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An Update on Verizon..and paying it forward

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I wrote about customer service (or the lack thereof) when I wanted to upgrade our phones to the entire smart-phone-internet-access thing.  I mentioned this to a buddy of mine who said he had a friend at V who may help.  He set eveything up for us.  WOW.  I guess it really does pay to have friends in the right place.  Not only did we get the Droid X’s that we wanted, but we were able to keep the plan we had (which we were happy with and just added data plan) AND we got a 20 percent discount because of where I work.  Nobody had EVER asked if we qualified for a corporate discount.  We walked away very happy. 

Life isn’t all about GETTING…but giving also.  Paying favors forward is part of what makes us gentile and civilized peoples.  I told my tech about the experience and she may go see this guy also.  But more importantly, I’d like to share this story:

Mrs W has insurance with a coverage max.  She gets Anastrozole for breast cancer treatment.  When it was Brand, it was phenomenally expensive and when I ran her insurance on thursday, it came out as a whopping copay of $ 187.00.   I was just about to put in on the shelf tsk tsking about the expense she was going to pay until I saw our cost basis…..about $ 7.00 

I am all for making money as the next person, but I also have a concience and prefer to sleep soundly at night knowing my best interest is always in the customer and their (or HER) health and welfare.   I just couldnt see this as “right”.   I reversed the claim, filled it as cash for $37 dollars and told her exactly why I did it.  I just said ” I dont think your insurance has gotten the recent price reduction in their files yet” (true or false, I dont know but I didn’t want her to think that price gouging is the norm).  I showed her the first receipt with the insurance price.

$30 is a fair profit.  I spent some time on this for her.  She was dancing in the street because she didnt’ have $187 a month to spend on this anyway, and I walked away with a warm feeling of knowing I did the right thing.

Somebody do something nice for you recently?  Pay it forward and see what happens!!

Love ya all!

Verizon..Rule the their rules. harumph

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So, I once spouted off about my version of Dell Hell, and todays rant is about my cell phone.  If you want to hear about the pharmacy, well…wait, I will write about that soon enough.

I always thought the cell phone market was a fairly competitive one, with each carrier wanting to UP the other by offering more and more for a better and better price.  I think I have come to the realization that my carrier Verizon believes its the Rolls Royce of cell phone providers and needs to answer to nobody. 

Rarely have I done any comparitive shopping of cell phone plans but recently Sprint ads are popping up touting their “everything” plans…You know what I mean,  Unlimited  everything.  Hmmmm. seems like a great deal for the price they are advertising  69.99. They have a few other add-ins as well. The one I zoomed in on would be around 150 bucks for 2 phones.  I am getting close to my contract date and new phone time.  Currently I have a nice LG Env-3 which is great for everything but  internet surfing…it sucks for that so I dont even bother with a data plan.  When I decided to start shopping I loved the Droid X phone and thought that I could get a pretty competitive package if I came in and nicely announced that I was ready to upgrade to the whole shabang..2 new phones, 2 new data plans, etc, expecting to find something similar to  Sprint’s offering.

The kid at the store pretty much blew me off when I asked him about a good deal.  He looked up my account and said Phone 2 wasn’t upgradeable so I’d have to pay a cool $600 for the 2nd Droid X and he also said that they had no plans that would be comparitively and competitively priced to Sprint’s.  Well I know that the kid in the store just does what he is told, so I decided to move up a notch to customer care.

I called and spoke with B, a nice little gal and I made it abundantly(and very politely) clear that I was looking for something special and if she had the power to make decisions, then lets talk, but if she doesn’t have that ability, to pass me off to a supervisor. She claimed she did…

I explained what I wanted:  2 Droid X at 199.99 each ( after rebate)  and a plan like Sprint’s priced similarily…everything inclusive about 150.00 a month over all (which would be about  50.00 a month MORE than we are spending now) .  She put me on hold *** Damn, I  knew she wasn’t a decision maker..she is going to a supervisor***

Did you hear the door slam?  No dice..Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. She just came back on and said “Nope, we dont offer anything similar to what you are looking for”.

The way I saw it, I was coming to them, telling them I’d like to do 2 more years of guaranteed business AND increase my monthly bill by $600 a year..and they said “No, thank you”. 

That surprises me on a couple of fronts:  1)  I wasn’t asking to reduce my service. I wanted to expand it and 2)  they really didn’t make any effort to counter offer anything. That alone was shocking.  I was expecting at the very least to be told “Well, WE can do THIS….yada yada yada.”

I guess they will Rule The Air with 2 fewer customers when my contract is up.  Sorry dudes.

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