory. ” what would you do..yada yada yada…” and he said ” I guess I would just pee and walk away” When I told him about taking the lid off and flushing, he only said ” oh, didn’t think about that…”

A first in flu shots…

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I did a flu shot clinic today for an employer group.  This guy comes in ..kinda big guy, not necessarily FAT, but “bulky” is a more appropro term.  He turned in his paper work and rolled up his sleeves…to just above his elbow. 

” Ya’ll gonna have to get this sleeve up to your shoulder because I’m not able to give your shot into your elbow” I jested. 

He moved it up about a half inch, really no better than before. ” That is as far as this is going to go” he said rather tersely.  I could tell he was not the most friendly type, so I replied, ” Ok,  you may take your arm out of your sleeve then. This vaccination has to go into the shoulder muscle, not the bicep or tricep ”

” No I won’t!, the hell with this”.  and he left the room. 

The employer representative was present in the room.  Not sure how he felt about the interchange, but if I was an employer, I’d be a bit embarrassed to have one of MY employees behave like that to a vendor. 

I hope he gets the flu.

National news tidbit

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One of my friends sent me an email last week with the subject line ” did you quit pharmacy and begin driving bus?”  I had no idea what she was referring to. Inside was a link to a news item from  someplace in Oregon where a bus driver tossed a rider off the bus because her child was screaming non stop. 

It is no secret that PC is no fan of kids.  They drive me nearly crazy most of the time and their inattentive parents finish the trip nicely.  I do especially hate the sound of crying kids.  For God’s sake, if you are going to have a screaming kid, could you at least take them out of my earshot so I can work.  But I digress…

I read the article and felt bad for both sides.  I dont know the circumstances other than what I read, but most bus riders ride because they don’t have a car. I can’t imagine taking a toddler on a bus if you have a car of your own to drive, so being tossed off because your brat  kid    toddler is having a melt down probably caused a lot of inconvenience for this mother. On the flip side of that issue, if the toddler was indeed screaming ( and there are some witness that claim YES and others that claim NO) then I can sympathize with the driver as well.  when I am trying to fill a prescription, talk on the phone, counsel a patient etc, and some toddler is throwing a fit, I am driven to distraction by the sound.  It is truly one of the most irritating sounds  to my ears that exist in all of nature.  She must have reached her tipping point and had enough.

No, I am not justifying what she did, and when I followed up on this news item before I wrote this post, I see she was disciplined in some unspecified way. I am just saying I understand… She should have called for assistance, or whatever bus drivers do when they feel they cannot drive safely.

With this fresh in my head, I had the misfortune of filling scripts for 3 brothers the other day.  The 3 scripts came in only about 5 minutes before the parent ( and his three terrorists children in tow.  All three were in some state of sniveling, argumentative meltdown states.  As I attempted to counsel them, all of them were crying or screaming at each other ( or at their father).  In mid counsel, I sat down one of the bottles and said ” You know, I really dont know you deal with this..( pointing to the 3 disasters in the cart), to which he replied  ” yea..and I got one more at home”. 

I really wanted to recommend a vasectomy.

As I was walking towards my computer terminal I said outloud to nobody in particular, I said ” Good thing I dont drive a bus!”.

My techs were clueless.

The story of life at the end of a needle

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I had the privilege this week of doing some off site flu clinics at both ends of life’s spectrum.  I did an employer group of some high technology professionals, then restocked the shots and went to an elder care facility and immunized their residents, including their Alzheimer’s unit.

One one side we have young urbans with a Blue tooth in their ear and their Blackberry in their pocket.  They have their Ipad tucked under one arm and for them, its all about the next big thing:  this meeting, that presentation, etc.  On the other side, we have a group of people who think Blackberries make good pie, an Ipad is probably a incontinence product and think Bluetooth would mean a trip to the dentist.  Ironically, it was my old folks who were seemingly obsessed over who was going to go first. Mildred got here first, then Bill and Marie, and I am next!  (they all live right here….what exactly do they have to GO to??) 

My old folks filled out their consent forms meticulously, and every line completed as if they feared rejection if  any spot was left empty.  I had to rag my yuppies to complete their forms you really need my date of birth?  its just a flu shot,  I dont give my phone number out..why do I need to answer these questions? Head slap…

In my opinion, every person should do some certain things in their life. First, everybody should see a third world country.  We have no concept of genuine poverty in the US.  REAL poverty exists outside of the US, and everybody should see what it looks like. It changes you.  Secondly,  everybody should spend some time in an Alzheimer’s unit.  Its a gut-wrenching experience to say the least.   I have no doubt that Dr Grumpy has had to deliver the sorry diagnosis to a patient or his/her family when suspicions turn into reality.

