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Surgery Centers and Lets make a deal Part II

Filed under: Uncategorized — pharmacychick at 6:01 pm on Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mr Chick survived his surgery.  Of course I knew he would, God is good and is in control.  The doc came out ( who I hadn’t noticed until now was built like a brick #$@&house and  appeared to lift logs as a hobby I think) and said it seemed to be successful and they achieved a “nice decompression of the nerve root”.   I was ready to see him and he said soon, but not right now because ” we gotta wake him up”.

Waking him up can be an issue with Mr C.  He is known as an anesthetic lightweight. Once he had some dental work and the doc gave him two pills to take 1 hour before the procedure.  He was wiped for the rest of the day. No memories what so ever.  Even the dentist was amazed at how  he was.  I brought some humor into the situation when I picked him up ( almost literally) and said ” come on honey, lets go to the Jewelry store…”  The dentist said ” Hide your wallet!!”

Ultimately he did awaken after surgery ( sort of) enough for me to come and sit with him.  If you have ever heard the term “chemo brain” you can understand this.  “anesthesia brain” is the same.  He wavered in and out of lucidity, and asked me the same questions over and over. I didn’t care. I just sat there with my kindle in one hand and his hand holding my other one while he snoozed and then asked his same set of questions. Slowly he awoke enough to accomplish two requirements to leave:  Stand up and pee. I never did go back to the waiting room. They had a special exit for the patients, so I never found out if the guy talking to the TV ever came back out and made peace with the contestants on Lets make a Deal.

Unlike the dental work, THIS anesthesia took a lot longer to work out of him than a couple of hours.  He slept most of the first and second day.  But I got him up every hour for a walk, critical for clot prevention and healing.  He trundled across the house back and forth then back to bed. Id hold him in one place over the potty so he could piddle…his balance wasn’t so hot yet.

He can have very intelligent conversations with people..and remember little to none of it 2 hours later. This morning we went for a walk, our first foray outside and we walked to our little park near our house with a beaver dam in it.  we looked at the dam and walked home.  2 hours later we walked to a different part of the same park to look a the other beaver dam.  He said ” I dreamed about a beaver dam I think”. I said ” no honey, You SAW a beaver dam today”  He said ” I did? when?” and I said ” Today, 2 hours ago when we walked”. He looked at me and said ” we did?”  …Yup, we did. This is post surgery 48 hours.  He is managing on very little oxycodone ( 5 tabs in the last 48 hours) so I am pretty sure that anesthetic isn’t totally out of his brain yet.

Its too early to tell how successful the surgery is in treating the numbness. That can takes weeks to go away. I am optimistic and have faith that all will turn out good.

Time to wake him up and take him for another walk.  I need another beaver dam to show him I guess!


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Comment by rapnzl rn

January 24, 2015 @ 10:14 pm

In the ‘olden days’, we used to advise those having surgery not to drive for 6-8 weeks (knowing most would, anyway). Methinks Mr. Chick is the outlier that helped create that caveat. Some folks are simply exquisitely sensitive to anesthesia. Here’s hoping your Groundhog Day with beaver dams ends quickly, and that surgery turns out to have been a resounding success!

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