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Last Chance Tech.

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Pharmacy Chick is all about second chances.  I rarely throw out the baby with the bathwater and perhaps that is why she gets too many high maintenance people.  I really try to WORK with people.

Recently I aquired a technician from the float pool who has placed into my store to cover another technician on medical leave.  To be fair, I had been warned.  “She has attendance issues, and she isn’t the fastest”.  I had my choice of two techs and the other option was even worse, I can guarantee.  She had covered for another medical leave and probably missed a good HALF of her shifts for “illness”, “car trouble”, “husband trouble” or “etc”.  How SHE stayed employed with this company is beyond me.  Either way,(for lack of a better term) I chose the lesser of two evils and chose Sandy. 

Sandy has a pleasing personality and is quite likeable, which makes discipline even more difficult, and I noticed right off the bat that the office was right, attendance (or tardiness) was an issue.  Sandy relies on public transport to get to work and frequently she would be 15 minutes late because the bus was late.   I asked her to take an earlier bus.  She has some health issues and with in 2 weeks of starting she came down with H1N1 due to her immunocompromised state and missed almost 2 weeks of work. 

However the issue I have had the most problem with is her time management.  She doesn’t have any.  She is the only person I have ever seen that can look like she is running her arse off and is actually getting NOTHING done.  She can take a simple selling transaction at the pharmacy counter and turn it into a long ordeal.  Every thought that passes into her head comes out of her mouth. Everything that CAN be explained MUST be explained even if its completely reduntant.

Here an example. Say a customer says ” I missed a meeting today because of traffic”.  I would say “bummer man”.  END of conversation.  Sandy, on the other hand would launch into a long diatribe.. “yea that totally is a bummer because I have to depend on the bus to get me to places so I completely understand and it seems that all the time they are late or there is traffic and its becomes totally impossible to get to places or the bus doesnt’ go to where I need it to go and I have to get a friend to take me which makes them mad yadda yadda yadda”.  OMG…you may think I am exaggerating..  I kid you not.  THIS is how every conversation goes with Sandy.

She has to ask every customer of they want a bag..or if they want the receipt in their hand or in a bag….”STICK THE RECEIPT IN THE BAG AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ONE SANDY”  as the line grows longer than the premier of Twilight.

And..her questions.  She has to ask me a question about everything…and I mean EVERYTHING.  At first I chalked it up to her wanting to do things the way I preferred them.  At least that what SHE said when I finally threw my hands up in the air and asked her “Can you accomplish any task without asking me about it?”.  This is a true example:  “Sandy, will you go over to Mc Donalds and get me a Filet o Fish?.its only 1 dollar..heres the dollar”.  I wanted her to take my dollar, go to McD and get me a fish sandwich.  Simple HUH??  Not so much….” Oh, would you like  coke too?  How about some fries, you haven’t eaten much lately?  Do you want me to go now? Or do you want me to wait til Tina comes back from lunch.  Do you want me to take my lunch at the same time and if so do you want me to bring it back AFTER I come back from lunch? or before? 

I think my head exploded.

We finally had a sit down pow-wow and went over line items that needed to change.  I told her about the time management issues and why the days she worked were so much difficult than when Tina worked. We talked about the long lines at the cash register and how she can make them better (SHUT UP for starters). And we talked about attendance and tardiness, and how when her shift begins at 9, it means be-ready-for-work-at-9-and-not-combing-hair-getting-a-coke-and-changing-shoes-at-9.  She promised to make the change. She promised to be on time. and she promised she would make the effort.

The very next day she called me at 15 minutes before 9am and left me a txt.  “I dont think I can make it in today, my leg hurts”.  I txted her back “unless your leg has been removed from your body, you need to come to work”.

Sadly, that was the last straw. The previous week 5 hours late because of a Dr’s appointment she had made 4 months ago but “forgot” about.

I called the office and asked that she be placed back on the float team and a different person cover for the medical leave.  I was sad because I felt I had failed in transforming this tech.  I truly felt that by providing 1) a stable work environment that she liked (she said she loved my store) and 2) stable hours that she would be on time/and work more efficiently.

I broke the news to her the other day.  She had some tears, but she clearly understood that she had used up a lot of chances beyond the normal. 

