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Shopping: a word to the wise.

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Perusing thru my favorite websites, I was reading the news on Yahoo.  Cyber monday is tomorrow and apparently that is the BIG day for internet shopping.  Dunno why its MONDAY as opposed to any other day immediately after thanksgiving, but Hey, I didn’t write the stats.

Yahoo was going over some of the more amazing deals to be found tomorrow.

May I just say this one thing?

If you buy a watch for $59.95 that retails for nearly $600, I can tell you two things: 1) nobody ever paid $600 for that watch, and you just bought a watch that is worth about $60 bucks. 

The same thing applies for the $3000 tv you just bought for half that, and the $700 necklace you got for $199.

Mama didn’t raise an idiot.

I am a Venti-ed RockStar

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Reading Dr Grumpy today reminded Pharmacy Chick of a couple of stories I thought I might share with you.  In her normal state PC is a rather in-control reserved individual.  Not one to get over excited about anything she can sometimes be best described as “stoic” .

Twenty years ago, paying for a cup of coffee generally meant you had to go to a restaurant, sit down, and the waitress brought you “a cup of coffee”.  Your options included sugar and cream.  Being a Coke drinker, I preferred my caffeine to be cold and carbonated. Back then however, I didn’t drink too much soda. (this matters later in the story)  However the pharmacist I worked with loved her coffee.  Coincidentally, her increasing love of the beverage coincided with the opening of a “designer coffee shop”, a cafe that sold coffee drinks only IN OUR MALL…the most wellknown is Starbucks now, but the one that opened in the mall where WE worked was named something else. It predated Starbucks in our area.

We only worked together one day a week, but every time we did, she had to make a coffee run at some point in the day.  She was particularily fond of Mocha beverages….  One day she decided I needed to try it and offered to buy me an “espresso”…whatever the heck that was (I was coffee naive’).  I said “sure” and she presented me with a Mocha beverage that she called “venti”.  I called it a PAIL of coffee. The only thing I asked of her was to get lots of chocolate.

It was yummy and I sucked it down pretty quick.  I liked that coffee chocolate combo. 

Then it happened….

Somebody had electrified my body…it was as if I had taken 12 Sudafed tablets, and then stuck my finger in an electrical outlet.  “What in the heck was in that drink?” I asked Lauren.  “Espresso!”.  I was ignorant… “What exactly is it and how much did you put into it?”  At the time I didnt’ drink that much caffeine.  On this day I had just ingested about three hundred milligrams of the stimulant.  In fact if you stood right next to me that day I am pretty sure that you would hear my body hum and crackle  like it was a power line.

I couldn’t stand it.  I was nutso and all Lauren could do was laugh at me as I went nuclear for about 4 hours.

I learned my lesson…ask for decaffeinated.

Fast forward now 20 years.   My tech loves Rockstar beverages.  By now I sip on a Coke almost daily.  One Coke lasts me most of the day because I don’t guzzle it.   One day I asked my tech what the Rockstar tasted like.  She gave me a taste and I thought it was yummy.  I scored on of my very own.  Fruity and sweet, it was a tasty treat.  It was also loaded with almost 200mg of caffeine…something I didn’t realize until it was too late. My little coke has about 35 mg.

History repeated itself.  About 20 minutes into it, I was on fire. Tech Extraordinare thought it was hilarious.  “Here, let me empty the garbage, check that prescription, answer the phone, re arrange the pharmacy, put the order away, file those papers, counsel that patient ALL RIGHT NOW!andwhileyouareatitpeelmeofftheceilingplease!

No wonder she is so efficient.

When I finally decended to earth I told her if I EVER considered drinking another Rock Star to  beat me until some sense returned.

She laughed and said she may just slip me another one just “to watch the show”.

She is cruel.

Do not dive head first into THIS gene pool!

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I wish I had been there. It would have been a big belly laugh for sure.  True story however from my compadre in crime, My Man Friday.

Phone rings and he answers it. It is a woman who wants to refill 3 prescriptions. (and for reasons we now understand doesn’t  use the automated system for ordering).

Friday: Sure, may I have the first number?

Woman:  4.

FridayExcuse me?  May I have the first prescription number?

Woman:  4.

Friday: (rolling eyes and finally getting it)   May I have the entire 7 digit prescription number?

Woman:  4567890

The tech relating this story to me was laughing so hard she had tears welling in her eyes.

I never thought there would be very many “firsts” left after practicing pharmacy for 23 years…but folks…this was one.

If this is the new world order, I’d like to change MY order then…

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Recently there was a national news item where the president of a major sportswear company was acosted outside her home as she was driving up to her driveway.  Thru some very clever trickery she alerted her alarm company who sent police over immediately, probably saving her life.  She was a victim of a home invasion. 

Saturday evening, with all of this fresh in my own memory, I drove into my own driveway after work.  It was after dark and I pulled in, closed the garage door, let the dogs in and before I even got my rumpus sat down, there was a knock at the door.  As a matter of habit I always SEE who is at the door before I open it.   Expecting to see my  neighbor (after all, who ELSE would know I just got home?) I was surprised to see a young man I was not familiar with standing there.  I told him thru the window that I would not be opening the door.

