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Stupid people on the voice recorder

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 5:49 pm on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We, like every other pharmacy on the planet has a voice recorder for after hours messages.  Its pretty self-explanatory.  Leave a message….leave your phone number…we will call you back…

Apparently not so much.

“hello!!  HELLO? Is there anybody IN there?  “Goddammit, I know you are in there”…left at 3 am.  There is NO body in there.

“Hi, your machine said my prescription will be ready at 2 pm tomorrow.  I need it now” Left on a sunday after closing…no name, no number…good luck with that.

“Hello, thisisrhondaandersonandIneedarefillofeverythingIhaveonfileexceptthemetformin



(toofast to record)”  She didn’t get anything she wanted by “first thing tomorrow”.

“SH*T, they are closed!  I told you woman to call earlier…(and the berating went on for a minute before he realized he hadn’t hung up yet).

“Hey its Louise, can we meet for coffee after work?”  (nobody in the pharmacy claims to know any Louise who wants to drink coffee”

Hello, its Tom Johnson,  I need a refill on my Ambien (left at 1 am)…no kidding??

(I wish I had saved this one for posteritiy) “Hello, this is Ann Smith and I want to know what kind of Joker Operation you are running over there. I got home today and see you have shorted my vicodin by 10 pills. I demand to know the name of your boss and your boss’s boss because you are all going down.  You rip old people off and if it wasn’t for my diligent accounting, You’d be ripping me off too.  (and on it went with threats of lawsuits and screaming)..then click.    ONE minute later  the next message was ” Hello, this is Ann Smith.  Please disregard the previous message…I found my pills.” click.  not even an “Im sorry”…



Comment by PharmacyJim

July 29, 2009 @ 7:34 pm

LOL, PC. I had to let my wife read those. It is amazing what people will say. I really love the little old ladies who think they are really talking to a lady instead of an IVR. You hear them say things like, “Are you going to answer me?”, thinking the IVR is a real person. Any, oh yea, the people that come in and complain about the “lady” on the phone being rude and hanging up on them…..only to find out they called at 6AM, and yes, the IVR was rude to them. What a hoot our lives are.

Comment by chris

July 30, 2009 @ 2:25 am

I had a message once with about 15 minutes of hold music before a british gas person cut in to ask us if we were happy with our energy supplier.

Comment by Dr. Grumpy

July 31, 2009 @ 6:39 am

Gotta love this idiocy.

“The ideal population is like an iceberg: nine-tenths of it below the water.”

– Aldous Huxley, BRAVE NEW WORLD

Comment by Jade

July 31, 2009 @ 9:26 am

Then there are the obvious messages left by doctor’s offices…fraudulently. Even medical personnel think pharmacists are clueless about scripts called in and left on the message machine.

As for gift cards. I was filling in at Target the other week and more than one customer approached us about our ‘specials’ this week. Sorry, no ‘special’ pricing featured this week. (So, are you going somewhere else to get a better deal on your regular maintenance med?)


Comment by The Ole' Apothecary

August 3, 2009 @ 6:20 pm

If I had your phone number, PC, I would call and say:

“Please allow me to introduce myself,
I’m a man of wealth and taste…
Pleased to meet you. Hope you guessed my name!”

But, I can see he’s already called you several times.

Comment by Joe, SPTC

August 23, 2009 @ 1:01 am





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