Sandy has taught me some skills however…how to be tougher. to be more of a manager than a friend because with Sandy, I have had to learn to separate the personal from the professional: something I think we all can relate to when we work closely with people for so long.   At work I have to be a manager..a professional..and if it means having to be tough on an employee then I have do to it.  Being soft has cost me.

Its tough being tough.

Who’s on first?

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I was reading Angriest today (always a good read by the way) and I had to laugh out loud.  What pharmacist hasn’t had an interaction with some customer who INSISTS they spoke with you that very day about something you have no clue about.  I laughed because I had such an interaction the other day, not about Carter’s Little pills but about a missing prescription.

Miss Priss (about 25 and dressed like a hooker) came to the counter to pick up a prescription, that sadly enough we couldn’t find.  Not only couldn’t we find the rx she wanted but a check into the computer found absolutely no person match with her date of birth (a miracle itself believe me).  She huffed, put her hands on her skinny hips and said ” I transferred my birth control HERE last week AND YOU CALLED ME TO TELL ME ITS READY”.   I also checked her phone number in our data base…no match.

I told her nicely.  ” we have no match on your name, your date of birth NOR your phone number. We did not fill any prescription for her you at this location.” “could you have possibly called another Pharmacy THINKING it was this one?”.

Well of course not…a customer would never make such a mistake.  Since Pharmacy Chick pharmacy is one of a chain and there is only 100 or so in our metro area, there is NO CHANCE she could have called the wrong one.   Pharmacy Chick Pharmacy (PCP) is on a very very, very long street and as it so happens there are 4 PCP’s on the 15 mile stretch of Main street,  none of them have “Main street” in their address. There are, for example, stores on the  corner of 1st and Main,   83rd and Main and 160th and Main etc….  but our addresses are  123 1st street….123 83rd street and 123 160th street.. etc…get it?? Yea I thought so.

She said “well you ARE on Main street arent  you?” and when we told her that we technically were on 83rd street, there was a flash of  “retreat” in her face, but she wasn’t budging.  “I know it was this store!”.

Since I wasn’t going to let her leave thinking we were the failing party here I decided to take a shot in the dark and call the other stores on “main street” I hit the  jackpot on the first one.  Very loudly and succinctly I asked “Sam, this is PC at PCP 83rd street.  Do you have a prescription sitting there for Miss Priss DOB 1-2-85 on your shelf?” Sam said “yea, its been here a week, it was a special order..(sigh) you dont want me to transfer it there do you?” I found out what it was, some specific brand of BC we didn’t have..and it was a Sunday which told me she wanted it NOW…heh heh.  “Oh, I see, Sam, YOU DO HAVE IT THERE?  I SEE,  SHE MUST HAVE CALLED THE WRONG STORE. SINCE I DONT HAVE THAT PRODUCT HERE, I’LL SEND HER TO YOU”. and hung up.  During this whole call, she was on her cell phone complaining to whoever was on the other end about us and our “losing her prescription”.

There was no mistaking the look in her face.  It was THERE.  She was here.  They had the product. I didn’t.  I told her she had 20 minutes before they closed this Sunday afternoon.  “your addresses shouldn’t be so confusing” she complained as she turned on her black high heels and clicked away.

Have a nice day.  Dont miss any of your pills missy, it would be a shame to have two of you on this planet.

Where should we be?

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Some time back (and in some pharmacy magazine) I read an article (or editorial, I can’t remember which) where the writer stated an opinion that retail pharmacists and retail pharmacies need to move out of the spotlight and view of customers and MORE into a more private and secure environment.  As I read this I found myself nodding my head in agreement.  We are America’s most “accessible” health care professional not because the world values us, but because most of us work in a fishbowl.  Walk into most pharmacies and you will see exactly what I mean.   Recently I went into one retail outlet that had been remodeled a few years ago and was surprised to see that on 3 of the 4 sides the  pharmacy was able to be viewed by the general public.  I was shocked and dismayed at the lack of privacy and security this pharmacy offered its employees.  There was no place that I could see, that the pharmacist could stand and not be in view of onlookers.  SAD.

