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Better than Vicodin–Sunshine

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Pharmacy Chick loves the outdoors. Unfortunately she lives in a part of the country that is less than hospitable for a good part of the year. She should move…yes it sounds like a better idea all the time. Dig up those well established roots and move them south. Woo Hoo!

Its been a really long winter, and even tho I look at the calendar and it says “end of April”, the weather screams “middle of February”. So what gives??? Right about now I’d happily accept a little global warming because my part of the globe is still quite cold, thank you very much. Even the flowers that bloomed probably regretted it when a late freeze blew in last week. I mean whoa, the daffodils are probably thinkin ” what the …? its April! enough of the snow already!”

Well, the great God of All listened and brought the Big Glowing Orb (the sun) to our area last weekend. Of the 48 continuous hours I was off duty, I likely spent 16 of them outside. It wouldn’t have mattered what I was doing: gardening, shoveling dog doo, or tanning my brains out, Pharmacy Chick was not going to be found under a roof unless absolutely necessary. She actually dug a pair of shorts out of the neatly-put-away-summer-clothes stock and paraded around her embarassingly white legs.

The next 10 days don’t look so hot (literally and figuratively) but the weekend was certainly worth leaving all my household chores behind. Hope springs eternal….I’m not putting the shorts back.

The Lord helps those who cannot help themselves: Those who won’t help themselves, He leaves to Pharmacists!

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I am constantly amazed (disappointed, really) with the sheer number of people who believe that it is everybody else’s responsibility to take care of their problems. I am not talking, of course, about those who hand me a prescription and want me to fill it. Thats my job, and how I make my living. I am talking about those people who couldn’t put on their own socks without finding some problem with it. Here are a few of my favorite “case in points”

1. Merv (fake name of course) brings me his empties every month. No bottle of his is ever called in nor does it ever take up space in his own garbage. He hands it to me. There are never any refills remaining. His doctor (whose tent I would like to fill up with fleas) never authorizes more than one refill at a time. He is also notoriously slow at calling back (more fleas). You’d think that ol’ Merv would figure this out, but he never does. “Can ya give me a few til he calls back?” I am tired of this game, so I ask him: “Merv, we are friends, right? (he nods) So when are you gonna quit doing this?” He looks at me blankly. “Every month you bring me empty bottles and want me to give you a few. Why don’t you call me 3 days before you run out?” ” I dunno, don’t think about it I guess” he stammers. Whatever.

2. I know Mary has a phone. I have spoken to her on it. She calls in her refills, but never uses the automated system (fine, I can deal with that). We have to call the dr often for refills because he only gives 1 or 2 fills at a time (fleas for your tent too doctor!). She lives only a few blocks from the store so she walks. She NEVER calls to see if her refills are ready. One might think that after a few times sent home empty handed that she would learn to call BEFORE she comes in, but she never does, and there is always drama when she learns its not ready “But I walked all the way here!”. Pity, you get to walk ALL THE WAY home now too.

3. Ann has money, good thing too, because she likes brand name drugs. Unfortunately she also likes to complain because these brand name drugs are expensive. Sorry, no pity from the white coats. You want the Rolls Royce? you pay for the Rolls Royce. I could save her $4000 per year in drug expenses but she won’t hear it….but I will…over and over.

4. Hal has had a tough life. I wouldn’t trade places with him if you promised me a bucket of gold. Most of his problems however stem from bad decisions. Choices made broke him miserably. He hasn’t learned much; his choices still suck. He has no money for his albuterol inhaler because he spent it all on cigarettes. He complains about his $2 welfare copays for insulin and glyburide when he stocks his grocery cart with ice cream. He berates us for being in the back of the store cuz he has to haul is 300lb flabby butt all the way back to see us. Drop 150 lbs and then perhaps I’ll feel more sorry for ya buddy. Four months of every year of my wages are taxes so you can park your butt at my counter and whine.

5. Tracy is on COBRA. Its aptly named after a poisonous snake for a reason; turn your back on it and you’re dead. She gets about 1 week of coverage each month because she pays her bills at the last possible moment. If you aren’t familiar with COBRA, they will drop you like a hot rock if they dont have your cash–check cleared and cash in hand plus a few days for good measure. Tracy just cannot grasp this. I warned her when she told us she was going on COBRA. “pay it early-if its not cleared by the due date, you will wait 2 weeks before they will reinstate you”. She doesn’t believe me. So she is dumped at the beginning of every month, whine whine whine til they finally get her online again around the 20th of the month.

