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It seems that Pharmacy Chick is never at a  loss for interesting characters that populate the pharmacy.  But honestly I am not sure what to do about Fred.

Fred is in his 80’s and has been coming between our pharmacy and the military facility for years. Because of his relative poly-pharmacy practice, neither of  his pharmacies have hever had a complete profile of what he takes.  He will often bring in bottles from one facility and we have to try and match it up with something we have because the military facility doesn’t do transfers. 

To complicate matters, he is in early stages of dementia/Alzheimers.  Its no secret..his wife knows,  his kids know but they insist on letting him run around independently.  It bothers me because he is certainly in no condition to be doing stuff like driving a car, and doing transactions in the pharmacy. He constantly complains about the price of his medicines because he still thinks that every prescription should be $3, which hasn’t been a current copay in years. He will monopolize the counter when he comes in arguing about the price.  When we tell him that his brand copay has been $9 for years, he claims we are lying.

I don’t have time for this.

Here’s what happened Monday.  Roy came in and said he wanted to order 2 refills.  He usually pulls his bottles out of his pocket.  I asked him what he wanted and he said in his slow southern drawl ” Well….as usual….I seem to have forgotten….can ya’ll look up and see what I need?”.  So I did a quick scan of his profile and noted that he had filled almost everything he usually takes only about 2 weeks ago (for a 90 day supply).  The only thing I could see that needed filling was his Lovastatin. Everything else either was just filled or should have at least a month left in the bottle.

So, I told him: “Roy, the only thing you are due for is the Lovastatin.”  To which he replied  “Nah, I don’t think that was it…”  And we began the frustrating stare-off. I told him that everything that he had current at my store had been filled recently. He insisted he needed 2 refills but had no clue as to what he wanted and was mad at me because I did’nt find what he wanted.  The line was forming behind him has he just stood there telling me he had 2 empty bottles at home.  Then he threw out the name Lisinopril..I looked it up and noted we gave him a 90 day supply only 50 days ago.  He still had a bunch of that at home….and no go on the insurance.

I was getting exasperated and so were the people waiting behind him.  I finally said “Roy, I can do the lovastatin. You have sufficient quantities of everything else I normally fill for you…if you need anything else, bring me the empty…but I really need to address these people behind you.”    Its not fair to me and its not fair to Roy to let him loose and try to tend to his own business.  I am not his caregiver.  As he turned to leave he angrily said to me  “I dont’ have sufficient quantities of ANYTHING at home”. 

Between the 8 rx’s he fills with us….that he filled 12 days ago, he probably has  close to 500 tablets of “everything” at home.

And he still hasn’t been back to get the Lovastatin…or to tell me what he really wanted…


Comment by chris

September 2, 2009 @ 5:39 am

IS roy fred?
yes its likely…, I change the names of EVERYBODY I write about, and care not about which name I choose even if I write about the same person more than once….because its not the name that matters, but the subject matter…and Roy/fred is good fodder !

Comment by Jade

September 3, 2009 @ 9:16 pm

Maybe he’s confabulating? (Making up stuff as he goes along?) May be wiser not to take anything he says too seriously, as if he is truly accurate in his requests. Hopefully, his Medicare or VA benefits will cover the neurologist that will help in diagnosing AD and get him started on memantine or donepezil before there’s too much neurofibibrillary entanglement.

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