I have done this particular unit for 6 years how.  I have seen the same faces a couple of years in a row, but rarely do I see them for 3 or more.  Its such a tragic disease, and I am sure every one of them would be absolutely horrified to know what they  have become.  The only grace this disease posesses is that the victim eventually has no idea what has happened. Sadly, it cannot be said the same for the family.  Although I know he would never do it, I told Mr Chick if I ever got that back to just put me out of my misery.

The staff shows so much love to these patients.  They cannot change their “reality” so the staff merely works within the limited framework of the broken mind.  Millie wants to know where Edmund is ( her husband who died years ago).  If she is told that Edmund is dead, she is devastated, in denial and thinks you are lying, so he is “at the grocery store and will be home soon”.  Millie is content and finishes her lunch.

  Philip has gone on a violent paranoid rampage this morning and has to have a male orderly accompany him.  He gets no flu shot today. He is dangerous with his cane.  Esther refuses to take her sweater off, and there will be no convincing her. Usually telling her that her (long dead) husband Milton wants her to do something will cause her to comply, but not today.

  Sam sleeps most of the time, and barely awakens when the aid pulls up his sleeve for his shot. He makes no indication that he even knows he got a shot.  Henry wants to get into my supply bag and is not happy when he is turned away.  He leaves satisfied when he is offered a bandaid from the bag. He tucks his prize into his pocket and moves on.  Gracie seems very lucid and accomodating, until I realize she thinks I am getting her ready to see Barack Obama.

I am often referred to as “The Doctor”…as in ” the doctor wants to give you a flu shot”.  For people of this age group, I guess that is my credibility.

Its a humbling experience, and a reminder of how fragile and short life is. 

After spending some time in here I hope and pray that the Lord will grace me with a few things until my dying day:  1) I hope that the legs beneath me will walk until the Lord brings me to walk with Him. 2) I hope that my eyes will always see and recognize my friends and family,  3) I hope that my medicine chest will be empty and my needs be few, and lastly 4) when its my time, I just go to sleep and fade away.



My favorite license plate!

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As I was crusing around today I got behind this car with a plate that I covet.  No, it wasn’t a vanity plate, it was just a standard issue state plate:

089-WTF.   The numbers nonwithstanding ( which I changed by the way because they are just generic numbers),  I laughed out loud when I saw the letters.  Because the car was old, and the plates were old, I have no doubt the state issued these plates long before this particular TLA became synonymous with a certain colorful expression used so frequently

 I would imagine that Ole 089-WTF loves his plates!

Everything is $4..according to….

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Mr. I-know-more-than-you comes in and brings me a script for Lipitor 20mg.  Before I can pick the rx up from the counter he states emphatically that “My doctor told me this is only $4″.  Since I am quite familiar with Pfizer’s $4 lipitor cards, I ask him for the card to which he stares at me as if I had just spoken Swahili or something. ” its only $4 if you have enrolled in the manufacturer’s loyalty program.  check lipitor(dot) com to see if you qualify,( I quickly run a claim) otherwise its $xx.xx copay in your insurance”.  Either he didn’t believe me or I was still speaking in some tongue he was not familiar with. ” But my Dr said it was only $4″. here we go again..the circular conversation…

A un-insured mom brings me a worn script for Adderall 20 that I can tell has already been to a couple of pharmacies based on the stuff written on it. Anytime I get one of these I know I am to prepare for a headache. Surely she is not going to tell me why she has already been to pharmacy #1 and #2..but I will find out myself soon enough.  ” this is on your $4 list? right?”  Um no, not only do we not HAVE a $4 list, but we do not price match prescription drugs that are out of stock elsewhere. And since Adderall generic just took a 4-5x price increase get ready for some REALLY bad news.

Big Box pharmacy has this on their $4 list, you price match right? Since the iron-man poster at the store front does indeed say that, I can’t exactly argue that point. But the script says fluoxetine 20mg  #90, 3qd.  ” You get 30 capsules for $4, not 90.. you can have 90 for their price of $10.”  she told me I was a rip-off.

But lastly, but certainly not leastly…the booby prize goes to the finely dressed gent with the gold pinkie ring who asked ” do you have a $4 flu shot?’  I wanted to hand him a tissue and a bottle of hand sanitizer.