6. Friday comes on the same day each week. Minnie calls in her pain pill refill every Friday. AND every Saturday she comes in and its not ready. She leaves distressed because I can’t give her any. “What am I gonna do?” she cries. “Call me Thursday morning instead of Friday afternoon, Minnie. Your doctor isn’t in pain, you are.”

7. Joe Traveler. This scenario (or one similar) has repeated itself too many times to mention. He either forgot his meds, left them in a hotel, the airline lost the luggage or he ran out. He says its at Big Box at 10th and Vine in Crawville, but he has no phone number. He doesn’t know the name of the drug “its my pink heart pill”. He makes it my problem to find the pharmacy, and I waste a lot of time transferring the drug to find out I dont have Procardia XL brand name in stock. I call 3 other stores (fruitlessly, at his request) in the effort to procure it. I reluctantly offer to order it. “Oh, never mind, I fly home tomorrow anyway”. I had to be restrained from strangling him with the phone cord.

8. To: every Tom Dick and Harry who asks me where something is. From Pharmacy Chick: I will speak slowly and I will tell you where “it” is. Listen to what I say. I will not confund you. I will tell you the aisle number and whether to look left or right. These 2 things are all you need to know. I may even tell you what shelf its on. However, its apparent that this may be too much for you because you failed to follow these simple instructions. You walked down aisle 5 when I said 7. I said front of the store and you stopped in the middle. You came back and said ” I can’t find it”. Good thing you can’t read minds because you’d hear me thinking ” Thats because you couldn’t find your butt with both hands, idiot”. So now one of us must physically escort you to your item because you can’t follow simple directions.

My degree is Bachelor of Science, but sometimes its appears to be Baby Sitting or worse yet, Bull Sh**.

The love-hate relationship of all time: The Cell Phone

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There are not many things invented in this world that can bring such ranges of emotion, from adoration to rage, as the cell phone. Personally, I find it a minor convenience, and a major headache at my job. I have a cell phone, and like my Palm pilot, it is usually OFF and at the bottom of my purse someplace. I use it only slightly more than my Palm, and even then, only when we travel. I have a minimal plan with shared minutes with Mr Chick and we have never come close to using them all up. I don’t know how to text, read mail or contact the International Space Center from my phone. AND, if I hadn’t dumped it in the toilet one day, I’d probably still have my original phone from 6 years ago.

What I am saying here is this: I have it for my convenience, not everybody elses. I simply believe that I am not obligated to be reachable by phone 24-7. Apparently not everybody shares this view and herein lies the problem! I ask you–what is it about this 4 ounce piece of electronic hardware that makes otherwise decent individuals into a complete idiots when it comes to common courtesy?

I was taking information from a patient at the drop off window. She asked me a question about some health issue and I was in the middle of answering it when her phone rang. She raised her finger to me (!?! What the he**?) and proceeded to answer the phone. What ticked me off was not the mere answering the call, it was the fact that she TOOK the call to its completion that irritated me so. I am not the servant to be shooed away at the whim of the mistress. I walked away. I looked at my tech with the best “Can you believe this?” look I could muster up and she just shrugged her shoulders.

If it was an isolated incident I could let it go, but it seems more and more commonplace to have a patients with cell phones glued to their ear when they come to pick up a prescription. We even have a sign at the counter telling people to hang up before they approach. Do they hang up? Some do, but others regard it as a sign that applies to everybody but them.

One Type A guy in an expensive business suit was yakking it up when he approached the counter to pick up a new rx. It required counseling and I told him (very nicely) that I would talk to him when he was off his phone. He snapped his phone shut and I went over the directions for his prescription etc. As I was finishing it up he piped up and asked, “So, it is YOUR personal policy to have me hang up my phone? I pointed to the sign and said “No, actually its the COMPANY’S policy. For your safety I must have your complete attention when I tell you about this medication you are about to put into your body and its potential violation HIPAA to have your caller listening in on this conversation.” He grabbed his sack and flipped open his phone as he walked away.

