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Its said that telling the truth is easier than remembering a lie.  That is true in pretty much every aspect of our lives.  Our deepest part of the brain would prefer to tell the truth because its easier. Pretty much every part of our bodies prefer EASY.  The truth is rooted in our unconscious because it actually  happened. The lie has to be manufactured.

We had a prescription filled yesterday for oxycodone 5mg.  The quantity was 60 and the back counted amount was 90.  One part of the label had 60, and the remaining inventory 90 was on another part of the label.  The tech flipped the two and gave the patient 90 and back counted 60.  He realized what he did, but the rx had just been dispensed.  He called and left a generic message at the home of the patient to call back to the store.

About an hour later I received the call.  The patient wanted to know why we called.  I would have preferred to not reveal all my cards so I said we wanted to perform a visual inspection of his medication because we believe an error was made. He wanted to know what kind of error so I said ” a possible miscount —” and before I could verify LONG or SHORT, and with no provocation whatsoever, he blurted out ” There were 90″ and I said ” EXACTLY,  and there were supposed to be only 60, so we would like to have you return—”

He  interrupted again went into total back pedaling mode… “um, I meant 60 I counted them , there were 60″.  I said.  ” You just told me 90 and I didn’t tell you how many I thought there was in there.  I believe you just told me the truth.”

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.  but this guy….he was caught in a lie.  His mouth blurted out the truth before he could fabricate the lie. He wasn’t budging tho and started rambling on how he mis spoke, and CERTAINLY he only got 60 and would bring it back to show me.
I said ” I have no doubt that if you bring that bottle to me NOW, it would contain only 60, but you told me you had 90, which is exactly the amount in that bottle  and I didn’t tell you if we were long or short.”  I wasn’t going to get into a war of words.  I had my answer.

I just said “I have to document our conversation, and will do so.  I will notify the doctor of the contents of our conversation and file it with the actual prescription.”

I really hate to be lied to.

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