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Nothing good happens at closing!

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True story. Setting: the pharmacy, 4 minutes before closing.  I can tell you from nearly 30 years of retail experience that nothing good happens from two things:  the phone ringing at closing time ( I dont answer it…right to voice mail) or when somebody comes up to counter right at closing ( damn, I am stuck dealing with that).

This guy comes up and hands my tech a beat up rx for tramadol 50mg. Pretty ugly since it had been written only hours before at the local ER. Conversation goes like this?

TECH:  Have you been here before?

PT: Yes. I have a cab outside

(tech looks up patient by date of birth and named as spelled and nothing comes up..(((.and WTF does a cab have to do with anything?)))

TECH: are you SURE you have been here before?  I can’t find you in  my computer.

PT:  well not HERE exactly ( rolls eyes at the tech), but in your  New Califlorimexiland…arent you all the same? My cab is outside.

TECH:  no we aren’t all the same but I can search for you in the network. ( searches network..finds patient)  ” found you,  is your insurance still current–state medicaid of NewCaliflorimexiland?” ( ignoring the reference to the CAB again…)

PT: yes. everything is current  ( insert dramatic music..impending disaster coming) my cab is waiting.

I come over , view the rx, am preturbed that after 9 hours of working that my growly stomach is going to have to wait even long as we finish yet another “at the finish line” rx….and unlock the narc cabinet ( tramadol is locked up) and politely say ” I am sorry you have a cab waiting but there is a certain amount of time you have to allott for this process”

tech spends WAY too much time typing rx and I know that there is a problem.  Thankfully the dude is a “hoverer” and didn’t walk away.

TECH:  your insurance says you were terminated Jan 4 2013.

PT:  You told me that last month and I had to pay!  I have “COVERITALL” HMO with New Califlorimexiland.

ME:  WE told you that last month?? are you sure it was US??  you havent been HERE before and our network has no rx’s for you since DECEMBER.

TECH:  yup, that plan is exactly what the network has for you, and it says terminated on Jan 4.  do you have a current card I can compare this to?

PT:NO. I dont have a card and maybe it was Big Box I went to,  ( getting pissy)  I dont remember!

TECH:  when you were told last month that your coverage was terminated did you CALL your HMO?  or your CASEWORKER? to let them know??

PT:  no, cuz they had to be wrong.

Tech hands rx back to patient:  TECH:Unfortunately they weren’t wrong …its terminated and there isn’t anyone I can call for you  on a saturday night. You will really want to contact your caseworker and find out if you are eligible or if they changed your HMO to something else first thing monday morning. Its 25.99 if you want to pay for it out of pocket.

PT: I dont have any money. I have insurance.

ME:  I am not challenging what you are saying, but here is your rejection notification.  Is there anything else I can help you with before we close for the day? We do need to close the pharmacy now.

He takes the rx and wanders off.

Here is what I take from this:  He knew there was a problem last month and did nothing about it on his own volition. He paid for the rx last month and wanted to gripe about it this month..  And since he has had the  rx for many hours, I suspect we werent the first place he went to, but ended up here because he didn’t have his insurance card anyway. He kept ragging about the cab even tho he had a cab voucher from the state ( he had it on the counter) so the cab was free, but I think he wanted us to feel rushed.

And I dont think he was much of a hurry or that broke because when I walked out toward the parkinglot, he was in the self checkout buying a 6pak of beer and some chips..and the cab was still out front.

Just more fun in the pharmacy….




Comment by Loren Pechtel

March 4, 2014 @ 11:08 am

I think it’s pretty clear why he’s on welfare in the first place!

Comment by wellillbe

March 4, 2014 @ 11:18 am

I suspect he just went through the motions of getting an rx so that the cab fair would be paid for his beer run…

Comment by Crazy RxMan

March 5, 2014 @ 6:31 pm

This Medicaid insanity is getting worse every day. I experience the same issues with the same kind of people.

Doomed, I tell you. We’re all doomed.

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