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Its amazing really where stuff ends up…I often find interesting things in my pocket….usually stray tablets that have bounced off the tray and rolled around.  Thankfully they are “catch and release”…or in my case..Catch and replace!.  Once I found a missing oxycodone 5mg that had gone astray for a few hours.  we looked high and low (and even checked the pocket)..but not good enough.  One more once-thru and I found the offending tab.  Life was back to normal. Working in the pharmacy one might expect that tablets can end up in odd places…BUT

Last week I went to Mega Department store and was perusing their 50% off summer stuff.   I found some cool shorts, tried them on and bought them.  Once home I stuck them in my closet. 

This morning I decided to wear them.  I put my hand in the pocket to straighten it out and felt a nodule…and pulled out a tablet.  WTF?  I’ve never worn these before.  With no markings, It looked like either a multivit or a calcium tab. 

Mr Chick claimed no prior knowledge. 

I have no idea….

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Comment by C

August 12, 2011 @ 5:57 pm

Our local Goodwill has found pot a few times in donations. The first time they just flushed it but the police told them to call next time instead. It happens at least once every few months-you see it the police blotter.i always dream that I’ll find a bunch of money in a book, or some treasure sewn into the lining of a coat or something…

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