And when ya think it can’t get any worse, somebody invents the Bluetooth head set, so you can appear to the world that you are talking to yourself! This may be a marvelous invention for the person who must talk on his phone while driving, walking, shopping, and peeing, but I am oh-so-close to ripping one right off of somebody’s head the next time he/she is taking a call while at my counter. At least with a cell phone, a person looks like they are on the phone. Now I have people who look like they stepped out of Star Trek. Is he or isn’t he on the phone? Beam me up Scotty, all the intelligent life on this planet is gone.

A friend of mine is a receptionist at a Dr’s office. He practices alone so he writes the rules at his office. I’d like to run his pharmacy should he ever have one. Their policy is written on the wall. Turn off the phone before you enter the office. If your phone rings while you are seeing the Dr, your appointment is immediately over and you (not your insurance)will be charged for a full office visit. Way to go, Doc!

Because I don’t sign my own paychecks, I can’t lay down the law like I’d prefer. Too many people have learned to play the R card….. Rude. All somebody has to do is say the R word and management comes unglued and starts throwing gift cards and apologies around like it was confetti. Truth doesn’t matter, and the customer knows it. All he has to do is say that I was rude and it becomes fact.

If Pharmacy Chick was queen of the world, I’d pitch the nicely written sign at my window and replace it with my own sign. ” Don’t even THINK of using a cell phone here- We will confiscate and put it in a bucket of water”

heh heh heh..

Jerk in the pharmacy, Jerk out of the pharmacy

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Pharmacy chick was enjoying a leisurely lunch at a local restaurant. She doesn’t mind dining alone on her days off. Mr Chick was working. Its normally a quiet restaurant by the time I go in, usually after the normal lunch hour. I prefer the non-peak times to eat. About half way thru my meal, I heard a commotion at the front of the store. Some guy was giving the host a bad time. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I could certainly HEAR it. His wife had come in to ask to use the bathroom, and this place has a sign CLEARLY on the door stating “no public restrooms”. Its for good reason. Its a small eatery in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic. They simply cannot have people traipsing thru their restaurant just to pee. Besides, they only have a one-holer for each gender. Its their right to limit their bathrooms for their customers and thats how it is.

Well, this woman’s husband took exception to them telling her they have no public restrooms. He was making a scene. The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. “YES!, we WERE intending on eating here”I heard him say.. I gathered that they had perhaps intended on buying food but made no mention of that fact before she asked to use the bathrooms. I had no idea if they decided to eat there or not from my vantage point.

I finished my lunch and got up to pay my bill. There was only one other table seated in the restaurant, and older man in a hat and a woman. OMG, NOW I knew that voice! That guy had given me hassles at my pharmacy for a couple of years before moving to a different part of town and transferring his files (lets have a party!) to a competitor. He was an ass from the first day he blew in til the day he finally left. He was from a small town and thought that we were going to bend to his every will. No, I don’t have charge accounts, you pay when you come in. No, I don’t have a direct line to the dr’s desk. Call in your refills 2 days ahead of time. No, I don’t deliver either. If you want 90 days, then the Dr has to write it for 90 days. No, I cannot carry the oval furosemide, I carry the round ones. And all holy Hell burst out when his plan introduced the dreaded “tier 3” drugs.

In short, he was a consumate butthead. Jerkface. Ass. Blowhard. Whatever. He never used the automated refill line, he always had to Talk-To-The-Pharmacist to give us his precious refill number. AND, he always had to tell us some accompanying story. There was no short phone call with this guy. He also preferred to have the white-coats ring him up. If the techs had to ring him up he would always have some “question” to drag the pharmacist over to the counter.

He was Mr Self Important, and Pharmacy Chick is not impressed with that kind of attitude. I have no respect for people to treat others, subordinate or not, disrespectful. We need waiters, hosts, grounds keepers, and maintenance people, just like we need brain surgeons and nuclear physicists. I used to wait tables in my student days. As far as I am concerned we are all working stiffs in some capacity.

He saw me leave the restaurant. We made brief eye contact. I’d like to hope he was embarrased to know somebody heard him rant. I doubt it however. His type is hard to embarass.

I hope somebody spit in his beer.

