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Healthy (hope so), Wealthy(not yet) and Wise (depends on who you talk to)

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Pharmacy Chick may not have a lock on all three of these noble attributes, but of the three,  she is grateful to have at least one of them.  I am healthy and I will state emphatically that I do not take it for granted. 

As a pharmacist I dont have to look far to find those that aren’t so lucky. My computer is full of patients whose health is less than stellar, some due to their own personal failures and some due to circumstances beyond their control.   There is one thing that none of us can master  however..the passage of time.

I have worked at the same store for 15 years.  I have seen my customers age during this time.. I have aged during this time.   I don’t look much like I did 23 years ago when I got out of college. I can only imagine what Olive thinks.  She is 99 years old.  I have only  known her for about 10 years…which means she was 89 when I met her.   To me she has always been “old”.  We talked one day.  She used to dance.  She and her husband used to go to supper clubs, have dinner and dance together.  He has long since been gone.  She is slow moving, cant see too well anymore but still has a pleasing spunky personality.  She told me once that she doesnt’ FEEL old..her body just got old!

My body is going to get old too..I wont be able to hit the golf ball as far as I used to. I wont be able to lift what I used to.  I may have to use a cane or I may lose my sight.  I have trouble understanding that concept because I dont see myself as “old” either!  I do flu clinics at some elder care centers.  I have to remember, these people weren’t old forever.  They were young, active, farmers and housewives, doctors, teachers, and the like. They did fun things, had children, built lives…and then grew old. 

One of my dearest customers went out to her garden last week…and died.  C was a delightful lady who blessed everybody she met. She really lived life.  I was shocked when I read her obit.  She literally went to pick flowers..and died enroute.

I know someday I will not be able to do the things that I do now..but I am going to do everything I can to keep my health as long as I can. I love to play golf. I love to play tennis, go on walks, play with my dogs, travel with Mr Chick and hang out with my friends.  But when I look at my customers, I see the future.   Unless the Lord has plans to bring me home early, I know that I’ll be that little old lady getting my flu shot from some “young’n”

I really encourage you to look at your own life..and enjoy your health while you have it.  Time only ticks one direction.  We can’t stop it, slow it down, buy any of it back, or change its course.. Work while you must…Play when you can…  Love life..Live Life…but just don’t waste your life!

So if you will exuse me..I am going to play golf!

The Next Big “Scourge”?

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There are few things that make Pharmacy Chick’s skin crawl but all the media attention to this subject has done just that.  BED BUGS.  Apparently one of the side effects of the ban on DDT is the re-emergence of bedbugs.  They show no mercy and affect all socio economic classes.  Yuck..

I remember a couple of years ago there was an article in our local paper about the infestation of bedbugs at the college downtown.  It was so prevalent that students were no longer permitted to bring used beds into the dormitories. (I had always thought that dorms provided beds, but I guess some dont…go figure).  Well, either way,  bed bugs were back.

Today, Yahoo had another article about  bedbugs in NYC, and how it affects major retailers, most specifically NIKE Town, its most recent victim. Apparently they move on the trucks used to transport merchandise.  Mr Chick and I like to travel, but I have to admit that the idea of sleeping in beds not my own is becoming less of an appealing idea.  When we did an overnighter in august, one of the first things I did was lift up the sheets and looked at the mattress creases.  I was grateful to find nothing there, but I thought to myself…what if I had seen bugs???  WHAT THEN??

My mother used to say this little ditty before bedtime..” Good night..sleep tite..dont let the bedbugs bite”.  I thought they were imaginary creatures.  That little ditty isn’t so funny anymore. 

One common theme in the literature that the newspaper publishes is how difficult it is to get rid of them if you happen to be infested.  To date, I haven’t been asked as a pharmacist how to deal with this issue (thank goodness).  I am not sure there IS a good way.  Probably have to call an exterminator.  Lice I can deal with…Bed bugs..not so much. 

I’ve checked my far so good.  Do you suppose it would be in poor taste to never let guests sleep  in my house again?

What I dont care about

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Pharmacy chick spent her birthday working..(yuk) then housecleaning (yukkier) and finally taking her car in for service to be left over night(yukkiest).  She thinks a dinner out and a bottle of wine might have been a more fun way to spend that day but you take what you can get sometimes.

When I was at the dealership waiting for Mr Chick to pick me up, I was left to either watch a football game on tv or read some of the magazines so graciously provided by the staff.  I suppose if you are going to have to spend a lot of time waiting for your car, a comfortable chair and something to do is a nice touch. 

A small stack of People magazine lay before me.  Years ago I used to subscribe to it until the subscription price reached over a hundred bucks a year.  I decided I could do more with a c-note than read about the lives of celebrities I dont know.

I picked up the stack and started skimming thru the contents.  I realized I am hopelessly out of touch with “life” as People Mag reports it…which reinforces my decision NOT to start buying any copies of this magazine for myself..Here are some things I just can’t care about:

1.  Who George Clooney is dating….this week…

2. Anything about Britney Spears..or however she spells her name.  I dont care about her kids or which man has fathered them that she is hanging out at the beach with.  I also dont care what she weighs.

3.  The Duggars and their 19 kids….remember “8 is enough”?  yea..I didnt’ think so.

4. Kate Gosslein..or her hairdo…or how she dances.

5. Kardashian Anything!  Who are these people anyway and what in the world are they famous for other than “being famous?”

6. BraT Pitt and Angelina Jolie…Again, who cares where they are, who they are fighting over and what kid they want to adopt this month?

7. Oprah Winfrey’s weight or what she is giving away on her show.

8.  For THAT matter, ANYBODY who has lost weight…and wants to brag about their story.  If you hadn’t gotten fat in the first place…HELLO! If you cure cancer…that will get my attention.

9. Some celebrity “overcoming” drug or alcohol addiction.  You know what?  if you werent’ such a moron in the first place you wouldn’t need to “over come” anything. 

10. who wore what at the Emmy’s or Oscars..

11.  I dont care to read any more stories of  some star’s new “eternal” soulmate..who will most certainly be dumped by this time next year.

12. Baby Bumps.  enough of the pregnant celebrities!

13. Jennifer Aniston anything…

After about 1/2 hour Mr Chick finally arrived to take me home.  I realized that I am quite happy to have a life not worthy of an article in People Magazine.  I am content being a friend to many, a wife to one, and if I can be a “hero” to somebody sometime in my life, I will have counted it worthwhile!

Flu Shot Follies 2010 first edition!

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Actual conversations about flu shots so far:

”  I would like a flu shot”..Ok, no problem, just fill out..”but I dont want the one with that Pig Flu stuff in it”. Sorry, but H1N1 is included in the flu shot this year..“Well, then I’ll just go to big box where they will HELP me”.

” Can I get Last Year’s flu shot still?”  no, you cannot.  ” Why not??”  1. its LAST year’s version and 2. its out of date.

Is there is wait for a flu shot?’ no we do not have a line at the moment…” So I can get one RIGHT AWAY?”  um..define “right” does take about 10-15 minutes for processing etc…“harrumph, I knew there was a wait!”..(walks off).

” Can I use a Gift card coupon for a Flu shot?”  N.o.p.e.

sigh…They are back…stay tuned for more!

If you have to ask…

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Real phone call at PharmacyChick pharmacy…


Customer:  I just received a reminder call that I have a prescription there..what is it?

Employee:  Let me check (goes to shelf) We have Viagra here for you

Customer:  Oh I forgot about that…do you think I need it?

Employee:  I have absolutely no idea..

If it had been me…I would have said…Why dont you ask your wife?