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Pharmacy Chick is sick.  She has a cold but because she is a retail pharmacist she went to work because thats what we do.  The most glaring symptom that I have is the distinct lack of voice.  I sound like someone went over my vocal cards with a lawn mower…a gravelly squeaky kind of sound comes out now where a mere 48 hours ago, a melodic voice of a woman used to be.   For the most part people ignored me other than stating the obvious: “Geez you got a cold?’  no I always sound like this…really?   But not one person asked why I didn’t stay home until nearly 3 pm when it was the time for my shift to end.  This very high maintenance lady was taken aback by my rather horrific voice. “Why aren’t you  home?” she said.  I responded with the truth we all know to be evident ” because if I stayed home this pharmacy wouldn’t open today and you wouldn’t have received your prescription and I’d probably be out of a job”.” we in retail have to come to work because there is nobody to cover us when we are sick”.

An awful truth but its the truth none the less.


Another plane crash recently and subsequent retrieval of the flight voice recorder proved to me once and for all that if I ever fly again, I am going to be asked to be strapped to the flight voice recorder. At least my corpse will be recovered.  perhaps they should make planes out of whatever that recorder is stored in. it always survives.


I made a new recipe today.  Mac and Cheese.  It cost me over 20 bucks in cheese.  Mac and cheese shouldn’t cost 20 bucks.  It should cost 2.  Ill let you know if it was worth the trouble.


Regarding my cold.  I called my own doctor today and asked if perhaps( as I grovel) he might prescribe for me some Hycodan or Tussionex for the cough that rages after I go to bed. WE all know DM is crap, even the makers know its crap.  He didn’t return my call.  Thanks for that one Doc.  I found some outdated Benzonatate in the cupboard.  Down the hatch!


This welfare guy wanted a 3 month rx for all his stuff as he was traveling to Turkey for an extended trip. I told him truthfully that welfare doesn’t pay for  drugs for vacations. If you have money to travel you can buy your own meds.  He called the welfare office and they caved.  Tell me again why we do this for these pseudo poor immigrants?


I see that more and more places are closing for Thanksgiving day, and even a few are closed Black Friday.  I can see being closed thanksgiving day, but I really see no point in closing Black friday. To those who have to work TG day…I am sorry.  You should be home with your family.


I hate the clocks changing .  Its 430 pm and its dark.  This sucks no matter what.  Mr Chick seems immune to the time change, but I pad my way upstairs by 830 now days because it feels like freakin midnight.  perhaps I should live at the equator.


Starbucks is getting crap because its “antiChristian” cups .  1- Starbucks has never come out as a Christian company and near as I can tell  and 2- snowflakes ( or the lack thereof) have no christian significance to the birth of Jesus.   Are Christians over persecuted when we are slighted? YES  Everyone seems to be tolerant of everybody BUT Christians lately but this isn’t something to be heated over. Its a dang paper cup.  Im going to tell you Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate it fine.  I do.  Feel free to wish me a Happy Hanukkah , Kwanza or any other winter holiday.  Ill be civil and greet you back.  I don’t tell you to piss off and I won’t report you to your Superiors for offending my sensitive nature.


I just bought my plane tickets for my first vacation in 2016.  It makes my aching body feel a tiny bit better. Now Im going to take that same body and tuck it under my recently purchased Pendleton wool blanket and watch Football…





Comment by murgatr

November 10, 2015 @ 6:38 am

Bummer – feel better soon Chick!

Pharm. Tech. RDC ’06

Comment by Jade

December 4, 2015 @ 7:54 pm

Nothing like a warm, cozy … kitten on your feet. (It helps that the air vent is under the desk where I’m working, so the cat finds a way to extend the warmth to my toes.)

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