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Pharmacy Chick attended her high school reunion last week…her 30th reunion.  I have never felt old until I went into this banquet room and almost backed out to verify I was in the right place.  It was full of OLD people.  People who were fat..people who were gray…people who looked like they had been rode hard and put away wet…well not all.  Ill talk about that later.. I went to a very large high school with a graduating class of over 500 students.  There were maybe 200 people in the banquet so if you figure that at least 40 % of them are spouses, then maybe 100 students returned for the reunion.

I believe I have written before about how I felt about high school.  When I graduated I walked away, never to return…and for 30 years I didn’t.  I wasn’t interested in seeing people to whom I wasn’t friends with.  I had a VERY small circle of friends.  Painfully shy, without much money and no beauty, I didn’t fit in very well and found the whole experience to be drudgery.

Facebook brought me to my reunion.  After 2 years on FB, I finally entered my school information and shortly thereafter the friend requests came.  some I accepted, others I ignored.  “if I didnt’ know you 30 years ago,  why do you want to friend me now” was my gauge.   Slowly over time I developed contact with those few  people that I counted as my friends, and over a year ago the plans were hatched for a reunion…one I had no intention of attending.

Even unto a few months ago I wavered..yes no yes no yes no to whether I would go.  I sucked it up and went.  We killed a lot of birds with one stone on this trip too, which made it worth while.  We got to see Mr Chicks parents,  my father and his wife,  ate at my favorite Taco place  TWICE (yesssss!) and spend some precious time on the golf course with 2 of my former classmates.  That was the best part for me..4 hours of quality time with the two people I wanted to see the most. In fact the coordinator grabbed the score card after the round and said  ” I bet X that he couldn’t beat you on any hole!”  I got beat on 3 holes so I suppose some cash was traded.

A few observations:

1.  without exception, if somebody was chunky in high school, they were chunky ( or worse). 

2.  the class beauty was still beautiful..dammit

3.  After 30 years, nobody cared much about prestige or money.  You either made your way or you didnt by now.

4. Karaoke is stupid no matter who is doing it. 

5. There is not enough booze to make me karaoke.

6. I was never more happy to have fixed my chin/neck area than I was that night at the banquet. I wasn’t self conscious anymore.

7. The guy I had a crush on in Junior High/High School STILL acted like he’d never met me…do you honestly think I still think you are hot?  Seriously?


It was fun.  THOSE are three words I didnt’ think I would say about the event.  But it was.  It was fun seeing what people looked like after 30 years.  Some looked like they were a hundred. A few looked like they hadn’t aged at all.  A couple were retired already because they made their way very successfully.  Most had children ( I of course did not).  A few had grandchildren ( ugh..dont go there .. I am not old enough) Several had died and a moving tribute was lifted for them.

Over the 8 days we were gone, we traversed nearly 2000 miles.  I think 1900 of them were in construction zones.  Can you just kill me now?  It became a wild joke in the car.  We would finally reach a “end construction” sign, celebrate briefly then sigh heavily when only a few miles down the road there would be a “road construction next 55 miles” sign.  The dreaded “merge to 1 lane” happened so many times that I nearly forgot that I was supposed to be on an interstate freeway. At one point we were down to miles of gravel….yes gravel. when its 90 degrees out and the sun is in your face, the very last thing you want to be doing is crawling down the interstate at 20 mph when you were expecting to do it at 75. AC or not, its just plain hot after awhile.I never want to see an orange sign or cone again.

We got home mid evening on Sunday.  Facebook is an amazing creature.  Pictures had been posted and commented on almost immediately. Im enjoying looking at the pictures others posted because I didn’t take too many myself.  

They are planning on a 35th…I guess we will have to see what the wind blows in by then.


Comment by Earl

August 3, 2011 @ 6:40 pm

“Old?” Wait until you attend your 50th. Then you will see some old people.

Comment by The Ole' Apothecary

August 3, 2011 @ 10:11 pm

I attended my 10th-anniversary high school reunion, which was enjoyable because we still looked pretty good and were, yes, wiser. I spent the evening and part of the morning with a woman who was the girl I thought to be so gossipy and catty in school. She has become much less catty and I had become less snobby.

I also attended my 20th-anniversary pharmacy class reuinion and, once more, had a terrific time. Maybe some of my classmates drank the formaldehyde in dissecting lab, because they looked perfectly preserved. One of my classmates was this one guy I never knew well at all. He had been working for a big boxer for the entire 20 years, and said that he let the usual problems in retail “roll off my back like a duck.” Now, THERE was a gift of mind I could have used!

Comment by Ron

August 4, 2011 @ 10:27 am

Perfect description of the construction zone season we find ourselves in 8 months of the year !!

Comment by WarmSocks

August 4, 2011 @ 10:25 pm

Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, despite all the construction.

I’ve never been to a class reunion. Never really wanted to. In fact, someone managed to get my unlisted phone number and called about my 20th, and I told ’em they had the wrong number 🙂 Your post makes me think that maybe I might consider attending the next reunion, though.I never would have gone to 10 or 20. 30 was ok. think about it 🙂

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