“But I am not selling anything” he shouted back and waved some certificate in my face by the window. ” Great, because I am not going to open the door regardless”.  He was a bit persistent, but I dont care. All I had between me and him was my door.  He finally left.

I didn’t like that uncomfortable feeling.  I mean, who goes door to door on a Saturday night IN THE DARK?  Come on! I dont care if he was waving hundred dollar bills and telling me I won the lottery. I was not going to open the door. Ironically I talked with a several others in the neighborhood, all of which were home, but only 2 saw him at their door and nobody opened it for him.

I say Thank God.

We live in different times than we used to.  When I was a kidlet we just ran around the neighboorhood all day and night.  We were lucky to remember to lock our doors at night.  Dad pulled into the driveway and tossed his keys on the seat. The front door was unlocked until bed time and if somebody knocked on the door, we just flung it open to see who was coming to see us.  The idea of a home invasion was unthinkable.

Since I moved to “urban” lifestyle I live differently.  I lock the car when I get IN and when I get OUT.  Our home is locked when we are HOME and when we are AWAY.  I have an alarm…which we use.

At the store, I make myself keenly aware of my surroundings when I leave the pharmacy. I am even spooked by weirdos who come to the counter, since recent robberies in our area have involved firearms. 

I just keeping hoping that my day wont come…either at home or at work.

Yup, we live in different times…

If you wanna belly, laugh….read this.

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My number one spot on my blog roll, simply by alphabetical chance is 15 Minute Lunch.  He is an excellent writer, gifted with a wonderful sense of humor, and apparently had a most interesting childhood. 

If you want to be entertained this evening, PLEASE, click and read his newest post…Dog Days of Summer. 

His is not a pharmacy blog…but hilarious none the less.

Reminds me of something my brother would have tried (unsuccessfully) to get me to do.

There isn’t enough PPE in the world…

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Please do not look at me with disdain when you try to hand me a bloody gauze from your mouth and I retreat and hand YOU the garbage can.

I have no doubt the look on my face was priceless when you pulled that thing from your mouth and tried to pass it off…

Really??  Did you think I would take it?

E-script weirdness for the day:

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Actual Script the came from our e-script today.

Maxalt MLT 10mg  no. 3.  Place one tab under toneadachegue.

Is this short hand for “tongue as needed for headache”?

yea, probably. LOL

Baby sitter or discussion

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Taking the lead from Eric, Pharmacist. I am opening up for a discussion. I recently commented on another pharmacist blog and was given a bit of a chastise for referring to what I do for some customers as “babysitting”. He found that to be a “distasteful” assessment and that since I chose pharmacy, I really shouldn’t complain.  

I countered back that I do indeed have to babysit a certain patient base because they refuse or are unwilling to care for themselves and want me ( or whomever is there) to carry their load month after month.. hmmm, perhaps “sherpa” would be a better term…

Since many of you are pharmacists, how about telling me about what you think of what we do.  Where does “babysitting ” come into your workplace?  I could write for hours about  daily taking care of customer’s issues that were really never my job to do, but I do them time and time again..and the only time I get to complain about it is here…cuz its my blog and I own it!

If you dont think “babysit” is an appropriate term, offer me a better one! has one defintion of babysit as:   to take watchful responsibility for; tend:

Share time!

A most unconvincing acting job. No Oscar for you buddy.

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Almost NOBODY who comes to my counter to buy syringes by the bag is a diabetic.  In fact, if you are a diabetic AND you buy your syringes by the bag, you are an idiot because I will charge you $6 a bag which translates to a tidy $60/box.    No,  diabetics dont buy their needles by the bag unless they are in some kind of crisis. 

And,  the Pharmacy Chick may have been born in the middle of the night…but it didn’t happen to be LAST night so don’t try to convice me that you are the babysitter whose little charge needs a shot (and you are out of needles),  or the Aunt Bea is visiting from Sheboygan and lost her syringes, or any other tale of woe you feel you need to spill at the counter while you count out your ones. You are shooting heroin or meth or whatever concoction you have made in your polluted abode.

Just don’t think you can pull this off and actually think I believed you:

Joe Scum :  I need to buy a pack of u-100 syringes 1 inch needle

me:  they dont come in one inch needle

Joe Scum: Oh yea, they aren’t for me,  1/2 inch

Me:  who are you buying them for?

Joe scum:  My GRAMMA.

Me : (under my breath )  Gramma, my ass… trusty tech fetches the bag because we are forced by our company to sell to anybody with cash.

Joe Scum: pulls a cell phone out of his pocket, pretends to answer it ” Hi gramma, yes I am here at the was 1/2 inch right? I told the lady 1 inch”  “heh heh” doesnt’ even say goodbye and hangs up the phone.

What Friggin Ever. I almost believe you…..NOT.

Quote of the Day:

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I answered the phone only to hear a conversation already in progress with a mother and her (apparently toddler) daughter.


Um,  T.M.I

She was filling her birth control rx…good call mom!

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