The Biggest Oxymoron since “Government Help”: Tech Support

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Let me begin this post by telling you all that Pharmacy Chick never wanted to own a home computer. She was dragged into the information age, kicking and screaming. I have an answering machine only because I got it free as a door prize. I own a palm but it is usually dead in my purse. If it weren’t for cable channels over 13, I’d still own my old TV with knobs–remember knobs? I am simply not a technophile–if anything, I am a techno-PHOBE. (the fact that I blog is amazing when you consider this factoid)

It was only because EVERYTHING was going “WWW” that I finally relented and purchased a computer. It was the biggest piece of junk and the hugest source of frustration that I could ever have inflicted upon myself, aside from being a pharmacist! To keep this post under 50,000 words, I will spare you the details, but suffice to say that I was doomed from the start–it wouldn’t power up. Before I ever saw a Windows splash screen, I had the tower box apart: the power button was never hooked up. It went downhill from there. Thankfully I had purchased the extended warranty because I used it extensively. By the time they finally replaced the unit, I had probably used up 10 computers worth of parts and labor.

Fast forward now 10 years:

My first computer has been long since dumped. I moved on to a different brand name. For the most part it has run flawlessly….until a few days ago. My notebook started to freeze up. DOA, with whatever I was doing on the screen just frozen in time. Then, it wouldn’t reboot unless I whapped the keyboard. The Caps-Lock LED would blink 10 times and die. It appeared that motion was causing the unit to freeze. I did what every good computer owner would do: I called Tech Support.

What evil demon possessed me to do that? First off I got somebody in some far off country. I won’t say which country so I am not labeled as a hate monger, but suffice to say it wasn’t a local-boy. His English was spotty at best. I think these people do tech support because they hate you and I. Not only did I have to repeat everything twice, HE insisted on repeating everything back to me– ME: my computer freezes. HIM: so, you are saying your computer freezes? you get the gist of it–over and over. Computer sadism: inflict as much pain as possible without actually doing anything to actually fix the problem.

He held me hostage for over 90 minutes. After having me run the gauntlet of worthless diagnostics, I finally gave up. It was almost midnight (what did he care? it was lunch time there!). The next day I gingerly rebooted my computer and placed it on a hard surface. If it moved, it froze. I decided that internet computer forums might give me more information than this dude did. You’d of thought this had never happened before this brand of notebook! When he learned my notebook was 4 years old, he implied it was time to replace it. I paid almost $1600 for this thing: 4 years does not make it a dinosaur!

An aside: I learned from my techno-geek friends who helped me during my last computer nightmare that Tech Support’s cop-out fix to get you off the phone is to advise you to “reformat your hard drive”. It doesn’t matter the problem. Blue Screen of Death? Reformat your hard drive. Number Lock LED burned out? Reformat your hard drive. Its like killing a fly with a sledge hammer. No bloody way am I reformatting my hard drive so don’t even ask.

I found tons of information on the internet…as long as I didn’t nudge or move one molecule on my notebook…or ZZZZT it would freeze up again. I didn’t feel so alone, as it was a fairly well reported problem, so I was irritated as ever that I received no useful information from Mr. No-help. I gathered that either my RAM was bad or one of the slots for the RAM was bad.

Armed with that information, I drove to my friendly big box electronics store and scored some memory. Pharmacy chick wishes that getting BRAIN memory was this cheap and easy! I put the new memory in the first slot and booted ‘er up. It worked for about 2 minutes and when I moved the unit-ZZZZT DEAD. Then I moved it to the second slot and I have tossed my notebook around for about 2 hours without dying.

Chick is not assuming that all is well. BUT, all is certainly improved….at the moment. I got 1G of RAM zipping me all over the internet now and I learned that I will not die a painful death by opening the back of my notebook.

So if I disappear for a while, you can assume my fix……didn’t!

Please God, let this fix work.

Give me only half the story and expect only half an answer.

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After having one of the longest and coldest winters in history (no, Pharmacy chick does not live in the sun-belt) it comes as no surprise that she is still fielding questions about the treatment of cough and cold symptoms. ( Personally, I get a little tired of answering these kinds of questions. I mean really, if you are 40 years old, you have probably had oh, 40 colds at least, WHAT the hell have you used for the last 40 years? They haven’t come out with any magic potion yet, so if you haven’t gotten any better with the Nyquil you have been swigging for the last week, its not likely I will have anything much better to give you.) But, I digress:

This smartly dressed woman that I have never seen before (read: not a current customer) comes to the counter, points to her throat and asks me: “I can’t get rid of this mucus in my throat, can you recommend anything for it?” I took her out to the cold section, I told her to drink a lot of water, try the Mucinex, and probably lay off the dairy products for awhile til it clears up.