My pharmacy is bad enough.  With the exception of one small cubby in the back, I can be  viewed from anyplace on the outside of the dept.  AND, had I not covered the counseling window glass with opaque contact paper, THAT area would be in view also. 

Aside from the obvious,  there are some real sound reasons that this author feels that pharmacy needs to be out of the public eye.

1. Simple Security.  DRUGS.  We have a lot of them.  My store alone has over a quarter million dollars in drugs alone.  I have more narcotics now than I have ever carried thanks to the prolific writings of so called “pain” clinics.  For too many its a thinly veiled narcotic addiction management program.   The cabinet looks like a narcotic salad bar!…shelves and shelves of nearly identical products but ones I have to stock because they are ever so slightly different than their competitor.  One tote and a long sweep of the hand and you will have a lot of money in street value.  ADA eliminated our 1-2 step up entrance to the pharmacy so one hop and a thief is over the counter and into the pharmacy.

2.  Concentration.   We have a drop off window on one side, a long work counter, and a pick up window on the other end.  We can be prodded at any place in this line.  “ahem”  “cough cough” “knock knock”….interruptions to a counting procedure, a final check, etc.  I am most weary of people asking me “Can I ask you a quick question?”  usually its an oxymoron.  The only think quick about most peoples questions is how QUICKly I can get out of it and back to the task at hand.

3.  Time management.  we spend a lot of time fielding questions that simply do not belong to the pharmacist.  “Can you tell me where such and such is?”  The pharmacy is not an information booth.  If you want to know where the canned corn is, where the bakery is (under the GIANT BAKERY sign) or where the bathroom is, ask the customer service counter.  THAT is their job.  People come to us for such questions because we are slaves the the dept. 

4. Patient safety.  A distracted pharmacist is a bad thing.  I dont need to even discuss that fact. 

How would I design a modern pharmacy? 

For starters, I would take some of the design ideas of most hospital pharmacies (aside from the fact that many are unmarked anyway…you’d have to identify it as a pharmacy!).  In my pharmacy 99% of the pharmacy would be out of view.  100% of the drugs and the dispensing counter would be out of view.  I may even compartmentalize the pharmacy where the work would be done behind a second wall.  Clerks would man the front portion of the pharmacy where the customer would be picking up prescriptions.  Techs and pharmacists would be in the back where the filling and prep work would be done.    The customer would not be viewing the pharmacist filling prescriptions.  Its not his/her business to be watching the pharmacist at work.  Nobody should be watching us count medications. This isn’t a pizza parlor where you sit and watch the chef throw a pizza crust.

The drop off window would be a rather small unobtrusive window with just one terminal for inputting patient bio data.   The pick up window would be similar and after payment the customer would be guided to areas for counseling (if needed) and then the pharmacist would come out and provide the necessary information for the patient. 

If some patient had a question for a pharmacist, then the pharmacist would be able to come out at his/her discretion and not be glowered at by said customer waiting while the pharmacist finished the task. No longer would we be in the fish bowl we are working in now.

In high risk areas, even the windows could be protected like a bank with glass to prevent unauthorized entry.    Every pharmacy would be given an office….a place where vaccinations could be given (instead of the middle of the aisle?!?), and some privacy to where if a sensitive issue needs to be aired, it can be.

Security, Safety, and Privacy.  Why are these things so obsessed about  by the government when it comes to the patient (i.e. HIPAA) and so blatantly ignored when it comes to the people entrusted to assure these things?

Tell me what you think readers?

The scam of women’s clothes!

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I dunno if you are tired of non pharmacy posts, but sorry, here is one more. If you like something different..well…read on!

A while back I posted that I had lost some weight…25ish pounds to be exact.  Not wanting to rush into anything, I haven’t really purchased many clothes to accomodate the new weight. I wanted to see if I bottomed out at this new weight and if I could maintain it.  I mean, who wants to buy new clothes only to grow out of them because I couldn’t maintain the loss.  After about 5 months at this new weight, I felt comfortable buying some new pants.  After all, my belt had moved from fashion accessory to functional necessity to keep my baggy pants from falling down.  Nice problem to have I know.

I bought a couple of pairs of jeans, and then while on vacation, bought some new golf shorts.  All my shirts are fine. I discovered some very interesting things whilst buying new shorts/pants.

