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Sometimes I think its best not to know.

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My Man Friday is on vacation this week.  Off to where ever the winds blow him,  we get a week of relief pharmacists, a different one for each day he is gone.  Lovely. Our scheduler has a policy to have each relief pharmacist call 2-3 days in advance to “confirm” their attendance and shift times at each store.  Grand idea, but lately we have had a rash of scheduling issues that has left me skittish about any relief shift.  Each of the last 4 shifts over the last 2 weeks has had an issue that resulted in me having no idea if we had a pharmacist for the next day..and even the  afternoon shift for that same day….despite having “confirmed” staff scheduled. 

Today was such a day.  The pharmacist  had not “confirmed” her shift.  I left work monday not knowing if the doors would open this morning. Last week we had a similar circumstance and I went to the pharmacy to open it and hope and pray the Rph showed up.  She did…at 901 am (WTF?)  This time there would be no rescue.  I had a 730 tee time this morning and by 9 am I was going to be 30 miles by car and 30 minutes away from that car on foot in the middle of the 7th fairway.  

At 855 I received a txt from tech extraordinare ” she is here.”  Whew. I relaxed.

Then:  ” its going to be a really long day”.   ok…NOT so relaxed afterall.

I called at noon to check in and see if there were any questions.  I was immediately put on hold with “Hello, PCpharmacythankyouforholding. CLICK”, and 1 minute later when the phone rung back, it was never answered..just rang to the message line.

I decided to put the phone away.  I dont wanna know. 9 pm will eventually come and they will have all survived the day.



Comment by mb

August 23, 2011 @ 8:51 pm

I have to say as working as a floating pharmacist that delays have happened. I once was about an hour late as my boss decided to call me as I was just about to one store which was an hour and half way from my house and if I could be at another store that happened to open at 9am instead of 8am like the store I was about 5 minutes away from because they had no pharmacist apparently meanwhile he was calling one of the regular pharmacists who lived near by to open up the store while I drove all the way to the 2nd store. I was none too happy with his, “You can be there to open at 9am, right?”. I could probably do it if I had a plane or the company wanted to pay all the speeding tickets and the increase in my insurance that said tickets were going to cause.

The only other time I have ever been late was by probably about 2.5 hours and that was because someone cut off a tractor trailer and caused an accident, shutting down the highway for a number of hours, the 30 minute led time I give myself didn’t do me any good when the cars around you don’t move for almost 2 hours.

Comment by Texas Pharmacy Chica

August 24, 2011 @ 9:06 am

Hang in there, PC – I am happy to know that your partner got granted a vacation!!! They will all survive. Your techs sound awesome, and they, too, know that MF will be back next week and everything is back to normal. Brooding – just a waste of time.

MB, been there, done that, got stuck on the only bridge leading to pharmacy and the accident took an hour to get cleared. Sometimes it sucks to be a floater.

Then again, some floaters suck: Being 20 min late because you stopped at StarBucks – not cool, refusing to do flu shots – not cool, trying to convert techs to other religions – not cool. And no one, not floaters, not regular staff, not techs, like the randomly changing schedules. And yes, also done 85 mph going to pharmacy A instead of B (normally going to B on Tuesdays, so I got there, got the key, got the computers up and by 9:05 another floater showed up…pharmacy A had requested me specifically for that day, and I forgot…..I was ashamed to be late…I had 3 kids under school age at the time and the part of my brain that was in charge of my schedule was on autopilot)

Comment by loveinmyjob

August 25, 2011 @ 8:38 am

The big question: Did it ruin your golf game? I know my game can go south if my psych is not good:)

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