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Pharmacy and golf..not THAT far apart.

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 5:40 pm on Monday, July 18, 2011

I don’t know how many of my readers are golfers, but Pharmacy Chick herself is a total golf nut. Hook, line and sinker,  carry me away to the golf promise land, when I die please!  Honestly I have no idea (other than a wandering mind) how this post came into being but I decided that there is a startling similarity between pharmacy and golf …when somebody comes up to you with a very common  problem. 

Golf:  you just hit your ball into the water      AND     Pharmacy:  You forgot your medication at home and you are on Vacation:

Both of these happen fairly regularily to both the golfer and the pharmacy patient.  Both involve a bit of stupidity on the part of the person.  The golfer doffed his shot into the water and the customer forgot to pack a critical item.  Either way dude, its gonna cost ya…..

In Golf there are always 3 ways to proceed from an “incident”.  And, so I realize there is also 3 ways for the patient to proceed.Therefore Pharmacy chick will compare the 3 options

In Golf you may 1)  replay from the original spot (penalty: distance and 1 stroke)  IN pharmacy , you may go home and get your med at its original location ( your cabinet): penalty: distance and time

OR:  you may 2) play from the water ( not always feasible if its under 10 feet of water, but in the rules it IS an option).  in Pharmacy you may 2) suck it up and go with what you got:  nothing!

OR you may 3)  take your penalty stroke and drop no closer to the hole according to the rules where it last crossed the hazard.  In pharmacy you may 3) beg the pharmacy to call and transfer your rx to this new location and pay for the rx that you left behind that your insurance will not cover b/c its too early.

I thought it rather interesting ( in my finite simpleton kind of way) how the 3 golf options rather nicely corresponded to the 3 pharmacy options out there.

In golf you have to just suck it up and figure you are gonna take bogey or worse.  Ya write down your score and move on.  This is where the similarity ends.  In pharmacy I get to listen to endless whining about having to shell out a few shekels for medication that YOU HAVE PLENTY OF, but not with you at the moment.   “Cant you call my insurance?”  ” How come its so much money! Its only  5 pills”  “I only need a few days worth! Why do you have to call my pharmacy?”. 

I swear I should serve a plate of cheese with that whine!   Suck it up.  You left your stuff at home. Take your bogey and move on….please?


Comment by mb

July 18, 2011 @ 8:27 pm

I love the ones who don’t want to pay money but forgot their so “important” pills to their life. It was so important to me, I would make sure they were packed in a bag I could keep with me at all times and make sure I had before I left the house for vacation.

I also have to love the ones that come in and want an early fill for their xanax because they just left a 30 day supply a couple of days ago back home and don’t want to drive to get it so can’t we in the pharmacy just fill their empty bottle they just happen to have with a bunch to get them through their 2 month vacation. I also love the ones on state medicaid that come to us and want the scripts filled and/or transfered only to get pissy when I tell them that there is no chance of your insurance, let’s say FL medicaid, is going to cover a script in my pharmacy up here in Massachusetts. By that same token I can’t transfer any control to or from NY state so quit asking because the answer is not going to change.

I also had a girl come in a week ago asking to transfer a script from the local college health center pharmacy which was probably a 15-20 minute car ride at most because it was too far to drive. Further questioning revealed the pharmacy was closed, well that is not my problem and I don’t partial birth control or dispense without a valid prescription. I couldn’t even go off of her old one because she 1. didn’t have it with her, and 2. could not remember the name of the med. Poor planning on her part does not an emergency it make for me, I’m sorry that she needs to try and restart the whole cycle and such but if it was that important, she should have remembered and bothered to pick it up when it was ready and not wait until that last minute when the place is closed.

Comment by Mallory

July 19, 2011 @ 3:36 am

Actually, there’s another option. Call whoever has your spare key, and get them to overnight your medication to you.well played Mallory

Comment by Jon

July 20, 2011 @ 11:37 am

In pharmacy you have to write down the REAL golf you SHOULD write down the real score!

Comment by Dr. Grumpy

July 20, 2011 @ 7:43 pm

You forgot the golfer who throws his club or bashes it on the ground and pitches a hissy fit that the ball didn’t do what he wanted it to.

And the patient who does similar crud because the pharmacy/doctor/insurance company/universe doesn’t do what they want them to.

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