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Almost NOBODY who comes to my counter to buy syringes by the bag is a diabetic.  In fact, if you are a diabetic AND you buy your syringes by the bag, you are an idiot because I will charge you $6 a bag which translates to a tidy $60/box.    No,  diabetics dont buy their needles by the bag unless they are in some kind of crisis. 

And,  the Pharmacy Chick may have been born in the middle of the night…but it didn’t happen to be LAST night so don’t try to convice me that you are the babysitter whose little charge needs a shot (and you are out of needles),  or the Aunt Bea is visiting from Sheboygan and lost her syringes, or any other tale of woe you feel you need to spill at the counter while you count out your ones. You are shooting heroin or meth or whatever concoction you have made in your polluted abode.

Just don’t think you can pull this off and actually think I believed you:

Joe Scum :  I need to buy a pack of u-100 syringes 1 inch needle

me:  they dont come in one inch needle

Joe Scum: Oh yea, they aren’t for me,  1/2 inch

Me:  who are you buying them for?

Joe scum:  My GRAMMA.

Me : (under my breath )  Gramma, my ass… trusty tech fetches the bag because we are forced by our company to sell to anybody with cash.

Joe Scum: pulls a cell phone out of his pocket, pretends to answer it ” Hi gramma, yes I am here at the was 1/2 inch right? I told the lady 1 inch”  “heh heh” doesnt’ even say goodbye and hangs up the phone.

What Friggin Ever. I almost believe you…..NOT.


Comment by Texas Pharmacy Chica

November 10, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

I just logged on to write you…..not relating to your post, either.

Sounds scary.

I remembered your rant about SureScript and how your entry ended up on their blog-page, which I now have bookmarked. I have gotten a couple of control scripts via SureScript lately and thought “Huh, maybe I should call them to find out how this makes it through”…..

After 20 minutes…..I was not much wiser. And SureScript was pretty sure they had no record of the physician and advised me to call my software vendors, throwing the ball right back at me. Another call to a collegue revealed that she thought some states now allow controls to transmitted….but not our state. Last time I checked the Federal Register, I thought federal legislation was still pending regarding transmitting contols. Been a while, though, probably summer and the kids home from school.

My day. No progress. I am glad I did not get the drug user……

Comment by CPhT

November 11, 2010 @ 5:22 am

I’m sure that my company wants me to sell bags of syringes to anyone with cash, but I refuse to be involved if they can’t tell me all of the information pertaining to size and volume. They can deal with someone else if they don’t want to tell the truth about what they’re really injecting.

Comment by chris

November 11, 2010 @ 6:39 am

We are wonderfully protected by our code of ethics which states we cant sell any drug paraphenalia if we SUSPECT that it is going to be used for illegal purposes. Half the pharmacies round here do needle exchange anyway where they can get it free so its never really been an issue.

Comment by Brother Frankie

November 11, 2010 @ 7:43 am

ahhh, careful here..

i help run a homeless thingy..

sometimes we send someone who knows nothing about syringes to pick up a small amount for a homeless diabetic..
it happens..

now, we do not send them out for pill crushers or straws..

be blessed
u r loved
Brother Frankie

thanks Brother Frankie.. at least in my ‘hood there are no homeless shelters, but thanks for the info. its always appreicated

Comment by was1

November 11, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

It is my understanding that states are making it legal to buy syringes OTC expressly for the purpose of making it easier for IV drug abusers to get clean syringes and thereby reduce the risk of transmission of HIV and hepatitis from contaminated needles. In my humble opinion, this is a probably a bad idea but when its the law of the land, you can buy them for whatever reason you want and you need not be diabetic.

Comment by Mr. Deaf Carpenter

November 11, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

There will always be drug abusers. I don’t condone abusing drugs or do anything in excess that may harm myself or others. With that said, I want to reduce the spread of transmitted diseases to reduce deaths and burden on families and the healthcare system. Just sell the needles to anyone so those who abuses drugs won’t pass whatever contagious diseases they have on to others. In a way, by doing that, you are saving lives. Being alive is precious regardless of who they may be or if you disagree with how they live their lives.
i see your position, but the other side of it is this. They aren’t careful users..they are abusers. they share their needles anyway, they still get their contagions spread all over the place and they keep throwing their needles in the trash, on park benches and in the gutter. I still say I dont have any responsibility to take care of irresponsible drug addicts.

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