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8 am…Arrive to find 70 on the que.  nice start….

801 am…first medicare D reject.  The national elig data base is still down. friggin great…now I have to call every pt and tell them to bring in new card.

815am…on hold with insurance reject that makes no sense…finally get to person…they put me on hold…and hang up on me.

9 am…Fling the gates open and first customer wants 2 rx’s transferred from another state.

945 am…ring ring “Hello, I want to fill some prescriptions with my new insurance, but they haven’t sent my card yet..can you look it up?”  on what?  a crystal ball?

946 am…ring ring” Hello, will you fax my dr for my Norco refill”  ya sure, ya betcha…

959am  Shingles shot 1 and 2 arrive….

10 am…check stats,  130 rx processed..big stack of labels sitting by computer…big stack of call-backs waiting to fill (at least they have been called back)

10 15am…lady comes in to pick up a refill she punched in our system “last night”…cannot grasp that its not ready. Huffs, tsks, and walks off.

10:16 am….ring ring “Has the Dr called back on my Norco refill”  um not exactly

1017 am…ring ring “hello I would like to fill some cream I had there before for my itchy rash”  I look up and find mometasone, filled in November written for “itchy rash”  “No, thats not it”. look and find Pramosone in sept, “No, thats not it either”..“ok thats all we have on file for you that is any kind of cream for a rash”. (this inevitably comes next…)  “ARE YOU SURE?”..

1018 rings and rings and finally goes to voice mail becasue we were not able to get it in time.

1019 am phone rings AGAIN and we answer it.  “Why did’nt you return my call? I need to refill this….”  maybe its because you JUST LEFT THE MESSAGE????

1020 am secret desire to rip phone off the wall if it rings one more time….God hears my request and phones go silent for  a precious few moments..

1050 am…the Medicare D rejct pile is growing…lots of messages left…deer in the headlight look on a couple that came in.

11am  Shingles shot 3 arrives

Noon:  198 processed so far…big stack not yet counted.

1pm…second pharmacist arrives  “Caught up yet?”  A 60 dram bottle narrowly misses his head. dang I am usually a better throw…

130 pm…insurance rejt  “Plan Terminated…retransmit to bin 610245.”  Look up data base and find NO bin on file  610245.. Send email to office. call patient and tell him to be sure to bring in new card and allow for processing because we dont have a match yet.  I know this guy well..he won’t and he won’t…

131pm  ..leave for lunch,  excited because its CHILI day…then find out that Chili bin is empty and they dont have any hot.  WTH?  its 28 degrees out side and they dont have any hot soup? I choose Jambalaya  and that stuff is enough to gag a maggot.  Try to hide in a corner of  table in our common area but I am still found by customer who wants to yak..

2pm…return to pharmacy and find exactly same rx’s sitting by computer that I left 30 minutes ago..I decide its better not to ask why…or a 60 dram vial may fly by my own head.  Grab yet another stack of labels and cover dispensing area with pulled drugs, and process that stack of refill auths.

215pm…write up 3 prior auth requests (gotta love New Year insurance changes) and leave 3 messages trying to explain that what was covered LAST year is NOT covered THIS year…

Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill….3:30 pm  second pharmacist goes to lunch..the end is in sight. I get off at 4 pm today.  Last shingles shot arrives. I am now out of stock once again. Time for the whining to begin again.  The pile of labels is down to zero and we are officially ‘caught up’ in that we are able to put out at about the same pace as what is  coming in…

4pm..BYE!  See ya tomorrow..grab keys…do NOT look back…I may turn into a pillar of salt!


Be a light where you are.

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Mr Chick and I had to go to the airport this evening to pick a friend up, and since her flight was delayed we decided to stop in at Wendy’s for a quick bite.  It was the grocery cart that caught my attention.  Stuffed to the gills with personal belongings, it was out of place in our surburban neighborhood.  Most of the homeless people in my  metro area live downtown where there are services nearby such as free meals, showers, and shelter.   There are, to my knowledge, no homeless facilities within 12 miles of our locale and no warming shelters anywhere near us.

We came in and it didn’t take long to find her.  She was the only customer in the restaurant.  She was quite colorful.  Dressed in as many layers as she could wear, in as many colors, she was like a box of crayons exploded all over her.   She had on pink an white polka dotted rubber boots,  was draped in many shawls, and had on several hats.  She was also tucked away in the farthest corner of the place  and was staring straight down, so my first impression was that she was reading but as I sat there I realized she was sleeping….or nodding off.  Nobody was bothering her and she was bothering nobody.

I was glad she was in a warm place. Its been very cold lately with the warmest part of the day barely breaking 35.  Its been dry but certainly not the kind of weather to be forced to sleep outside.  I wondered outloud to Mr Chick.  ” I wonder if she has eaten much today..”  I saw a coffee cup next to her but nothing else.

We ate our meal and got ready to go the the airport.  I took a $5 bill out of my wallet and went to the clerk and asked them to please make sure she got a meal before she left tonight. They were making a gift card as I left.

I don’t know what her story is.  Bad decisions are probably a contributing factor.  I cannot solve the homeless situation..  Heck, I cannot solve HER homeless situation.   But I remembered our Christmas Eve sermon of a week ago… Jesus being the Light of the world…and that we can be a light too..right where we are.

I think all of us can be “lights” in our every day life.  A doctor can give an extra minute to a grievously ill person.  A pharmacist  can be a friend to a patient whose life is unravelling.  You can see a person struggling for something out of reach..and help them. You can buy puppy food for the shelter.  It doesn’t have to be life changing…and it doesnt matter who (or what) you are.. anybody can be a light….to another human or a cause.

Once, I was on vacation and came home late.  I knew that when I arrived home that I would need groceries but it was so late that I blew it off for the next day.  When I  got home, there was a bag on the counter and a note:  ” There is milk and OJ in the fridge and bread here. I also made some soup and put it in the fridge also..see you tomorrow, Love M”.

M has always been a bright light in my life.  She does stuff like this all the time.  Until that Christmas eve service, I just never had a name for it.

I doubt I will ever see  the Crayola Crayon homeless lady again,  but hopefully a flicker of light fell upon her life today.

Verify that mouth is empty before getting goofy.

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There’s nothing like a slow day and 2 technicians milling around for all of us to ramp up the goofy quotient in the pharmacy.  We figured it would be busy on the last day of the year so I scheduled a full house, not realizing that the entire metro area’s medical community would be taking the day off because the REAL holiday was already their day off (saturday). 

Both of my techs (and myself) are caffeine feinds.  Tech 1 and I are Coke addicts and Tech 2 loves her Rock Star…you can read my past post on my OWN experience with Rock Star…

We were busying our selves with the little crap we do to gussy-up the pharmacy and  I yanked out the paper tray on the printer…and deadpanned to no one in particular….   ” You know what  TrayWonLo means in Chinese?”  and  Tech 1 (barely paying attention to me and swigging her coke) says “No, what?”


She nearly choked to death on her coke..

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