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Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 5:15 pm on Friday, January 22, 2010

Since my last post I have had one more motherboard installed.  It ended up worse than the first one.  At this moment I have a cherry red laptop doorstop, and am writing on Mr. Chick’s computer.  Dell decided to replace my unit and at this time I am waiting for them to “locate a compatible computer” whatever the hell that means.   My guess is they are going thru their inventory and seeing what computer they want to give me that is similar to my own.  Fair enough I can accept that.  I specifically asked for NO VISTA but they cannot guarantee it.  That part I cannot accept.  I told them I will send it back.  Its a frustrating venture to say the least to have this kind of hassle with a computer to begin with.  When motherboard #2 went in the computer wouldn’t even boot anymore. 

I will stand my ground on this one.   I bought a unit of my choosing and paid a tidy sum  for it.  I believe I should have a unit of MY choosing as a replacement.  I am not asking for some fancy XPS or top of the line Lattitude.  I got a Vostro 2510 with XP PRO with a lot of bells and whistles and that is what I want back only with Windows 7 instead of Vista, since XP is not an option.. why I do not know.

Too much to ask for?   I hate to be the pest..but I will be if I have too.  I always try to look out for the best interest of my customers when I do business.  I’d like Dell to do the same for me too.  

We will see.

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