 If you want to sell a lot of pants to women, simply change the number on the size tag to a smaller number, and dont change the actual size.  You see, I have in my closet some pants that I have had since high school.  I finally took them out and decided to donate them to good will. Shoot, they are old enough I probably should be calling the Smithsonian!  I put them on and they were all too small around the waist.  More importantly the size on the tags were all between 10 and 12.  Which means when I was in high-school/college I was wearing pants size 10-12.  At that time of my life I weighed in at around 115-120 lbs.

I currently weigh 125 lbs.  Not bad for a 47 year old woman.  But when I went shopping, everything I purchased was either size 4 or 2.   PUHLEEZE.   I pulled size 6 off the rack and found they were all too big. 

15 years ago a size 4 or 2 would have been doll clothes.  They were the ones that you would find on the clearance rack because only anexorics and supermodels (the same?!?) would wear them.  Now I am wearing them? 

You cannot tell me that this is an accident.  Women have egos, just like men do.  I guess the clothing manufacturers have figured this out because 175 lb women want to be told they are size 10 when 15 years ago they would have been in plus size clothing. 

Whats next?  negative sizing?  I have a sister in law who is a micro human.  She is the smallest adult I have ever seen.  When we shop, she looks for (but rarely finds) size OO.   I think I’ll send her to kids clothing next time size 6x!

Look for me this summer in my tidy size 2 shorts! In fact, I may just wear them inside out just so everybody can see the tag! 


Dell Hell update

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Since my last post I have had one more motherboard installed.  It ended up worse than the first one.  At this moment I have a cherry red laptop doorstop, and am writing on Mr. Chick’s computer.  Dell decided to replace my unit and at this time I am waiting for them to “locate a compatible computer” whatever the hell that means.   My guess is they are going thru their inventory and seeing what computer they want to give me that is similar to my own.  Fair enough I can accept that.  I specifically asked for NO VISTA but they cannot guarantee it.  That part I cannot accept.  I told them I will send it back.  Its a frustrating venture to say the least to have this kind of hassle with a computer to begin with.  When motherboard #2 went in the computer wouldn’t even boot anymore. 

I will stand my ground on this one.   I bought a unit of my choosing and paid a tidy sum  for it.  I believe I should have a unit of MY choosing as a replacement.  I am not asking for some fancy XPS or top of the line Lattitude.  I got a Vostro 2510 with XP PRO with a lot of bells and whistles and that is what I want back only with Windows 7 instead of Vista, since XP is not an option.. why I do not know.

Too much to ask for?   I hate to be the pest..but I will be if I have too.  I always try to look out for the best interest of my customers when I do business.  I’d like Dell to do the same for me too.  

We will see.

My own version of Dell Hell

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I cannot take credit for the term Dell Hell, but I love its catchy rhyme and truthfullness.  Who hasn’t had this box of wires and solder and wonder “how the hell does all this stuff work?” 

I am one of those people whose fuse is unfalthomably short when it comes to the computer.  You can actually thank Gateway for that.  Umpteen years ago I bought my first PC.  (yes you MAC users, no comment..had I known, I’d probably have bought a MAC).   It was truly a piece of junk and I was truly the greenest computer user on the planet.  I probably should have known something was up when I set everything up, hit the power button and…..nothing happened….

 I knew NO terminology.  I knew nothing about anything.   All  wanted it to do was work, connect to the internet so I could play, and do my email.  In  my best wisdom I bought the best warranty they had…..DAMN….GOOD…THING.   I used that warranty more than any gateway customer probably ever had and after the end of 24 months (on and off) of fussing with it I demanded (and got) a new computer.  After I decided to ditch the Gateway I decided to purchase Dell.  Their quality was legendary (so it was claimed).  By this time my personal hell with Gateway had eroded my patience level to NIL, but I was a much more educated user.  I knew computer terminology, and while I would never consider myself an expert, I had learned an awful lot about computers and how they worked.

