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Shopping: a word to the wise.

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Perusing thru my favorite websites, I was reading the news on Yahoo.  Cyber monday is tomorrow and apparently that is the BIG day for internet shopping.  Dunno why its MONDAY as opposed to any other day immediately after thanksgiving, but Hey, I didn’t write the stats.

Yahoo was going over some of the more amazing deals to be found tomorrow.

May I just say this one thing?

If you buy a watch for $59.95 that retails for nearly $600, I can tell you two things: 1) nobody ever paid $600 for that watch, and you just bought a watch that is worth about $60 bucks. 

The same thing applies for the $3000 tv you just bought for half that, and the $700 necklace you got for $199.

Mama didn’t raise an idiot.


Comment by mb

November 28, 2010 @ 9:01 pm

The other thing that the reason the price could be so low is that it is merchandise that “fell off the back of a truck”, ie stolen. I don’t think that happens often anymore unless you go to places that are known for that kind of merchandise.I am referring to deals on Amazon and major retailers. I doubt they sell stolen mdse.

Comment by jen

November 29, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

I *believe* the logic of Cyber Monday goes back a few years to when people were beginning to trust this newfangled internet shopping, but didn’t necessarily have a home computer yet. So they had the long holiday weekend, went back to work Monday, and spent the day surfing for holiday deals…

Then, of course, it got a name. And the name took on a weight.

And besides which, why would retailers tell folks to stay home and cybershop on Friday, when they can get people whipped up to shop on TWO days in short order?

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