She then tells me “REALLY? thats it? I have been dealing with this for 2 and 1/2 years and have been to 6 different doctors and can’t get any help!”. OK–LETS REWIND….AND ASSESS THIS SITUATION: She has been to a half-dozen medical experts (we assume they are experts) for a chronic condition that has been bugging her for 30 months. She waltzes into my pharmacy, to a phamacist she has never met, tells me none of her history, and thinks that I am going to have an answer for this problem. With OTC products. NOW. Give me a break.

Ok granted, I could have asked her how long she had had this, but I also think she could have offered up this crucial bit of information. I mean, 2 and 1/2 years and a half dozen Dr consults is a lot for me to compete with. So instead of making her look like a fool for asking, I just told her that her problem may be beyond my scope of OTC recommendations. My advice is good, but it may not be right for her case.

She tossed the Mucinex in her cart and told me she really liked drinking milk.

My take on ringing up sales: by THE Pharmacy Chick

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I recently read a thread from TPA message boards that sparked a bit of a debate, one that seems to be still raging. “Raging” might be a little extreme a word for it, but it certainly sparked some rather pointed opinion. As I interpreted it, some pharmacists feel they should never run the cash register. There were others who were offended by the use of the term “ancillary help” in his posting. It was, in my opinion–typical of pharmacy: lets get all hung up on little things so we completely miss the big picture.

I say: If you have enough bodies in your department for the pharmacist to never ring up sales, Woo Hoo to you! That is why we have Pharmacy clerks. Pharmacy Chick however, isn’t so lucky. Her company doesn’t give her enough labor dollars to have techs AND clerks, so she has techs only. Sucks to be me–my labor model also gives me the money for only one pharmacist 6 days a week, and one pharmacist means no lunch or breaks.

On any given day other than Monday, Pharmacy Chick shares her space with 2 technicians. My work flow model is based on 5 (five) (cinco, for you Spanish speakers)people. That means that 3 people get to work 5 “stations” based on our model. Translation: you must wear many hats, you cannot glue your feet to one spot on the floor, and this means ring up sales.

Why everybody hates running the cash register is beyond my understanding. The way they like to avoid the counter, you’d think I was asking somebody to shovel sh*t. Its the only job that gives you some interaction with people, and I actually don’t mind doing it. I can talk to people, catch up on their lives, create a relationship with them, BUT, and this is a big “BUT”, I prefer that my techs ring up the sales (tho they habitually pass the buck to each other). This is why:

The reason I don’t like to ring up sales has nothing to do with the quality or preferability of that job, its all about time management. Its not about what I am doing, but more importantly, what I am NOT doing. When I am ringing up sales, I am not checking the 20 prescriptions so neatly lined up on the counter. I am not doing the DUR overrides idling all my screens on the computer. I am not answering the drug question for the lady at the other end of the counter. I am not transcribing the rx’s left on the message machine. In other words, I am not getting “pharmacist specific” duties done.

Yes, I CAN ring up sales (1), but a tech CANNOT check rx’s or answer questions(2). If I am doing (1), then am not getting (2) done. Therefore, if we prioritize the daily tasks into “pharmacist specific” and “anybody-can-do” it simply makes sense to get me off the register as soon as possible so I can return to the tasks that only I can legally do. Maximum efficiency in my department means we all get the job done and go home on time!

And when we are slow and caught up? Whoever happens to be closest to the counter gets the sale. To quote that shoe company: Just do it.

Privacy is a farce…just another rant!

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Privacy is a huge buzzword right now. Everything is all about “privacy”. We are told to counsel in a hermetically sealed room. We have to filter thru every scrap of trash and sequester everything that has PHI (Protected Health Information). This can include anything that can link a patient name to the pharmacy or to a drug. We even pay some company to deal with our PHI. We do it because we can get some superb fines if we dont, but if you want my humble opinion (and I assume you do because you are reading a blog which is nothing BUT opinion), privacy is a complete bunk. Wanna know why I believe that?

I ordered a pizza.

RING RING “Scarfomungo’s Pizza, How can I help you?”

Pharmacy Chick: “I’d like to order a pizza”

Scarfy’s: “are you calling from 555-1234” PC: “yes” (Chick figures they have caller ID, she accepts that)

Scarfy’s: ” and is you address 1234 SW Main?” PC: “uh, yes…how do you know that?” You see, Pharmacy chick had never ordered pizza from Scarfomungo’s Pizza before.

