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Surgery centers–and Lets make a deal! part I

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There was a day many years ago when a person needed a type of surgery, no matter what kind and the experience was more like checking into a medical hotel than a hospital.  One would arrive the night before,  enjoy the evening with a prepared meal, tv, hang around the room and wait for the procedure that would occur the next day.  That day is gone.  I totally get why.  I mean what is the point of having a perfectly healthy person spending the night in a hospital under the tutelage of qualified medical personnel?

The day arrived finally for us to check in for Mr Chicks procedure.  We had been given a list of things to do ahead of time: Fill out this medical survey online ( 30 minutes of agony for Mr C who hates surveys),  sleep on clean sheets, wash body twice with Hibiclens, quit these meds, TAKE these meds,  wear all clean clothes. etc etc.  With the military like precision, we dutifully did all our tasks as to have NO chance of being sent home.

Our arrival time was to be 630 am.  Still dark we arrived just before 630 to find the doors locked, but with a button to hit for the surgery center.  They buzzed us in.  ” Surgery Center”.  That is another concept that has been foreign to me.  The last time I needed surgery ( age 16) I went to a hospital….in an operating room…and spend 3 days there…for a simple knee surgery.  This was going to be a ” day” surgery, something I thought would be reserved for hang nail removal and perhaps toe nail clipping accidents.  No,  they do pretty big stuff as day surgeries now.  Once you are awakened, can pee and fart, out you go. Real operating rooms, real doctors, anesthesiologists, etc!

Ill give them all credit tho, they are as efficient and as professional as any big hospital. If anything, its more personal because there is just a few people there.

They took Mr C away to be prepped and came to get me after about a half hour and I got to see him in his paper dress and blue hair net.  By then he was hooked up to his IV and speaking to the Anesthesiologist…who looked very familiar to me. She sounded just like one of my customers and had the same last name. Turned out to be her sister.  Small world. We told her that Mr C was considered an anesthetic lightweight.   A few minutes later and a shot of versed and Mr C was off in lala land. I left for the wait room with my phone, kindle and a puzzle book.

In one corner of the room was a nice man working on his Mac and on the other side of the room was me with my kindle.  It was so quiet and peaceful with the puffy couches and enough magazines to  keep me busy for hours if I wanted.  About 20 minutes into the wait a couple walked in.  They were obviously of little means, which means nothing in needing health care, but they were heavy smokers and both rather “odd”.  He cared for her deeply as he seemed to like touching her ( and I wondered if I should leave or they should get a room). The problem was the strong odor that came along with them of smoke and alcohol.  If they got the same directions we did about wearing clean clothes and bathing twice in soap, she didn’t do it.  The smoke smell was bothersome to my nose and lungs.  I didn’t want to just get up and move so I pretended to need to use the bathroom and took the key and left.  When I came back I returned the key and looked at the magazines on the OTHER side of the wait room.

Sadly he had found the remote for the one tv in the small space, and was trying to get the TV on. It wasn’t working very well and I was praying ” Thank you god for keeping it off”.  But he finally figured out the remote and ” Lets make a deal ” was filling the room instead of quiet Muzak. Then it got weird when he started talking to the TV and the contestants. He was engrossed in the proceedings on TV, and always seemed to need to move.  Kinda of a twitchy writhey kinds of person. The odor was manageable now that I was about 20 feet away in stead of 5. He wasn’t happy with some of the choices the contestants made and let the TV know.  Thankfully the nurse came out to collect him to go and see his wife/partner. After he left I went over and turned off the TV.  Mr Mac looked at me and said “Oh, THANK YOU!”. I just said ” I work in noise all day every day, its nice to have some quiet”.

I quietly waited for the dr.’s return.




Comment by pe2pa

January 23, 2015 @ 2:35 pm

Can’t wait to hear more. Hopefully Mr. Chick is a good patient for you!

Comment by Vivianne

January 24, 2015 @ 5:58 am

Hi, thanks for sharing the experience. In your healer hands, he’ll have a speedy recovery. It’s funny that I’m so used to the quietness at home, when I visit my friend, she turned on Jazz in the morning and I bothered me greatly. She turned it on, then go hit the shower, I got stuck with this crazy noise, like my morning got disturbed in a bad way. So I understand.

Comment by Beth

January 24, 2015 @ 8:52 am

I hope Mr. Chick came through with flying colors! Our regional health system has both ambulatory and traditional OR settings and unfortunately my Mr. has seen them all! Keep us informed and God speed the recovery.

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