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Paid Holidays…or REAL Holidays

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When Pharmacy Chick first started with the company she works for, it was a nice gig. We were closed on Sundays. This was cool. We could regularily go to church, watch football, play golf, whatever. It was one predictable day that Mr and Mrs Chick had together. We were also closed the major holidays such as New Years day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence day, Labor day, THanksgiving and Christmas. Somewhere down the line however the company decided to both open us up on Sundays and open us on all holidays but Christmas. I guess they figured if some of our competition was paying a pharmacist $100/hr to surf the internet, eat snacks, and fill 10 prescriptions on a holiday, they too needed some of that fiscally unwise action too.

Needless to say Pharmacy Chick wasn’t too thrilled. Fast forward several years later and not much has changed. We are closed on Thanksgiving now but we are open 363 days a year. If the employees regular day off is the holday and that employee works all 40 hours that week, they get 40+8 hours, which makes for a tidy paycheck that Uncle Sam takes an even tidier cut out of! If the Pharmacy is open and you work the holiday, you essentially make double time but if the pharmacy is closed and its your day to work, you earn 8 hours of wages, regardless.

Mr Chicks company works it a little differently. They do not want to ever pay over 40 hours, so on holiday weeks, they work to give you an extra day OFF if the holday falls on your day off already. At one point in my life I liked the extra cash in my paycheck.. Yea, 48 hours looked pretty nice in the deposit book, but not any more… Time…yes, time is way more valuable to me. I’d really enjoy an extra day off and be paid for it.

I have a pharmacist friend who is working herself into burn out, but doesn’t know it yet. She works her days off, travels all over the state doing one day here, one day there…sandwiched in between her full time schedule at her home store. She doesn’t seem to mind..but she has been a pharmacist for only a year.

I miss the days when a holiday was a holiday. A day of rest, to spend with friends, family or cocooned up with just the spouse. The store is going to be nuts these nest 3 days as frenzied people go berzerk getting “ready” for Thanksgiving dinner..which for all intents and purposes will be prepared over a 6 hour period..consumed in 20 minutes..then cleaned up over another hour. The cook will collapse on the couch afterwards and wonder..”man was it worth it?”

I vote for thanksgiving pizza….or Christmas Pizza for that matter.

Take a rest..


Comment by Katrina

November 23, 2009 @ 1:47 pm

I’m with ya… we are only closed Christmas, and it sucks!

Comment by JasonD

November 23, 2009 @ 3:35 pm

I am currently a 3rd year pharmacy student and when I started pharmacy school I remember thinking about how I wanted to work extra shifts all the time to pay off loans and purchase a home and so forth. Just a couple years later and after working in retail and hospital, it has finally set in how important quality of life and personal time are to me.
I know from what I have seen that no setting is perfect and there will always be compromises but retail in my limited experience is a nonstop compromise. There are always exceptions and hopefully those exceptions can survive!

My dad has always urged me to evaluate a job by first looking at the quality of practice/quality of life it offers and then look at the financials.

you have a very smart papa!!

Comment by Pharmacy Mike

November 23, 2009 @ 9:51 pm

I would love to have Thanksgiving pizza. Pizza on any day is good for that matter. I would actually much prefer pizza over the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not a huge fan of Turkey, and I don’t really like the side dishes.

Just get a ton of pizzas, and that would be my favorite holiday dinner ever.

when Mr Chick and I have a holiday alone, we usually barbecue a steak or make pizza, …yum!

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