Scarfy’s–probably some 16 year old kid: “Well, it shows up on my monitor”.

Ok, Stop right there. I make a call to some pizza joint I have never ordered from, and before I even tell them my order, they have in their posession, my phone number and my address sitting in front of them. Granted, they don’t have my name yet (that I know of), but it wouldn’t take much to take these two precious bits of information and a little look-see at the public record of the city I live in to find out my name.

Which brings me back to the pharmacy: I do not have Caller ID (which I think is a travesty when it comes to phone in prescription orders), and I certainly don’t have the ability to link up a phone number with a street address, but goodness gracious, If a local pizza joint can know, and possibly store my address and phone BEFORE I actually provide it to them , why am I busting my butt over every scrap of PHI?

So if you are a privacy nut reading this and harrumphing because I am crashed your world view on privacy– Next time you order a pizza, Do it from a pay phone.

Its an election year–lets talk Weather!

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Pharmacy Chick has developed a tight relationship over the years with her customers. She learned Dale Carnegie’s tennets of winning friends: Let them talk about themselves and what interests THEM, and listen well. If you love golf, I will ask about your game. If you love to sail, I will ask you if you got to the river last weekend. If you love Nascar, well, I’ll just smile and let you talk. I may not have any interest in golf, sailing or Nascar, but I care enough about you to ask you about your life.

I do not however discuss politics. Now now, nor at anytime in the future will I discuss politics with you, so do not even ask. Thankfully not too many people ask me my opinions about anything other than health issues. I learned a long time ago that when people politely ask me “how are you?” that its purely a rhetorical question and the only answer they want to hear is “Fine, thank you.”.

I only wish “Dan” would learn that lesson. Dan is a tech that blows thru our pharmacy now and then like a bad wind. If you ask him how he is, he will tell you in detail, with great length and flair until you are left glassy eyesdand begging for whatever oxygen remains in the room. If you share a story, he can one-up you. No matter what disease you might have had, he has either had it or know somebody who has. No matter what weird experience you went thru, Dan did it better (or worse) than you did. Go ahead, make up something and he will trump you every time.

Dan also has an opinion, and wants to share it with you. The trouble is, he has no interest in hearing yours. He is vocal and very boorish. If you share a counter-opinion he will turn you off like a switch. He loves to hear himself talk.

(an aside) Around Pharmacy Chick’s pharmacy, sex, religion and politics are off limits. Nothing good can come from talking about it. We are a diverse group here and I know that we do not share the same moral values/political preferences/social backgrounds. It is much better that we discuss work issues at work and non-work issues someplace else. We work in a small space, if somebody doesnt’ get along, there isn’t a good way to separate the feuding parties. You may ask about what I did over the weekend, but any commentary you may have must be kind and polite, even if I told you I went to homophobic hate rally. You slept with your best friends wife? I don’t wanna know. Don’t even go there..

When Dan works, there will be the inevitable subject of politics broached. And, PC will squash it like a bug. If he sees somebody wearing a button supporting some candidate he either likes or dislikes, he will say something. And, PC will shut him down. I had to tell Dan one day that if he makes one more comment to a certain customer about a certain hot issue that I will make him personally apologize to this customer, a public official of some rank.

All that hot air and no release valve–I have to wonder, if I poked him with a pin, would he hiss like a tea pot?

Just Because I need something to complain about!

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I don’t know if it was the moon-phase or what, but it seemed like the Pharmacy Chick couldn’t get thru a single transaction today without having to do something over. It just makes me want to pull my hair out when I see the tech walking back towards me with a filled prescription. Give me a friggin break! It was either a change in insurance, somebody wanting 30 when they had 90 before, somebody wants 90 when they got 30 before (!), somebody else changed his mind. Whatever…Just take the damn bottle and step away from the counter!

If I do this to my contractor, it is called a “change order”, and it will cost me money….and a lot of it. They don’t like change orders and neither do I.

In Pharmacy Chick’s dream world, there would be a fee to change a prescription once its filled. Think about it, you have to redo the computer work, redo the label, redo the count, and often replace the bottle it came in. That takes time and time is money.

And don’t even get me started on those moron who handed me 2-3 different discount cards and wanted me to run each one to find out which was cheaper.

Time to drink.

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