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A Pavlovian kind of response..minus the drool

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A sound elicits a response.  No matter where I am in the house (but especially if I am in the kitchen)  the crinkling of plastic wrap causes my dogs to make a bee-line from where ever THEY are to the base of my feet.  It doesn’t matter what kind of plastic I have, whether it be around a magazine or a bag of chips, my dogs have a pre-built in response that “treat” might be in order.  And so it is THEIR response to this sound.

The Pharmacy is no exception.   Not all responses to sounds are visual.  Everytime a customer drops off a prescription and says “AND how long is THIS going to take?”  I have a certain response.  It is somewhat unpleasant not because of the question, but generally because of the TONE in which it is offered.    It is not unreasonable for a customer to what to know how long the wait is, but the tone in which the question is asked makes all the difference in the world.  My response is internal, an immediate dislike of the request…and if the tone is accusatory, you can bet that my wait time has just increased by 10 minutes.

I had such a request last week.  Some lady with her fancy Coach bag and Cole Han shoes dropped off a prescription an 2:45 pm.  She was doing this for somebody else.  “And how long is this going to take?”  (twenty minutes is our minimum wait time..I dont care if I am filing my nails, twenty minutes is the proper response).  I told her “twenty minutes, tops”, as we  had a few waiters a head of her at that point.

“THAT is not going to work for me, I have to be downtown to pick my child up from school at 3:15.  It was at least a 15 minute trip. If she shut the F-up and let me fill the rx, we could get to work on it, but NOOO, we had to sit and discuss why it takes so long to fill a prescription…and I had to hear HOW important her 315 appointment was.  So I stood there.  There was just me and 1 tech.  She was at the other end at the cash register ringing up sales.

 Mrs CoachyColeHan went on and on. And I stood there.  After she exhausted her diatribe, I (as politely as I could) said in essence “in the amount of time you just spent telling my why it SHOULDN”T take me so long to fill this, I could have been actually doing it and getting you out of here to make your appointment”.  Perhaps a light flickered in her dim bulb brain. She left  me to fill it.  By 3: 05 I had it done, paged her back and sent her on her way.

She might have had it 5 minutes sooner if not for her diatribe at the counter. 

There is that burning feeling inside of me when I get those kinds of statements/questions.  I used to fall over myself trying to be all things to all people and found out that usually I ended up being nothing to everybody but a door mat. I have had to learn what is “enough”

“My dr said he JUST called it in 10 minutes ago.. its not ready??”  burn….

“THAT LONG?”   burn…

“THAT MUCH??”  burn…

“do you price match” after I have already filled it..and presented it to cashier..  burn…

“oh, here is this card my dr gave me to make this cheaper” above..rx done and at register..  burn..

“can YOU”…..  “Will YOU…do what I really should be taking care of myself“…more burn…

I am tired and have a  lower boiling point now than I ever used to in my early days as a pharmacist.  Part of the problem is me, I am older and have used up  my patience-allotment.  Part of is is the changing culture of patients, and what they think is valuable.   Who cares if it is cheap?  that is what I hear when somebody disses my recommendations because it may cost a few bucks more.

Its not very often that anybody ever knows the response that goes on in my body when I hear these things.  While my patience-0-meter is at an all time low, my ability to put on an oscar winning performance to hide it is at an all time high.  And while I still try to do my best for all these people, I have also learned to accept that my best is all I can do and if that isn’t good enough….tough luck.

Vacation Foibles

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I love vacations….especially if they are mine.  If they are YOUR vacations, I may or may not give a rip, but I’ll pretend that I do. heh heh.  Pharmacy Chick just came back from a week in the “desert”.  If you can call palm trees, golf courses, swimming pools and 9 million restaurants “desert” then yes, I was in the desert.  More specifically, the Chick family was in Palm Springs, which currently comprises about 9 different towns that all hug the same little chunk of ground near the mountains. 

Say what you will, I love that place. Any place where I can enjoy dry-shoe golf in the winter is a good place for the Chick.  Its a most unique place this Palm Springs-Palm Desert-Rancho Mirage-LaQuinta-Indian Wells, yada yada yada.  It has a certain “charm” about it, and is about as subtle as a monster truck rally.  Some observations:

1.  If you dont golf or play tennis,  I can’t imagine what you would do here. Sit on your porch?  Just about everything except the restaurants and the grocery stores close at 6 pm.  They really roll up the sidewalks early around there.

2.  Old ladies and very small dogs are abundant.  I am waiting for the newest breed of dog:  the Desert Legless.  Why does everybody seem to think they need to CARRY their dog everywhere?

3. If you are gay, this is YOUR town.

4. If you love gaudy jewelry, this is YOUR town.

5. If you are gay AND love gaudy jewelry, I think its the law you have to live here.

6.  We stayed in an older (read: cheaper) “resort” hotel.  We didn’t get any terry robes, candy on the pillows, or a plasma tv, but we did get a nice view of the parking lot, a TV that mysteriously came on by itself,  andwe  got to hear a midnight performance of an apparent celtic dancer who occupied the room above us…yea thanks for that…

7. If you care about your hair forget it.  The wind rivals that of Chicago. I gave up after day 1, just braided it and pinned it back.

8.  Think it cannot rain in the desert in April?  think again.  WE were there, remember??

9. we rented quite possibly the worst car ever made in America:  the Dodge Journey. 

10.  Our free breakfast each day was an unparalelled carbo load of Bread, Cereal, Muffins, and Oatmeal. My kingdom for some protein please!

11. Depending on the wind, I could hit my 5 iron 90 yards or 180 yards. I kid you not.

12. There may be a recession in the US …and it certainly has effected the desert, but if you have always HAD serious money, you still HAVE serious money and there is still a lot of conspicuous consumption to be had. 

13. Per Capita there is more valet parking than in any other city I have ever visited. 

14.  SPF 55 works.  I needed it on my lips however…ouch.

15. I love roadrunners…and jackrabbits.

16.  I had to visit a wal-mart. You know that website   OMG.  I think I need therapy to get over my visit there.

17. I didn’t want to come home. I think all I need is a small dog, some chunky costume jewelry, bleach my hair, and get a Jag…I’ll fit right in.

Back in the saddle again!

My finest bowling moment.

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Every sunday the Chick family goes bowling.  And yes, we went bowling today (and not at the expense of our faith ok?? It is Easter,  He is Risen, Thank you Jesus!  you are awesome!!)

 There is a bowling center nearby that rents 2 hours for $15 on sundays.  Its a great deal.  All the games you can bowl for 120 minutes for 15 smackers.  There is a core group of us who go rapid-fire for 2 hours each week. I had a great first game 187. I am on a roll!

 I started the second game, threw my first ball, and my left foot, instead of sliding, got caught on something sticky on the floor and I just about fell into the bowling lane…but tried to catch myself with my right foot..which unfortunately found the lane……the freshly oiled lane..

Holy cow! my feet were over my  head in an instant and I slammed to the ground about 2 feet into the lane, landing on my wrist and tailbone.  After determining that I was not injured my group decided that laughing at me was the proper ettiquette for the rest of the morning.

I think my new nickname is “grace”.

If you have ever played golf, you know that the hardest shot to make is the shot immediately AFTER a shank.  Well I can tell you now that the hardest bowling throw to make is the one just AFTER the one you butt-planted in the lane!

So I sit here with an achy tushy and a wrist that is complaining louder by the moment.  Whodda thought Bowling was so dangerous??

Happy Easter Everybody!