Since that time I have purchased 1 desktop and 3 laptops from Dell.  I am hesitant to say that my desktop has been flawless because as soon as I do, something will go wrong so I wont tell you that !  LOL.   One of the laptops belongs to Mr Chick.  Just slightly larger than a netbook, he loves it, and it too has worked pretty well.  Mine on the other hand…………Notebook #1 went thru 2 motherboards and a cracked case.  When I gave it away, it had a bad slot for RAM (thank God it had 2), and since it was out of warranty I opted to swap out the memory for more RAM, leave the second slot empty and from what I hear its still running…although it overheats some I hear…and the video gets rummy when it does…so maybe the video card was bad too…

Notebook #2 is the one I write on now.  Bear in mind Pharmacy Chick is not a gamer.  I dont stress my computer with HD games with major graphics.  I write my blog, I play Farmville on facebook, I mess around on the internet, check my email…stuff like that.  So on new years eve (about 1 year after purchase) when the computer began to freeze every 10-15 minutes and fail to come out of standby, I was perturbed to say the least.   Being the wise PC, I too had purchased the best warrany in the biz and got on the phone with “larry” not his real name.  (an aside:  every tech wants you to believe your computer problems are software related…software issues dont cost THEM money..hardware DOES).  I believed that the mother board was bad or the RAM was bad becasue notebook #1 did the same thing when the memory slot on IT went out, so naturally I was thinking “hardware”.  Larry ran me thru a gamut of tests and despite his admonitions that he believed it was software and my just-as-intense admonitions that it was HARDWARE, he agreed to replace the motherboard.

I believed it was either RAM,  memory slot or overheating issue that fried something.  Either way,  it was hardware.  One week later the appointed Dell technician came to my house to replace the motherboard.  Delightfully sweet and funky, it was weird when she said “Ive never worked on a Vostro”.  Thats like a pharmacist saying, “Ive never dispensed Cipro”.  What?!? 

Three hours later she had my computer assembled again with a new mother board and was ready to leave when I decided it would be best to check it myself.  Knowing that one of my games would predictably freeze it up in the shortest amount of time I launched it….and to my dismay the computer froze after less than 3 minutes.  PC was not pleased with her PC!  The technician called support who basically said “see I told you, it wasn’t hardware”…and told me to reinstall Windows.  My gut feeling said NO.

I decided to try a different tack.  Taking out my checkbook I ponied up my own cash to have a computer repair place look at it.  I went thru the whole sorrid story.  He didn’t think it was software either.  $102 later he said ” I hate to tell you this but the motherboard is bad..the top memory slot is bad, take one RAM out and it works fine (slower but fine), put the second one in and it will freeze everytime.”

Armed with that information, I was back on the phone with Larry, who by this time I had his direct email and phone number…Larry is great, I’ll give him that. He is a good technician, but trusting my own gut was the right thing to do.  They are sending me another motherboard (this one better work).  Had I reinstalled my OS at his (and other Dell techs) advice, I’d have wasted hours of time, money and effort. 

Hopefully I’ll be moving on quickly!  Once the new MB is in, we will see if it comes out of standby again.  If not the paid technician said he’d look at it again, he felt that the registry might have been changed during this mess.  And, as brilliant as I can be sometimes, I know when to do-it-yourself..and when to WAC (write a check)  LOL

Wheres my xanax??

The Gift of Time

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I’ve been pondering this post for a while now. I had given it a name and even worked over some of its content but didn’t decide to write it until I had a chat with my  next door neighbor.  She is a school teacher and as I was walking (or trying to walk) the dog, she drove into her drive way and I asked her “How’s School?”  She launched into a Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of some of the stresses she had been going thru. Her chief complaint (being a special education teacher) was the lack of time she had to complete the grading of her students work.  These students take more effort.  “The one thing I need, I can’t get”  she said..  “TIME”. 

It was an ironic moment because that is precisely what I was shaping this post to be about!.

In the pharmacy I have a lot of tasks to do…phones and questions to answer…prescriptions to fill…and check…patients to counsel…new rx to take off the phone and recorder…reports to…orders to make and put away… AND more often than not these things run simultaneously.   I am one person in one body.  I am a champion multitasker, but even I have a limit.  Some things cannot be multitasked.  I cannot and should not put the final check on a prescription while somebody is ragging at me over the counter…sadly and too often, it happens.

