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To the Rude-est pharmacist in the world.

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Dear “Steve”. 

I sure was not surprised to hear that Big Box had fired your butt several months ago.  You were a thorn in my side for years.  Working at my competitor nearby, I always dreaded calling you for a copy.  You’d leave me on hold for friggin ever then act as if you had never heard my voice before despite having spoken for years.  You, sir, are a twit.  I can only assume that if you treat your peers this bad that you had to treat your customers and your subordinates even worse.  I was never so glad to hear you were gone.  Never have I had to deal with a pharmacist so rude and indifferent in all my years. Your replacements have been delightful.

I was MOST surprised however to pick up the phone to call BIGGER Box pharmacy yesterday for a copy to be put back on hold for friggen ever ( an unusual occurrence) THEN have you answer the phone. I knew your voice immediately but had to confirm. “Is this STEVE?”.  My incredulity in my voice had to be obvious. BIGGER Box had to be desperate to hire you, either that or you put on one major act to get hired on.   No wonder I was left on hold forever. You are back to your old tricks.  No matter.

What I wanted to say to you STEVE, is Thanks…in advance that is.  You see, when you were at Big Box, you were a great source of income to me.  People hated you…and it was justified I might add.  I took a lot of copies from your store by people who had taken enough abuse from you and your condescending attitude.  Now that you are at Bigger Box, I can be rest assured that in short order, I will start getting bottles from YOUR store with people who have had enough of you.  For you see STEVE ,many of  these are the people who left Big Box because you suck.  Once they see you at Bigger, they are off to me.  Thats money in my pocket buddy and I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for that. 

Just in case you show any interest in Pharmacy Chick Pharmacy, I would like to let you know that you stand NO chance of ever getting hired. I personally will make sure of that, so once Bigger Box figures you out and cuts you loose,  don’t waste the ink filling out an app. 

So Good luck Steve.  I’ll be talking to you a lot I suspect.



Comment by loveinmyjob

February 8, 2011 @ 7:33 pm

LOVE this!! I have wanted to write similar letters myself. Unfortunately for the patients Bigger Box will take forever to cut this guy loose. You see, they just don’t care. They preach customer service but don’t back it up when it comes to pharmacists. At least that’s my experience with one particular Bigger Box.

Comment by chris

February 9, 2011 @ 6:14 am

I have had the same thing, one of my competitors has recently taken on this guy who is so far up his own ass that he can see out his own mouth. He is rude to everyone. The local surgeries cant stand him and the patients cant, we are getting loads of scripts from patients which used to be his and have seen an 11% increase in our volume since he started

Comment by Unchained Pharmacist

February 9, 2011 @ 12:19 pm

Do you think he might be working undercover by Pharmacy Chick Pharmacy?

Maybe you should give him a percentage. Maybe he’ll step up the rudeness and get you more copies.

Comment by Katrina

February 9, 2011 @ 2:03 pm

wondering if this is the “steve” whose store I quit from last year? 😉sadly there are probably too many Steve’s out there. Despite my rants on my site, I try to be a decent, agreeable and friendly pharmacist..I am just darn good at patience and holding it all in when somebody drives me nuts. Apparently Steve needs an attitude adjustment in a bad way!

Comment by SeaSideRobin

February 10, 2011 @ 7:27 am

They fired him, then hired him back? What, did they lose their old personel files?no, he worked for big box…then was hired by BIGGER box…

Comment by Ryan

October 10, 2011 @ 6:32 pm

It is ridiculous thaasthenosphere US government has created a class of primarily law enforcement pharmacists. Unfortunately, there is little you can do as the states and the fed have decided pharmacist can deny filling a script for any reason. As your post indicates, such a system sets up a situation that is ripe for active discrimination by a pharmacist. It’s already an ordeal to get controlled medications from a pharmacist when you have a LAWFUL PRESCRIPTION. Unfortunately, since pharmacists have been trained to believe themselves law enforcement officers they have slowly lost all concepts of customer service. When you’re in law enforcement you are openly suspicious and confrontational. Our US Government has actively encouraged and trained pharmacists to be like this as part of our ridiculous hysteria with drugs and the “war on drugs”. I’ve had several unpleasant encounters with pharmacists regarding my pain medicine from a military accident. Of course, they act like jerks when they fill my script eventually, like they’re doing me a favor. I’m sick of it. I’ve taken narcotic painkillers for a year and I’ve never become one of these feared “drug addicts” the government is so terrified of us all becoming. You have to actively tell yourself that you don’t want to be dependent on any pill and take them as prescribed and one is fine. But I regress, I’m sorry you were treated like that but until the DEA is abolished and our country returns to a state of sanity regarding drugs, than we can expect pharmacists to continue viewing themselves like medical doctors/law enforcement officers. And the best part? There is no recourse when their behavior becomes appalling. Why? Because pharmacies are in short supply of pharmacists and pharmacy schools actively deflate candidates for pharmacy school IOT keep salaries artificially high. I don’t care what anybody says, and I’ve heard many arguments, but pharmacists’ jobs are by and large filling bottles with pills for 10 hours a day and making six figures for it. This creates a real sense of holier than thou type attitudes. Almost every time I get a new script filled the pharmacist NEVER takes the time to ask me if I have any questions. And most people aren’t taking drugs which interact to kill them. The whole pharmacy profession is out of control, but, again, that’s largely due to our state and federal government’s war on citizens-er, I mean drugs. And I’m a republican and in the military and usually defend law enforcement but this war in drugs in my opinion, looking at it in it’s entirety, has caused way more harm than good!

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