Several months ago the company cut out a person from my staff.  Since that time the pressures of the workplace increased dramatically.  You see, we did NOT have a reduction in work  to accompany this reduction in staff.. They just expect me to do the same work with less people.  In other words…Same work…and 40 less labor hours per week  provided.  40 hours of “time” were removed from my workweek.   It has been a painful transition.  What used to take 10 minutes takes twice that long and when we get backed up, prescription wait times have exploded into the 30-45 minute range infuriating people.

Something had to give…and that “something” was all the auxillary garbage the company wants me to do, like keep extra copies of xyz report in the pharmacy, weekly inventory counts,  managing my email inbox, crunching stat numbers, stuff like that.  All of that stuff fell by the wayside.  In fact when I went to my file cabinet recently just to see WHEN I filed my last weekly report…it was August : the week before flu shots arrived.  Hmmmm coincidence? I think not.

But the time I want the most is TIME TO FILL PRESCRIPTIONS.  You know as well as I do that the most important thing I do is NOT filing reports, or handle inventory. Its filling prescriptions.  If I dont dispense prescriptions, I dont make money for this company. So why do they do everything in their power to make it more and more difficult to do that one thing??   Patients don’t help much with their unreasonable expectations.  They have just spent a couple of hours at the dr’s office or “urgent” care clinic and they come to me and think that I am going to produce 3 prescriptions in 10 minutes.  Their wide eyes and gaping mouths laced with incredulity doesn’t speed the process any more.  All I do is waste valuable time TELLING them why it takes so long.   I want to place both hands around their face and say “Look, do you want me to fill them or spend more time talking to you ABOUT it and not actually doing it?” 

And, how many times have you been face to face with a customer who wants a prescription that “They said they called it in a half hour ago!!!”.    Likely its still on the recorder because we are still fleshing out the prescriptions people have handed us.  We are expected to stop everything to listen to (and hope) that the rx this person wants is there. Their dismay is evident when I tell them it will be an additional 30 minutes to add them to the work que.

I just want to drop my head when I am nearing the completion of that prescription and the patient is already back at the window  (in 15 minutes) wanting it.  A few ticks of it too much to ask?

I was at the gas station the other day.  My tank was filling and my thoughts went to the pump.  That pump was going to put gas into my tank at a certain rate.  No whining, stammering, complaining or arguing was going to change that.  I had to wait until it was done. When it was “filled” it was ready.  Likewise, when I go to a restaurant, my food has to cook.  I cannot rush a steak to cook.  I can’t rush cookies to bake. I can’t rush paint to dry.  I can’t rush a surgeon to operate, or a dentist to fill a cavity.   And yet, day after day, we are harassed by people  “can you rush this?”  “he is in the car…I am late…I have to pick my kids up at soccer…I hurt…”

Sometimes when I am nervy enough I ask..”this isn’t fast food” “do you really want us to rush and perhaps overlook something and make a mistake?” “I dont.”

I feel the pressure in my chest and I dont like the way it feels…like a panic feeling.   Its like the walls are closing in when too many things are piled on at once. It never used to be that way, and now its that way quite often.

The gift of time…how wonderful it would be.

Happy New Year!

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Gotta love the new year.  For every person who wanted everything in their medicine cabinet filled before the end of the year, there is another person who saves everything for January 1 when they have their new insurance. 

A show of hands please for those who endured this:  “Can I have only 22 of drug x and 16 of drug y so I can fill it Jan 1 on my new insurance when I’ll be out of my donut hole?” 

Well Jan 1 came and went with its usual color!  Oh what fun.  A whole new set of PA requests since 2009 formulary is different from 2010.    3 prescriptions for Chantix ( must be those resolutions) all of which were rejected by the insurance  “WHAT?  $147.00?? ” Yea and all those ciggies cost what?   One major plan whose generous 100 day allowance went to 34 only AND a copay hike.  Oh that is going over very well..especially for the Joes and Janes who didn’t bother to read the epistles they sent out to their enrollees.

But the prize goes to all those shmoes who came in with little scraps of paper with numbers and letters with them…”This is my new insurance”..No, sorry THAT is NOT your new insurance.  THAT is heiroglyphics…and a poor job of it too. 

And thank you to all those dudes at corporate who launched another gift card promo.  May you all find solace in lots of boils on your butt.

Happy New Year!